Kate Bingham: a suitable case for treatment?

Cronyism, lack of Opposition, secrecy, short voter memories, privilege, hypocrisy, empty words, self-promotion and lazy MSM hacks. As the late (not entirely lamented) News of the World used to promise below its masthead, All Human Life is There. But in 2021, it’s a matter of Life or Death Here. Is this where we need to take a stand?

This post is seminal for me, because it demonstrates most of what the Covid Caper has been about: misty motives, contradictory statements, blind ambition, moral hazard, Royal honours and media failure to examine all those things with the reader’s benefit in mind. Case histories like this one are the genuine reason why the 1 in 8 have grave doubts about these soi-disant “vaccines”: the authorities may try to smear all of us as “nuts” (thank you, Boris Johnson) while friends and family either bully or shun us, but our sole sin is to have the malodorous scent of large rodents in our noses.

So far, The Slog has made only passing reference to The Honourable Dame Catherine Elizabeth Bingham, who chaired the UK Government’s Vaccine Taskforce, steering procurement of vaccines and the strategy for their deployment from mid 2020 until earlier this year. This earned her the customary Covid Gong in the 2021 Birthday Honours for “services to the procurement, manufacture and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.” Bingham has also been admitted to the Freedom of the City of London. Gongs-a-go-go!

I don’t doubt Bingham’s abilities; she’s being doing her job as a venture capitalist for many years. But as with most folk involved in the pharmaceutical sector, there is some suggestion of under-use of the moral compass. Let’s start with the timelines, and then investigate the odd conflict here and there.

So nobody reading what follows is in any doubt, the media extracts shown are all direct page captures of what actually appeared.

Bingham (left) is known as a lady with strong opinions. She was interviewed by the Financial Times in October 2020, and suitably relaxed (the FT is a fully paid up member of the Build Back Better club) our Katy launched into a no-two-ways-about-it-from-the-hip account of how the “vaccination” project was going to work:

Note in particular “not going to happen”.

Note in particular ‘no vaccination under 18’, ‘adult only’, ‘most at risk’ and especially ‘vaccinating healthy people could cause some freak harm’.

With typical MSM tenacity, the Pink ‘un didn’t pursue what she meant by that. Kate Bingham has a 1st in Biochemistry from Christ Church Oxford. One wonders what she knew that we didn’t.

Either way, jolly hockeysticks and all that, Ms Bingham thundered ahead with the project. But along the way, there were some fraught moments. Not least of these was the revelation that Kate is, in reality, Mrs Jesse Norman – he being the Tory MP who has been a Treasury stalwart under both Theresa May and Boris Johnson. And let’s face it, when you need a direct line to where the money sits, it helps to keep it in the family.

By November 2020, The Times was reporting:

She was said to to have “insisted” on hiring these hotshots, despite concerns they would duplicate the work of about 100 communications staff at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), in which her taskforce sat. But that’s OK if Jesse’s your husband. And it doesn’t do a lot of harm if you were at school with Boris Johnson’s sister. What a wonderful thing the leg up from the level playing field is.

Not that I’m against ruffling the feathered nests of Whitehall…and the PR did quite well. For Kate Bingham. One result was this Channel 4 docudrama:

At the end there, however, we learn that ‘the link to potentially fatal blood clots’ did frustrate the crack team of expert specialists. So frustrating, isn’t it, when nosey parkers get in the way? Yes folks, we’re back at the Funny Farm that is Oxford Recovery. As The Slog has reported before – in concert with MSM titles – the Astrazeneca “development” was full of dark dead-ends, foggy goings on in the seriously flawed Peter Horby HCQ trials, and then sudden miracle breakthroughs as Matt Hancock revealed falsely to the House of Commons that Astrazeneca had obtained full acceptance by the regulators – and was “entirely safe”. A lie.

But there were still those pesky blood clots. Such that, by March 2021, eighteen EU countries had either abandoned use of it or suspended use. On taking over the Health portfolio following Hancock’s grisly demise, Sajid Javid quietly switched his “vaccine” supply chain from Astrazeneca to Pfizer: a bit like cancelling your tickets on the Titanic in favour of the Lusitania, because by July this year it was clear Pfizer had the same problem.

In a piece of ham-fisted damage control, the DfH put out an unintentionally hilarious release saying that ‘Very rarely, people may develop very unusual blood clots’. At the time of that peculiar sentence’s emission, the number of victims had already topped 430, and it’s doubtful that any of them gave a monkey’s chuff how unusual the clots were; there is, after all, no such thing as a normal blood clot.

The outcome amounts to this: The longest series of data in the UK show adverse side-effects at the rate of 4,000 per million, some grave (but thus far, heavily censored in online search engines) doubts among medical experts about longer term nano-debris effects, and a high level of failure to immunise fully or stop ‘spreading by shedding’. The mRNA vaccine types are now officially the most side-effected drugs in the history of the USA’s Food & Drugs Administration. Given the 0.042% kill rate of Covid19 (and the now clinically proven effectiveness of Ivermectin in Africa and India) none of the pro-messenger vaccine hullaballoo makes a single iota of sense. Whatever else may or may not be in play regarding this ridiculous farce, the cost-benefit case for mRNA products is non-existent: a global PR hype campaign has deliberately disguised this reality, and that has been entirely to the benefit of the Global Pharma sector….and Kate Bingham’s employer in particular.

To state the brutally obvious here, Kate Bingham comes from the experimental Pharma sector and none other. In concert with her “adults only” assertion, in a Sky News interview of July 2020 she urged caution….at this stage, you see, things were not looking good at Recovery:

Yet despite that voice of reason and doubt, Bingham sat quietly by for several months as the Government made her a seeming liar, and played down the negativity about an effective Corona vaccine. This year, Pfizer estimates the sector will earn $220 billion worldwide. And as I say, if the sector does well, then so does Kate. The point is very straightforward: those behind the Covid dash for a breakthrough chose a Tory-connected very senior member of the commercial side of Pharmaceutical development: if you can’t see the multivariate conflict in that, your surname is probably Magoo….or even Blunket. It’s the equivalent of protecting the sultan’s harem with the assistance of Brad Pitt.

In the intervening period, however, Mrs Norman has chosen to dismiss her doubts in favour of offering up goforitisms such as:

FT, April 2021

….and yet note how she perseveres with some continuity from her more cautious past:

Telegraph, October 20th 2021

Is it me or does Bingham seem to be running with both hare and hounds here? Let’s take a closer look at the hounds…

Kate Bingham is a managing partner at SV Health Investors. This is the home page headline at the website:

Fair enough: it’s a shame in many ways that there aren’t more investment firms prepared to accept the risk involved in “breakthroughs”. Equally, however, it’s a shame that we now have to call inefficacious “vaccinated” Covid hospitalisations “breakthrough infections”…but hey, that’s the game we’re in. And the business focus of SV doesn’t stretch to things like Ivermectin, HCQ and other prophylactics that seem to see off The Deadly Pandemic with relative ease. So, um, we won’t be seeing any laudatory articles about the American hero Pierre Kory (who told everyone over a year ago that Ivermectin smears were commercially motivated) from SV’s PR hotshots.

Yes, I know….I’m labouring the point. But the equally State-corrupted Labour Party is never going to defend the righteous and call out the depraved; so I’m afraid it’s necessary. Kate Bingham was chosen for the same reason Whitty, Vallance and Hancock were given vast swathes of undeserved power: because their odd fanaticism and fascist greed comes via a sewer pipeline direct from Pharma Central.

The Great Tsarina Bingham has seen this Administration and the entire British media set corrupt her original vision and rather than stand up to be counted, she has chosen to count the money instead. It’s what we social anthropologists call ‘moral hazard’.

I don’t want to be misunderstood in any way here: Kate Bingham accepted no fees at all when asked by Jobsdone to take on this challenge. The second home page of SV now leads with a massive Covid19 nano-illustration, and the first subject talked about is Biotech. The blurb boasts:

We make initial investments at levels from seed capital through early clinical development stages of truly innovative medicines and platform technologies. We have a long history of building high value, successful new companies developing transformational new medicines and bringing drugs from discovery to market.’

Using judgement from my own advertising days, the PM was offering her in the region of £45 million of free advertising and media content focused exclusively on the good things about the core of her business, with all the bad news ruthlessly censored. I know clients who would have paid Downing Street to give them such an assignment.

Kate Bingham and her investment company represent another reason why wily minds steer clear of the Covid Vaccine Caper: it has objectives way above any considerations of publicly provided healthcare – objectives that continue to clash with every data stream that makes it to the surface.

The whole global project has involved insane objectives, blatant lies about derivation of the disease, conflated projections of the health threat – as well as vast expenditures on pointless rituals, permanent mental and economic health damage, and the use of medical experiments on human beings.

The State setting out to “protect” the National Health Service was the greatest lie in our history: the State has strangled the NHS, and been happy to lose or fire many of its most experienced staff, while – as I think we shall finally see in time – the Secretary of State for Health condemned thousands of care home residents to death.


I don’t usually indulge in calls to action, chiefly because I have come to realise that they produce little beyond inaction. However, on this occasion I have to recognise the enormous contribution of Amy Boone to the writing of this piece. Her dogged determination to make me pay attention alone was worthy of a Damehood at least….although I would of course never speak to her again if she accepted one.

While others went “Yeh, wha’evah”, Mrs Boone kept on interrupting my wine flow with reminders of just how blatantly Kate Bingham had lost the plot on her own ethics in return for spondoolicks. So for Amy’s sake alone, I want to make an appeal to all the various projects, organisations and high-profile bloggers or podcasters spanning the psychographic territory I call the 1 in 8.

It is simply this: one of the biggest enemies we face in the struggle against perfidy is unaccountable government. I think it’s time a bigwig was finally asked to explain why she – a Prime Ministerial appointee – gave categorical assurances to the British People along the lines of “It’s Only”….but continued to support that Government’s strategy even when it had rendered her promises more empty than a CNN anchor’s brain.