Massive doubts raised about ethics & efficacy behind Oxford-Astrazenica “vaccine”


Some fill-in establishing information is required to help explain this post. That’s because the issuer of the data is obscure – but very important to the “guidance” of government policy.

SP-I-MO stands for Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling. It reports into the SAGE/Secretary of State Number Ten Group. Almost nobody in the UK has ever heard of it, and its pronouncements online are stored in an unexpected place under the “assets publishing service”.

What follows aren’t leaks; they’re representative extracts from the latest SPIMO report, issued on March 31st last, and discussed in Downing Street some ten days ago. As far as can be gleaned the data reports are given sporadically….as in, when SPIMO has something to say.

As you will see, at the end of March, SPIMO had a lot to say.

I willingly give a huge hat-tip to Slogger ‘Dutch Cap’ for inspiring this investigation.

Unsurprisingly – albeit incomprehensibly, given their track-record – SPIMO gives advice entirely on the basis of models. The document under scrutiny here was almost entirely to do with the effects of Boris Johnson’s “roadmap” for exit from lockdown – allegedly a one-way street, but already showing signs of roadworks delays. Taken as a whole, it is at times contradictory and prone to almost surreal conclusions: my IQ is allegedly 142, but having read all 23 pages three times, I confess that, were I the Secretary of State, I’d be utterly confused about what to do.

That aside, however, some of the observations are astonishing. This first one below is bare-faced in its admission of failure:

The explosive statement there is ‘immunisation failures account for more serious illness than unvaccinated individuals’. Five pages later, reference is made to data used to make further modelled projections as follows: ”assuming two doses of AstraZeneca provide only 31% effectiveness against transmission”.

So in short, SPIMO is working on the basis of a supposed ‘vaccine’ that fails to stop the spread of infection in more than two out of three cases. This is radically different to the impression government publicity has given us – viz, that “even after vaccination, it may still be possible for you to infect others”. It sounds cautionary and responsible, but asking around a sample of acquaintances yesterday, they imagined a figure of around 80% – not 31%. Under 1 in 3 is, let’s face it, a risible result.

But the initial statement cuts the legs off continuing the vaccination rollout, because it rejects the benefit such might bring with the haunting words, “Immunisation failures account for more serious illnesses than unvaccinated individuals”.

So much for “Don’t be selfish, get the jab”. But ever the man obsessed with a bone, Hancock is ploughing forward doggedly with a vaccine programme that simply isn’t justified by the facts.

Equally however, it further justifies the claim I made a fortnight ago, that government insistence on a causal relationship between vacination on one hand, and reduced cases and deaths on the other is pure baloney.

Fast forward to the “further discussion” promised on this topic, and try to contain your laughter at this gem, referring to an associated chart:

56. This shows that most deaths and admissions in a post-Roadmap resurgence are in people who have received two vaccine doses, even without vaccine protection waning or a variant emerging that escapes vaccines. This is not the result of vaccines being ineffective, merely uptake being so high.

You couldn’t make this up: even without left-field factors, there’ll be a resurgence after lockdown exit, but this is not Astrazeneca’s fault – the “problem” was high uptake. By vaccinating the vulnerable bigtime, we killed more people, but a drug struggling to demonstrate efficacy had nothing to do with it.

The first sentence at Pt 56 above contradicts the second, but the conclusion drawn is denial beyond reason. It suggests two sensitivities: first, a political commitment to the Astrazeneca product come what may; and second – much more disturbing – a casting of doubt about the Oxford Recovery test results offered during development. Oxford Recovery, as we know, has form in this area via Peter Horby and his HCQ ‘trial’ that allegedly killed some 22 patients. I have also in past Slogposts pointed out inexplicable differences of opinion about the second dosage between AZ and Oxford.

I realise that this is a serious charge, but as I showed yesterday, a lot is at stake here. We’ll return to that unpleasant business later in this piece.

Meanwhile, ready for another giggle? Below is an object lesson in yes-and-no-with-reservations:

Take cover in the event of threatened buttocks. Basically, the above says, “Sorry guys, but after Step4 of lockdown withdrawal, you’re on your own”.

In this next one however, there are some very bad signs of private intentions versus public mendacity:

First of all, it gives more than a hint of waning faith in the AZ product…..”to allow for the next generation of vaccines to be developed”. But the need for ‘many months’ to do so (or in a safe world, five years) means we must maintain “strict quarantine measures for those entering the country will remain important”.

It feels to the sane reader like – as many online commentators have suggested – the New Normal is not going anywhere soon. Or at least, not while these deranged clowns are on the case.

It also suggests serial vaccine development likely to make at least two people at Oxford Recovery billionaires.

Last but not least, Pontius Pilate washes his hands – presumably as part and parcel of previously recommended hygiene procedures to do with staying at home in order to infect the entire family:

Basically, here the authors contradict recent publicly expressed Number Ten confidence in herd immunity by saying coronavirus immunity wanes: so as they haven’t taken that into account in their models [why not?] let’s chuck some more plates in the air and see where they land, hmm? That should do the trick: oh, and by the way (Pt 66 doesn’t add) all viruses mutate and they never go away entirely: they are a part of life – Kiwi and Aussie political classes, please note.

Covid19 is not a deadly pandemic, it is another type of seasonal killer that culls the aged and infirm – but produces, on a global basis, no significant rise in such mortality. It is and always was an excuse to contain and control. Forecasting models – be they commercial, climate, virus or fiscal in nature – have a truly appalling track record of laughable inaccuracy: the very last thing they represent is “science”.

The State uses models because they frighten people….and frightened people (as we have seen over the last fifteen months) are easier to coerce. The fact that they continue to employ these cowboys suggests strongly to the objective mind that their aim is to eradicate liberty – not a largely benign virus.

But not everything is about the Unelected/Secret State and its intentions. Other fellow-travellers jump on the gravy train, the scent of monied power in their nostrils. Yesterday here I repeated the FT/Sky News story about secretive plans to float Oxford Recovery’s spin-off onto the NYSE using the vehicle of Vaccitech – in which Vaccine team-leader Sarah Gilbert and her colleague Adrian Hill retain a 10% shareholding likely to be worth in the region of £40million after a successful launch on the market.

Today – thanks to the sharp eyes of veteran Slogger KJH pointing me in the right direction – I am able to reveal further grubbiness.

Vaccitech’s main investors include former top Deutsche Bank executives, Google and the UK government. Three in a bed comprising the most toxic bank on the planet, a viciously censorious search engine, and a serially mendacious corporatocracy. It doesn’t inspire thoughts of confidence in the ethics of it. Equally, it raises a question: what will HM Gov do with a medtech IPO windfall, and who in Whiteminster stands to benefit?

Adrian Hill and Sarah Gilbert are a longterm item who get together at the Wellcome Trust. It has clear and long established links to the Galton Eugenics Society – whose aims largely surround culls of racially and gentically “inferior” humans. Lots in common with Bill Gates and George Soros, then.

Adrian Hill was the boss of the Jenner Institute – which the BMJ found guilty of knowingly misleading parents in South Africa about the negative results of, and questionable methods used in animal studies, as well a vaccine being known to be ineffective. (See earlier – more form here for Plod to think about when he has spare time after beating up demonstrators). Further, an experimental tuberculosis vaccine developed jointly by Emergent Biosolutions and the Jenner Institute was scrapped following a controversial study in infants when it was confirmed that the vaccine was ineffective. The trial was praised as “historic” by the BBC.

Can anyone else hear the bell tolling for us here?

This is mind-blowing, horrific stuff. It suggests fakery, hidden intentions, manslaughter, genocidal agendas, and serial political lying on a scale beyond industrial. It also vindicates all those of us who have said throughout most of this saga that the “pandemic” presentation of SarsCov2 makes no fiscal, medical, social, cost-benefit, statistical or indeed scientific sense whatsoever.

The Astrazeneca drug has all the hallmarks of being a fake vaccine. The original Watergate questions must be asked again: “Who knew, what did they know, and when did they know it?”

In the here and now, however, it is time to call those paid to prosecute and punish calumny to the table. It is the moment of Truth not just for Britain, but for all of humanity. Those of sound mind and fair heart should now focus on forcing accountability to come to pass – despite the fact that those charged with that role would rather pass on it.

We’re on our own, but we must:

  • Demand that MPs force an emergency public inquiry into the Astrazeneca product in particular, and the virusecrecy surrounding Covid policy in particular
  • Get Whitty, Vallance, Horby, Hill, Gilbert and Ferguson in front of a Commons committee with teeth this time rather than gums
  • Write to every Commons MP with the simple message, “Ask a PMQ and open this can of worms forthwith, or lose my vote forever”
  • Ask every candidate in the May 6th Hartlepool by-election to confirm their support for those actions – and if necessary pile in behind the candidate who seems most sincere in his or her support
  • Face up to the reality that we have men and women in high places who are bought….and one key action to stop their totalitarian agenda is to move swiftly and with élan into making gains in local politics
  • Knock small Party egos together and build a united front for open government and the reclamation of all liberties lost
  • Get this reality off the ground in the rest of Europe and the US, where the Astrazenica fake is rapidly becoming a default choice
  • Scrap the Vaccitech IPO
  • Stop buying the Times, Guardian and New York Times. Stop watching the BBC.
  • Stick a large band-aid over Edwina Curry’s capacious mouth.
  • Get peaceful but serious mass civil disobedience under way.
  • Do what you can – please – to ensure this post gets a proper airing far and wide.
  • Ask Labour to grow some cojones and dump their collaboration in this filthy business. (This is said more in hope than any expection)

As must be fairly obviously to anyone using today’s censorious internet, continuing to publish posts like this one is going to get me variously banned on social media, deplatformed by my website host, and smeared by all and sundry.

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John Ward

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