SCAMDEMIC: a psy-op of build-up & payoff learned from the internet

The methods use to contrive a “deadly global pandemic” were lifted straight off the internet: much signalling of virtue followed by hype and topped off with selective statistics. The sell is based on fear, and the payoff on greed. The Slog reveals more of the sleaze beneath the surface of SarsCovid2

Why is it that online cookery sites have to give you their entire family biography before getting to the ingredients and the order in which they get used….in other words, the recipe? I really don’t want to know how Great Grannie Doppelscheize from Oklahoma invented the use of sesame oil in meat sautéeing after wrestling a grizzly bear to the ground in 1879 – and then passed this life-changing tip onto Tante Marie-Anne Houdusse in Edwardian New Orleans. I want to cook something right now for dinner, and I don’t remember signing up for the Swiss Family Robinson saga. Can we cut to the chase please…..and while we’re at it, not leave me with seven pinches of ginger that were advertised but never got added in the detail?

I don’t care about the fusion thing; on the whole, it confuses me. I want to see reviews that say it works really well, and then move forward in the consumption space. Very few people are confident cooks: the sell here is “you need my expertise to avoid failure”.

Something similar applies when one follows a sponsored investment link using the headline, ‘Why is this new technology turning markets upside down from Buenos Aires to Bankfurt?’ I press the button eager to be rich, but discover only a decade of foreplay involving an interview on Channel Boombust with Herb Weissass, the world’s foremost analyst when it comes to new technology turning markets upside down from Buenos Aires to Bankfurt.

So what is this Big Thing, Herb is asked. And he confirms, oh boy, is this fucking big. It is bigger than things more bigly certain than Big Bang and big-headed bigwigs.

Then Herb tells us how he has picked so many winners over the last two decades, he really has no need to be flogging Big Things on Boombust….but he feels the need to do it because he wants us all to gain from his inestimable insider knowledge. He’s obviously into trickle-down wealth.

OK Herb says the interviewer, so what is this Thing, and Herb says I’ll get to that in a minute, but first of all, here’s what reverse-swap junk bond derivative packaging legend Liam Schwarz had to say about it…..

On and on it goes until your scroll-down digit has repetitive strain injury: how Jamie Slyman thinks, what Baron Wuffet is doing, and why Ray Klone predicts it will simplify Time travel and beat any known Teasmaid into shameful non-existence.

To become rich and avoid reset bankruptcy, we need Herb’s expertise. Greed and fear: they never fail.

Slog’s Law

INTERNET RULES # 1: The bigger the bullshit, the longer the intro it needs.

I was on a recipe site yesterday, ploughing through the Foresight Saga, when the ingredients arrived, et voilà! It was just plain old egg-fried rice given a rebranding.

Last week, the dénouement to my search for The Big Idea from Herb Wiseass turned out to be ‘buy shares in the hitech medical sector’. No shit, Herb?

Since the serious prep began some time during Spring 2019, the Unelected State has been ever so slowly unveiling their big sell. And it’s been treating the World as if it was the internet.

It had three things to sell: deadly pandemic, eternal protection via control, and vaccination with formulations that aren’t vaccines.

I wonder if you’ve ever examined one of those TV Covid19 briefings closely….or flicked back through TV news and press reporting since January 2020 – especially those early psychodramas from China.

Deadly Pandemic was (like climate change) a fear weapon based on modelling and (like injustice to Arabs) multiple faked numbers and set-ups. Covid death-rates were offered at 2-5%, screaming Wuhan peasants were filmed being forcibly locked into their homes, while blokes in sci-fi suits (remarkably similar to those featured during the Skripal caper) sprayed entire streets with something wet and obviously horrible.

Almost immediately, SarsCov2 exploded onto every front page and TV screen – where it remains fourteen months later. The daily progress of The Black Death from one asian country to another was tracked until, OMG, it was in Italy. Then japan. Then the US. And then…..the UK.

“I don’t want to hide this from you,” opined Boris Johnson, “but we are all going to lose loved ones before their time”.

What, all of us?

Um, well no, not exactly….it was a figure of speech. Then several media-connected things happened at once. Lots of raw death numbers devoid of context; smears and censorship in the social media; draconian suggestions to stay at home; and my email inbox flooded with reports of exaggerated deaths put down to the virus by health officials. And then, Lockdown. But only for a few weeks “at most”. Then masks if you go out anywhere. And wash your hands every time you touch something, because this virus can survive “for up to three hours on plastic”. Then social distancing, no handshakes, no hugging

And so the control phase began. The flags at press conferences got bigger. It was our patriotic duty to stay home and save lives. The Swedes were clearly deranged. This was Dunkirk, but victory could be ours, it wouldn’t last long. Or it was 1914, and likely to be “all over by Christmas”….because our valiant researchers are on the case, and vaccines are being developed. It’s only a matter of months.

Er, but doesn’t that usually take five years? Yes, but it’s highly infectious: look, cases are going through the roof…..THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.

Fast forward (very fast forward) to the Autumn and declarations of vaccine success from Oxford and Pfizer and MHRA clearance and Hancock’s “completely safe” speech in the Commons. Now the third phase of control selling had begun. Yes, deaths had plummeted but now there was the Second Wave….vaccination would be rolled out but Christmas would be cancelled. Still, get your jab and you can go out to play again.

Of course, you’d need a vaccination certificate….you know, to be sure that you were safe to kiss…..or, if you’re Neal Feguson, shag. Mind you, the immunity would fade over time. Actually, it couldn’t be guaranteed at all. And you might still be infectious. Don’t let your guard down. Get the jab, because look, the Second Wave’s out of control. And we’ll need another lockdown. Just for a bit. And vaccine passports plus a ban on all holidays abroad.

Believe me, the analogy works. Because now we’ve come to the “reveal”, a number of things are very clear. Just as with folksy recipes and lifetime investment BS, it’s clear to anyone who’s awake that SarsCov2 or Covid19 can be empirically summed up as follows:

A bog-standard seasonal virus that is highly infectious, but represents a cull of 0.0042% (and falling) restricted by over 85% to the economically inactive and morbidly obese human population. The death toll and unpleasantness can be easily reduced by NSAIDs like Ivermectin or cocktails of HCQ plus other elements such as Zinc. The Astrazeneca “vaccine” is in fact nothing more than a resistance booster whose performance can be easily matched by combos of Vitamins, especially C and D. There is no need for vaccines.

Who has benefited from this internet-style con? The Unelected State, the Pharmaceutical sector, neo-fascist politicians, those in the 0.1% selling track trace and “vaccination”, social media owners, and academic research funding.

But slowly – painfully slowly – some elements in the MSM are beginning to report on how virtue may be signalled, but monetary gain is a key factor. Of all people, Sky News last Thursday ran an excellent piece on the Oxford Recovery project’s coming windfall gain via a stock market listing – the FT also has the story.

This is Professor Sarah Gilbert, head of the Oxford Recovery team who, on top of her day job, co-founded in 2016 a techmed company called Vaccitech. (The clue’s in the name). This has now secretly applied for an NYSE listing. Even though Gilbert resigned resigned as a director in September 2020, she stands to make £20M from her 5.2% stake in the company. All rather secretive and “clever”, don’t you think?

This is a blatant conflict of interest, and she should be removed forthwith from any leadership role in government vaccination usage decisions.

I have been banging on forever about Oxford virusecrecy, attempts by Peter Horby to smear HCQ corruptly in incompetent test trials, and the black hole of nothingness that lasted two months before the miracle of the Astrazeneca product materialised.

Tomorrow at The Slog

This Sunday, I shall reveal a stunning report given a week ago to the key politicians and health bureaucrats by one of its sub-committees. Matt Hancock is already leaking and sound-biting for England in an attempt to rubbish it.

Once you’ve read it, you’ll understand why. Stay tuned.