ANALYSIS: forty years of Psy-Ops on the road to Contrick19

Ours is not so much a mad, mad, mad, mad world as one based on denial, acceptance, media authority and naked fear. The Slog plots the history of how post-empirical uniformity has been exploited by a tiny minority of Gigarich gargoyles in order to produce ever bigger and more audacious Psy-Ops…and argues that local power should become a major focus for resistance and disobedience in relation to totalitarian takeover.

When an airhead with an ocean-going titanic arse that arrives ten seconds after the rest of her has made a billion smackers based on that unfortunate birth defect, you know there is something horribly unbalanced about our culture.

Economics for robots

It’s been that way for nearly forty years: it started out as being the Age of the Unexpected, but has recently matured into the Age of the Predictably Unbelievable. I doubt very much if that was the plan from Day 1, but it has been a gift beyond the dreams of avarice for those who have ridden in such a stately manner on the back of it.

It got a kick-start when Ted Levitt invented the global village myth, but didn’t get properly under way until the academic Milt Friedman placed the corporation above society – and put forward the sensationally stupid prediction that quickly accrued massive wealth would somehow trickle down…with the process being accelerated by lower top-end tax rates. It was a thesis that would’ve been very much at home in the Warren Commission, with its emphasis on magic bullets and Presidential brains flying in impossibly wrong directions.

Soon afterwards, Margaret Thatcher dived in with monetarist economics, a systemic ideology that in turn ignored human wiring. (In case your sensing some bias here, I feel duty bound to express my confirmed view that socialist collectivism – and its emphasis on claiming equality where there is none – suffers from exactly the same Cyclopian “mono” outlook)

As none of this was founded in the human sciences, the task for Western élites (and the Chinese, Vietnamese and North Korean dictatorships) became that of persuading people about two “aims”: first, an amorphous concept called Unity; and second, the need to distrust our primary senses and species instincts.

The attack on discrimination

Some twenty years of creeping PC anti-science followed, during which the departure from empirical reality was accelerated by propagandic education flourishing, and the older more ‘connected’ demographic dying. To discriminate by culture became racism, to shrink from cultural celebration of homosexuality became homophobia, to criticise intolerant Muslim misogynism became Islamophobia, to hold a conservative social view became fascism, and to point out IQ differences by ethnicity became Nazi eugenics.

The assault on primary senses increased in intensity: male West Indian educational failure was evidence of “institutional racism”, investment greed was “good”, there was no such thing as an obcene profit, reporting incidence of Pakistani pimping was “unhelpful”, and criticism of overt Brussels corruption alongside increasing federalist tendencies was “typical Little Englander bigotry”.

The Conservative Party spiralled down into a foul mélange of PC lip service and Victorian family values codswallop entirely overwhelmed by the powerful stench of sleaze which – while hyped out of proportion by New Labour’s spin doctors – was nevertheless incontrovertible evidence of a Tory era running out of ideas and ethics.

The hour of the media technocrat had arrived, and the man of the hour was Tony Blair…alongside whom (in a 1997 banded-pack offer) came Alastair Campbell – a man vying with Rupert Murdoch for the title of Millennial Anti-Matter….an epitomous Spin Doktor with a Weltanschauung worryingly close to that of Doktor Mengele.

From here on, the all-out bombardment of citizen cognition went up several notches. Egged on by Campbell, Blair became the first UK political leader to test the water on trying his hand at arrant nonsense, in order to gauge the reaction: he was, if you like, an advance scout from the New Normal tribe…. the first to say “It’s only” (in his case, a national ID card). The first to say, “Everything’s just as good as it always was, only better” (about education), the first to fiddle earnings and unemployment data (a trick learned from Bill Clinton via Philip Gould), the first to enter a war knowing the rationale was fake (WOMD), the first to befriend Islam by very nearly giving the UK Muslim Council legislation to make all criticism illegal of their religion illegal (only the 2005 London atrocities pulled him back from the brink) the first with a foreign policy designed (as he put it) “to bury once and for all the image of the Party as pacifist”, the creator (using Campbell’s dictated words) of Diana the Divine whom he dubbed “our Princess of Hearts”, and a tireless enthusiast for letting as many immigrants into the UK as possible (he wanted their votes, and he got them).

His reward for this ill-advised policy and mendacious blather was to become the most re-elected and long-serving Labour PM in history. Others (most notably David Cameron) watched from the sidelines and took notes. Once in power, ‘Call me Dave’ was able to blithely deny he had discussed Hackgate with the Murdochs, or that he knew his press secretary was involved (if MI6 didn’t tell him, then we really are in a pretty pickle), retain Jeremy Hunt as his CMS Minister despite his redaction of emails (“I have done nothing wrong”) and promise an unbiased Referendum campaign….following which his Government issued a blatantly Remainer information pack for all voters, and invited Barack Obama over on a formal visit to tell the British what a mistake it would be to Leave the EU.

The key thing both Blair and Cameron had in common was their willingness to see Ten Downing Street as merely a leg up (from the mythical “level playing field”) to where the real power lies….with the Secret Surveillance States, the mainstream media and neocon globalism.

Well-groomed in this reality by the Home Office in general and Chief Spook Sir Mark Sedwill, the next Prime Minister (‘crowned’ by deeply suspicious acclaim) Theresa May acquiesced in the Olly Robbins Brexit ‘coup’ and did her utmost to sell a Withdrawal Agreement that was little short of an abject surrender to the Left’s love affair with all things Brussels. Juncker, Barnier and Macron were, of course, on the same side as May: as they sold utterly unworkable European federalism with easily-dismissed twaddle about the EU being “a force for peace”, so too May insisted that her WA was “faithful to the aim of full Brexit”. Both assertions were palpably untrue, but the Remoanoid propaganda machine supported her…..while demanding a second referendum. As cognitive dissonance goes, such was a Mr Magoo epic.

Having badly mishandled her attempt at a snap election, May was forced into a support deal with the Ulster Unionists, and had to let more Leavers into the Cabinet….most notably Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. She herself had already confirmed her defection to the Global cabal by bombing Syrian “chemical warfare factories” without reference to Parliament, but Global Spider Johnson led the way into the Skripal poisoning farce by signing up to (and lying about) more chemical warfare hokum. It showed he was up for US demonisation of Russia and Putin.

Johnson was duly elected Tory leader (May having failed her masters) on a “Get Brexit Done” ticket, easily thrashing the divided Opposition and hoodwinking Nigel Farage into an unspoken pact. His spider connections being enough to persuade the chaps wearing long trousers that he could be trusted to Lie for the Cause, we entered the final Psy-Op (so far) – the 0.0042% deadly pandemic which, by definition, trumps any consideration of citizen free speech in particular and liberty in general.

Monied megalomaniacs meet mild milchcows

My main point today is a joined at the hip Siamese twin called Serial Anti-National Psy-Op Traitors (SANPOT). That is, a gradually accelerating takeover of democracy by the Unelected Corporacratic State, via the use of political Fifth Columnists with an unquenchable thirst for power at any price.

The success of this operation (it began in ernest with the election of CIA Lifer George Bush Sr to the White House in 1989) has been in its ability to show those in the shadows that fear, media propaganda and terrorist forms of censorship – used upon electorates educated towards uniformity – can sell anything to almost everyone if certain trigger jingoistic and smear terms are repeated with casual authority over and over again.

Covid19 and the feeble case for vaccination, containment, useless masks and rushed drug development represents easily their most successful Psy-Op to date. So successful, in fact, that two days ago, research agency Ipsos Mori published the following finding based on an 8,000 strong sample of adults:

Latest findings show a large increase in willingness to take a COVID-19 vaccine among all groups, including those who have been more hesitant. The proportion of adults who say they would not be likely to take a vaccine has more than halved in the four months from December 2020 to March 2021 – from 14%-6%.

It is certainly true that dangling the freedom carrot (ironic or what?) played a role in creating this change of heart. The central point, however, is this: if you can get otherwise intelligent people to accept vaccines that aren’t vaccines, safety assurances without any substance, widespread alarm among scientists about longer-term dangers of excessive bodily response or falling natural resistance, masks that are unfit for purpose, virusecrecy on a grand scale, immunity from prosecution for the Pharmcos – and serial overstated death levels from Day 1 – then you could get them to do anything.

Be assured that the lesson has been learned. Stay vigilant about more to come. And look for new ways to resist.

Myself and several other commentators are quickly realising that local political power probably holds the key to pacific, legal resistance. National and geopolitical legislation is now completely bought.

Local elective admin can’t stop maniacs passing illiberal laws….but by re-establishing a link with disillusioned people at community level, it can certainly build opposition to the enactment of selfish madness.