BORIS THE SPIDER: MI5, Claire Smith, Joseph Mifsud, NATO, & blaming Vladimir Putin for the Skripal poisoning…..



Last week, I led at The Slog with this headline:


‘Military Industrial Complex’ is one of those phrases to describe the unelected Alt State that many people assume to have emanated from US hairy Left-wing paranoid intellectuals during the 1960s. It is thus easy to dismiss as just one more form of conspiracy theory.

In fact, Republican President Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower coined the phrase in a televised address to the American People in 1959. A military man himself, he already knew back then that the Pentagon and the CIA were crammed with hawks, and closely allied to Texas oilco nutjobs. Once JFK was elected, Ike warned him that his biggest challenge was not abroad but at home. Their meeting left a massive impression on the young President; within six months of being in office, he was confiding to his brother Robert, the Attorney General, that “these guys make the mafia look like a PTA”.

So far in the Skripal Affair, attention has been focused on the British/Russian/EU aspect of what Boris Johnson and Theresa May have cynically turned into a fear-wave…an epidemiology of demonisation designed to persuade people that Russia is back on an expansionist path, and mass nerve-agent poisoning is its weapon of choice. In these columns – and thousands of others around the World – deconstruction, hard facts and recorded Johnson lies have managed, for anyone with an open mind, to make as clear as possible that the circumstances involved have been deliberately falsified, and the danger to us blown out of all proportion.

But self-interested, naive and lazy minds are not open to an alternative narrative on Skripal.

In social media and Slogposts, I have referred to the British Foreign Secretary as Boris the Spider – the title of a 1960s Who pop song composed by the late bass guitarist John Entwistle. Given that BoJo is creepy, unpleasant, potentially venomous and has hairy legs connected to pretty much everyone in the Alt State, this seemed to me an entirely appropriate form of of nomenclature.

The truth remains, however, that most people (I suspect) think this is just me showboating to condemn a man I have felt to be a pernicious political influence since 2011.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate through empirical connections, photography, events, the research of other campaigners – and visually recorded quotes – that Boris Johnson is indeed an important member of the MIC. He works with them, he sucks up to them, he protects them, and he hangs out with them.

Further, his connections stretch far beyond the borders of Europe. Our Foreign Secretary knows, and is comfortable with, the same people who work 24/7 to tie Donald Trump to Russian mafiosa in general, and the Putin régime in particular.

I am not an apologist for either Trump or Putin….nor am I a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. But I am, in my own limited way at the age of 70, an enthusiast for giving power back to the electorate, its legislators, and a Rule of Law genuinely blind to the social class, ethnicity or nationality of anyone brought into its Courts.


The American journalist Elizabeth Vos  has for some time been following the career of Professor Joseph Mifsud, an obscure Maltese gentleman the LibLeft US press pack chose to categorise as “a Russian spy” – and in some way evidence of the ‘Russia owns Trump’ narrative they have been pushing since the Donald became a serious Presidential contender in 2016.

In fact, the evidence is far more in favour of Mifsud being closely allied with British intelligence – and something of an expert in the game of setting Russia up via various stings.

Julian Assange (who has more intelligence information on such things than most) remarked that Mifsud and the Chair of British Intelligence Cabinet Security vetting Claire Smith had been photographed as “colleagues” at European security meetings. Soon afterwards, Mifsud’s name was removed from the list of delegates at this session, but this didn’t stop several Twitter users from observing and retweeting the shot:


Assange also notes that Mifsud has strong intelligence connections to the Saudi régime, with which Britain, sadly, cooperates very closely on all military and intelligence matters in the Middle East. In the instance above, they cooperated in training Italian delegates on key elements of intelligence procedure. They are indeed colleagues…and Smith is a very big wheel indeed in MI5: she sits on the UK Joint Intelligence Committee.

The Smith/Mifsud relationship goes back to diplomacy as the standard cover story: Mifsud lectured in this when he was Director of the London Academy of Diplomacy (LAD), where Claire Smith was a visiting professor for two years.

The espionage camp in which Joseph Mifsud really pitches his tent is the MI5 – Saudi – NATO – Pentagon ‘demonise Assad and his Russian mentor Putin’ alliance. He is a black ops organiser….and he is a hidden driver of the ‘Russia owns Trump’ narrative in the US.

During the ‘Trump dossier’ press hysteria designed to frame Trump, Mifsud was cast as  “a Moscow cypher heavily involved in Russia’s meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election”. This made him a figure of great infamy on both sides of the Atlantic, but it is all tosh: for Mifsud also worked for the Clinton Foundation. He was in fact actively engaged in building the ‘Trump Russiagate’ weapon of Donald Destruction.

If Joseph Mifsud is a Russian spy known to be a democratic destabiliser, then why is he pictured next to the current UK Foreign Secretary at a November 2017 reception in London following Johnson’s appointment?


It would’ve been a major gaffe  – even by BoJo’s high standards – had he been seen chatting merrily to the sort of chap Boris says are out to destabilise the West, and poison the entire staff of Porton Down. Or something.

No: infinitely more likely is that Professor Mifsud is a British intelligence asset…probably a freelancer, but very closely tied in to Claire Smith’s role reporting directly to the Prime Minister Theresa May on the JIC.

And lest we forget, the JIC was centrally and mendaciously involved in the sexing-up of the WOMD that led to Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq.

Claire Smith has now retired as head of the Cabinet Security vetting committee, but she still works actively as an espionage and security consultant. We are not allowed to know if she still attends JIC meetings….but I’d be astonished if she isn’t in the loop concerning what the Skripal case is really about.

As for Joseph Mifsud…..he’s disappeared. His partner and the mother of their young child hasn’t a clue where he is. And his name has been removed from all the organisations and universities in which he held office during the last decade.

Just fancy that.


Now of course, while all the foregoing is, shall we say, circumstantially suspicious, it isn’t proof  that Skripal was a western intelligence sting. What it does do however is:

  1. Place British intelligence at the centre of activities to discredit senior politicians who refuse to do the Alt State’s bidding
  2. Throw enormous doubt on the NYT/Washpost campaign to discredit Donald Trump
  3. Provide personalities, means, motive and connections to make it far easier to build a case for Putin having been framed than a case to suggest that he is a wannabe mass poisoner out to rebuild the Soviet Union.

I wouldn’t trust Vlad the Lad as far as I could throw him. But my central point in this post is to repeat that, specifically, Boris Johnson must now come to the House of Commons, and give an account of his actions, and explain why he has made several accusations against the Russian leader, all of which appear now to be as watertight as a colander.

More generally, Johnson is none other than Boris the Spider. He knows and likes everyone from the Saudis to Murdoch via shady spooks and US oil interests that most decent people in the West would like to see the back of for good.

In terms of calling BoJo to account in front of Parliament, where is Corbynista Labour right now? The answer is nowhere. Having tweeted for England over the last 48 hours about how Jeremy of Nazareth “was right all along”, Jeremy and his Momentum controllers want all the hoo-hah to die down. Because in Middle England, he is still seen as a Commie apologist….which he undoubtedly is. Forget all this cobblers about Corbyn the Nice Old Man who will lead us to liberty in the Promise Land: he is more concerned with grasping power than seeking out the truth.

None of these people work for us. But while the iron is hot, from here on the Decency Sector of the UK electorate should pressurise every backbench MP they can find to demand an open debate on Skripal, in the House, with the creepy-crawly blond present to face hostile questions.


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