GREAT RESET NEWS: nutty narratives on the bourses, down among the wind propellers & in the hospitals

There’s more than a little fear on the global stock markets at the moment. Property wobbles in China have meant an increase in borrowing rates generally…and most central banks now regard further rises as inevitable, following the “transitory” hoho rises in price inflation. All of this, of course, increases the likelihood of a complete collapse at the property lender Evergrande, and other dodgy behemoths in the PRC.

Pretty much the entire junk bond sector is turning from boom to bust…..and thus one would expect the ‘flight to quality’ thing. In the good old days when there were fundamentals on the bourses, we’d have seen gold and silver shooting skywards. This is the 7 days chart for gold:

As you can see – hold it up to the light, not a fundamental in sight. Gold has fallen by 25 bucks. Now look at today’s trading so far (below left)…..

…..and we see right at the opening bell, four dollars knocked off the price per ounce, followed by something of a pillow-fight until the market steadies at two dollars up. (The same sort of thing is going on over at silver)

This is fairly standard practice these days, and the game is called Central Banks vs Real Sentiment. The Fed et al aren’t going to let gold or silver rise naturally until they are ready for the Great Reset….because as soon as that happens, everyone and his mother’s cat will getTF out of stocks as the scramble for pms begins – pms as in precious metals not pre-menstrual syndrome…although in a way, every bit as dangerous.

The week before last, Fed boss Jerome Powell was caught in flagrante selling huge amounts of his own personal share investments. Harken not unto what the buggers say, but keep instead a beady eye on what they do. As for Powell himself – having got his pile out of the fire – he announced yesterday evening in the US that tapering off of financial/liquidity support for the banks will start immediately. That can only result in more uncertainty and confirm to most observers that all bets are off. So my suggestion (as I’m not licensed to offer advice) is to keep a very beady eye on what happens in the precious space.

Meanwhile, as ‘trillions’ of COP26 currency things are thrown at a climate crisis that doesn’t exist “caused” by an innocent gas, another great Green idea shows yet again what a complete crock the whole thing is. Hilariously, the climate support proceedings are being heated entirely by coal, because low wind speeds in the land of the fluttering kilt have resulted in high Megawatt prices.

Yesterday set a new record for the daily cost of balancing the UK electricity grid. The previous record of £38 million was smashed by more than £6 million, with the new record now standing at an eye-popping £44.7m. This is only part of the story, as the Whitehall crackheads come to terms with the enormous servicing costs of the woohwoohwooh propeller fields…especially those drilled into the seabed.

It’s probably time someone had a terse conversation with Carrie Antoinette, but it’s not going to happen: like her husband the blond bonker, she is only obeying orders. Fear is the new black in the kidology business, and it’s essential that it remains at peak output to the bedwetters fed thus far on a diet of anti-Brexit and deadly sniffles: until everyone is convinced that Planet Earth is about to be covered in fiery water, none of us* will be safe. (*Elite-speak for ‘them’).

I still don’t really grasp quite how rising sea-levels will do anything more than put out the fires largely started by nutjob radical Climate arsonists bankrolled by George Soros – ever tried to set fire to an ocean? – although doubtless Queen Carrie will argue all that nasty plastic in the seas has something to do with it. I wonder if it ever occurs to the First Lady, however, that the widespread use of plastic bottles is itself a symptom of the only ecological issue I can relate to: that tapped potable water is in no way keeping pace with a species that has become three times more numerous than it was when I was a nipper. But that would be to suggest the use of left-brain logic, so we don’t want to do that, do we? Certainly not.

For the time being, all crises lead to Covid19…the product of a joint biowarfare operation in Wuhan By Fauci, Batlady & Partners. We in the 1in8 cognoscenti realise, naturally, that there is something of a problem with the mRNA messenger “vaccines”. At last it seems that some observers in the United States have started to join up more and more dots.

US  Emergency rooms are overflowing all over America: with the number of new COVID cases in the United States each day is less than half of what it was just a couple of months ago.  That’s good news, with many “experts” seeing this is a sign that the pandemic is in decline, and the ER pressures will soon be over. However, the diametric opposite is taking place.  Throughout the US, emergency rooms are rammed.

Why on earth might this be? At one typical hospital in Michigan, we hear that some of the main things that are being treated include “abdominal pain”, “respiratory problems”, “blood clots” and “heart conditions”

No! Really? Where have we heard that before?