THE SATURDAY ESSAY: message to the Resistance – recruit a defector today

Getting influential debunkers closer to the microphones

Over the last few weeks, The Slog has written these among other posts:

*The lack of unity in the resistance to dystopian corporatocracy

*The MSM’s persistence in presenting a species crisis as nothing unusual

*The Covid virus as a Trojan Horse, & the “vaccines” as the hidden army

*The re-writing of scientific terms to suit the NWO agenda

*The unaccountability of unelected advisors & their false promises

*The infantile psychographics of Brexit Remainers & Vaccine believers

*The capacity of 7/8ths of the population to prefer nonsense to reality

The summation of the above – poor opposition to totalitarian ideas, widespread citizen gullibility, disregard for constitutional rules and accountability, and media cooperation in establishing Orwellian anti-science as ‘certainty’ – has handed minute rich and powerful élites the opportunity to introduce emergency laws with only small numbers (albeit voluble) of protesters. At the same time, governments across the Anglosphere and the EU (most notably in the US, France, Australia and the UK) have found it terrifyingly easy to recruit the sort of boneheaded enforcers not seen since the Nazi Sturm Abteilung of the 1930s.

This has been typified by the so-called ‘Covid Marshalls’ in Britain. Now, a parody account starring one Wayne King has turned up on my Twitter timeline. (WayneKing – gerritt?)

Wayne describes himself at his avatar space as just an ordinary chap ‘Going door to door to conduct Covid regulation compliance inspections and distribute vital information about the virus’ – that is to say, a two-bit, puffed up Kommissar doing the bidding of the Central Committee. Not that Wayne needs much puffing up, him being like well puffed up an’ that already given his less than attractive figure. He also has the dark glasses and glare to go with his general air of menace.

Just one of his tweets will serve to add a little more colour to this fictional Marshall’s being. Praised by some apparently adoring female for giving the neighbours a good ticking off, Wayne replies, ‘don’t worry, everything turned out fine….saving lives is just in a days work for me’.

Quick! Pass the Vomitecon…ooops, too late.

The truly encouraging thing is that King Wayne has 14.5 thousand followers. The frightening aspect is that there is lots of real “Marshall Law” out there…..and the knuckle-draggers approve of them mightily. So it’s hard to parody successfully: I wouldn’t mind betting that more than a few of those followers think he’s for real.

Maybe it’s a little late for figures of fun. History teaches us that crowds go bonkers at regular intervals…and one excellent way to apply cold water to the face is to create a Fifth Column of sanity among the opinion leaders.

Some people get terribly upset about the very high incidence of insane stupidity and thoughtless fascism that have been brought to the fore by the last six years of Brexit fear bollocks, Whitehall conspiracy, hopeless Withdrawal Agreement piffle, pisswilly Covid, vaccine cover-ups and now yet more ‘World in flames” lies. At first, I was the same; but recently my historophilia has come back into play. We would all do well to remember that the human being’s default setting is greedy, fearful naivety…if it wasn’t, quite frankly, con artists could never make a living.

In no way is this the first time the World has gone mad. Ever since the arrival of bourse exchanges, there have been people going to work Monday through Friday knowing perfectly well that at least twenty-five per cent of the stock they’re trading has a valuation that is in cloud cuckoo land. In the twenty-first century, that figure (I would submit) is – in the US and China – closer to eighty-five per cent.

Stock Exchanges, futures spikes, commodity prices and initial public offerings involve so much caveat emptor and track record jiggery-pokery, I simply never get involved any more: the time required to gather all the data necessary to avoid losing your shirt just isn’t my thing.

It is of course no way to run a railroad designed to keep real, entrepreneurial capitalism liquid and ready to invest; but then, that’s not the point of the railroad. The goal is to make a few megalomaniacs even more rich than they were before…and if all the trains come off all the rails – what the hell, that’s collateral damage.

Even before giga-greed took hold, however, there were moments of truly nutty bourse bonanzas that wound up three stations north of Bananas*

*This analogy could run and run given the trains, rails, stations and other steam-driven terms available. It is now closed – Ed.

During the period between November 1636 and May 1637, the average price of one tulip bulb bought on the Dutch borse rose 22.5 times until, at the peak of the mania it was worth $1,250 at today’s prices. But that was a mere Viceroy tulip: the more exotic Semper Augustus would go for at least $3,000. 385 years on, it’s hard to believe that price, given tulips don’t self-seed prolifically: when planted in the autumn, one plant will only have 3-4 new bulbs sprouted from each “mother bulb” after three years. If one was looking to resell, the longest a bulb is likely to keep is about eleven months. In short, to buy a bulb at roughly the same price as a grand house on the canals was ibbly-dibbly dumbass daft.

In the 21st century (interestingly) there has been a revisionist view of this bubble, but the usual line taken by such historians is “the idea it ruined the economy is nonsense”. I haven’t a clue what that observation has to do with the point – which is that thousands of educated, wealthy people paid silly money, on which (by late 1638) they lost 98% in value. Today, you can buy 25 bulbs for $8.50. That’s how potty the mass psychosis and suspension of logic was.

Eighty years later, over the Channel in London the Government was in hock thanks to the cost of yet another war with France. A large and somewhat bogus “discovery” marine group called The South Sea Company offered to underwrite the British National Debt, which stood at £30 million, on a promise of 5% interest from the Government. In return, the House of Lords passed the South Sea Bill, which allowed the South Sea Company a monopoly in trade with South America.

The problem with all this was that a large number of MPs in both Houses of Parliament (and the State itself) had an obvious reason for the company to do well, and thus allowed its directors to make grandiose promises suggesting the certainty of a bonanza of trade, the discovery of cities fashioned entirely from gold, islands sitting on giant diamond resources and so forth.

In fact, the real trade possible in the region was very limited, but the South Sea company distributed large numbers of bungs in Parliament to ensure widespread optimism – and the stock duly rocketed from 128.5 to 1,000. Very few investors discerned anything fishy about 100% guaranteed dividends per annum, or vague silliness such as the promise “to discovere lands widelie knowne to exist in profusione in the South Sea”. There was thus more than a little ‘directionalising’ by government ministers, several of whom resigned once the bubble burst.

During the eighteenth century in fact, madcap companies promising to develop square cannon balls, buy the Irish Bogs or simply “discover secretes whych cannot be disclosed as yet” rose and fell, but never failed at first to attract mugs. However, gigantic con tricks have regularly duped almost everyone in areas far beyond the financial markets.

Britain once went to war with Spain for nine years because Iberian sailors cut off one ear of a bloke called Jenkins. The First World War started because one obscure Archduke was assassinated by a a Bosnian Serb nationalist. The Nazis became a totalitarian government at least partly by creating widespread belief in the eugenic theory that Jews are Untermenschen, despite the fact that almost every successful bank in the world was controlled and maintained by Semite financial genius. Franklin Roosevelt knew that the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming, but to this day most Americans flatly refuse to accept the fact. John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s fatal headwound in Dallas came from the front lower right of his limousine, not from the book depository….but the CIA/FBI files on the incident remain sealed or redacted. Sadam Hussein did not have any weapons of mass destruction. For four straight years, some 135 European bankers conspired to rig the LIBOR rate: at the time, I dismissed the idea as impossible…but it was true.

The sad reality is that first, there is no limit to the sociopathic greed of a few human beings, no end to the wickedness in which they’ll engage in the name of power, and no holocaust too big for their megalomania to entertain; but second, there is also no shortage of SA Sturmers to throw their excess weight around, no contrick too ridiculous for the gullibly smug, the Party-political ideologues, the CNN addicts, and the Green fascists…or indeed, any chance that entertainment-distracted apathy among the “managing OK for the moment” masses is going to dissipate any time soon.

In the meantime, there has only been The1in8 citizens, a few media presenters voicing doubts, and a brave regiment of doctors and medical scientists calling out the Covid + vaccine scam for what it is: at best, a cabal of bancassurance and depraved medical bureaucrats/researchers looking to gather wealth beyond the most lascivious wet-dreams of avarice…or at worst, a hegemonous Secret State Psy Op designed to depopulate in favour of a new Vierte Reich Herrenvolk.

But what I believe we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks (no more than that) is two things: first, clear signs that these lunatic élite alliances are – predictably – becoming convinced they’re home and dry….unstoppably destined to be 21st Century transhuman Supermen; and second, at long last some evidence of critical mass behind the real scientists still prepared to point out the obvious difference between excrement emerging from the anus, and apple pie-in-the-sky.

The point at which the Tulip psychodrama became untenable was when Dutch commentators made comparative observations between a bulb you stick in the soil with little more than hope, and the price of a prime property that could comfortably house two generations of observant Catholics. Similarly, the South Sea Bubble burst when pamphleteers made accusatory links between ludicrous corporate promises and corrupt senior politicians.

For commentators and pamphleteers read ‘media’….and therein lies the rub: we have a State-tamed media today, and a medical profession the majority of which has chosen to remain silent – or simply regurgitate the Orwellian revisionist anti-science put about by the Schwabs, Faucis, Hancocks and Whittys of the World.

The biggest single impact on those who currently bow down to the Establishment will come when Establishment figures start to defect in favour of the Truth.

We have seen an example of this in the last 72 hours with British Medical Journal editor Dr. Peter Doshi giving damning evidence to an expert panel on COVID19 vaccine mandates & injuries. Here are some of his learned opinions:

“I am saddened by a culture at the moment super-saturated with ‘everybody knows’….intellectual curiosity has been shut down in favour of conformist self-censorship”.

“If this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, why would the vaccinated need booster shots?….why are most hospital deaths among the vaccinated?…there is so much that doesn’t add up, but very few are asking, ‘Is it true that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated?”

“We are told that clinical trials have proved the mRNA vaccines reduce deaths…but I don’t see science being followed, I see an unexplained need to keep the raw data on trials secret”.

What we the 1in8 most need to do is encourage defection from States becoming rapidly totalitarian. We need MPs, doctors, public figures and senior journalists to trade in their pensions and salaries in the cause of natural humanity and maximal liberty that never turns into license.

We may not be a psychographic group desirous of goose-stepping demos and robotic slogans, but we are better connected than most. Wade through the online output of the MSM and medical sites, and there you’ll find some genuine examples of decent people just waiting to jump.

Finally, the problem they face is where should they jump to? The Resistance badly needs an encrypted medium of its own (it’s up there with the secret of Time travel, I’m afraid) but in the meantime, don’t dismiss The Donald’s platform Truth due to launch later this month with an invited membership and a further Spring 2022 rollout planned. Some $293 million has been invested in the Trump project, via Digital World Acquisition Corp. The tame US media bias the Ginger One faces can be summed up with this risible piece of “comment” from the npr site: ‘Trump was banned from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the wake of the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob’.

Speaking as one who joined his Movement in Exile early on, I am hoping for immediate access to the platform. It could’ve done with a better brand name, but you can’t have everything.

So my message this weekend is this: radicalise a role model today. History suggests doing so could be the beginning of the end for mad folks in power.

John Ward is 73 years young and self-isolating in deepest France. He is thinking about writing a book, toying with the notion of mastering Time travel last week, testing a vaccine to inoculate himself against Grant Shapps, contemplating a life without alcohol and trying to make friends with a family of Coypu.