From Greta Thunberg to the Financial Times via every major news channel and press title, the agenda of the Great Reset Alliance on Climate and Health mendacity is being pumped at an ever-increasing level of exaggeration, expressed certainty and utter nonsense. But behind this farrago of hopelessly biased “information”, new developments among the NWO zealots suggest that – at last – not everything is going their way. The Slog reports on some of the key signals.

It’s never easy to watch a damaged, ham-actor person performing in public. It’s alarming to do that if the audience is whooping and hollering in approval of what she says. And it’s impossible to feel anything but sympathy and annoyance in equal measure when you realise the person is an ignoramus who never takes audience questions herself because she has no technical grip on her subject whatsoever.

Greta Thunberg is eighteen years old, looks about eleven, and has a socialisation age of two. She gives very good glare, shakes with confected anger a lot, and is very, very disturbed. All of this seems obvious to me – but not to the thousands of celebs, world leaders and media goose-steppers who fawn all over her. Why they slobber as they do is a complex issue, given that she spends most of her time saying, “We are on the verge of extinction and you still preeeeevaaaareeeecate…howoooooo daaaiiiiirre you!” To see this unfortunate but profoundly irritating young woman being exploited by the NWO sheisters is akin to watching hard porn: it’s boring and repulsive.

But she’s on-message about CO2, electric cars, zero emissions and Build Back Better, so she gets the FT’s vote every time. You might not see that as the smoothest segue in blogging history, but don’t shoot the piano player: it’s just the nature of this surreal alliance of delusional anti-logic hell bent on telling us that CO2 is a poison, but debris-crammed mRNA gene alchemy is a vaccine.

The FT (I bought the weekend print edition yesterday) is one of the more enthusiastically committed MSM titles when it comes to deadly viruses, Davos drivel and Green power. The Pink ‘un is so committed these days, the moment when it’s sectioned for its own good cannot be far off.

Last week was the Hindu festival of Light in India…the fireworks from which, the FT reported, ‘drove air quality monitors to 999 – beyond which they cannot be measured’. For good measure beyond 999, the paper reported that ‘a toxic cloud gathered over New Delhi….Indians are literally choking themselves to death’. Last Friday was also Guy Fawkes Night in Britain – a wonderful evening for kids in the 1950s, after which the entire British isles smelt of smoke on the following day. Nobody choked to death, but an alliance of pet owners, fire brigade unions, Health and Safety, pc local councils, and NHS whingers have gradually managed to make bonfires, bangers and rockets seem fraught with danger. Another family-magic celebration – part of our religious history – gone forever thanks to nanny State’s bedwetters.

Look folks, the air quality in India is not great, and for most of the population life is a pile of poo. But that’s not caused by ‘global heating’ (which doubtless by next week will be ‘Solar System Fahrenheit 451’). A far bigger problem for Indians is the fact that their Government is owned by the CIA, and the only safe drinking water comes in sealed plastic bottles. Here in the French countryside, nine times out of ten I urinate in the garden, only flush the loo after a poo, and when I take no exercise I do not shower. Every loo in the properties here is on minimal flush – but in India, you could grow old watching the archaic WCs flush.

Firework smoke is once a year and dissipates within at most 36 hours. Chronic under-supply of potable water is an infinitely greater problem, not aided by India being the most densely populated sub continent on the planet. Now extinction maniacs, do tell: if the Indians are choking to death, why is the population continuing to grow? And if all these CO2 storms and rising sea levels and burning rain forests happen because there’s far too many of us (as the depopulaters from Prince Charles to Bill Gates think) why not just say “bring it on” to Covid 19? Huh? Why spend trillions of dollars on vaccines against it that don’t vaccinate?

Lest anyone doubt that the Financial Times is full-on New World Order, remember that the above BBB bollocks is widely employed by the title, and its favourite ‘partnering’ nation is the Canada of Just Intrudeau, the man keen to inject foetuses with nano-debris and put masks on people depicted in oil paintings.

But as the extremist > pandemic > completely safe > action on climate story gets ever more incredible, censorious, contradictory and bare-faced, so at last the factuality, digging, logic and persistent 1in8 Internet Resistance is making a mockery of the main media fantasies.

Following on from the illustration of India’s success with Ivermectin (fully justifying everything Dr Pierre Kory said about it) I like this simple chart showing the peak deaths per million in those Nordic countries taking the Fauci-Biden-Hancock line of Lockdown, masks and vax, and the five smarter nations who ignored it as so much claptrap.

Now – hey presto! – just when the spooky dry ice mists began to clear, along comes a game changer – no more jabs, just pills….and this time (allegedly) none of the mNRA messenger nano-debris that more and more of us were beginning to see as a tad worrying. Yes, the new Covid-killers have arrived, and they’re not called vaccines. Nope: this time it’s The Invasion of the Antivirals.

Except, it looks like we’re not going to know anything about how these miracles suddenly occurred in three companies at once, or – yet again – what is in the pills, and how they work.

In short, Virusecrecy abides, the better to keep us in shock, awe and utter confusion.

‘The company says’ the trials were a huge success. ‘The company says’ the pills cut Covid deaths by 89%. ‘The company says’ they cut the trials short so as to get the elixir to The People. I’ve yet to read coverage that says anything except a regurgitation of – let’s face it – what you’d expect the companies to say. For the record, this is what Hologram Joe had to say:

Sounds to me like Ol’ Sleepy doesn’t know what they are either, and nobody’s bothered to brief him on the new strategy. Meanwhile, here’s another way of looking at it: the company doesn’t say that the vax scam has been rumbled, so we need a new Trojan horse; the company doesn’t say that this will now reduce the 0.042% of people supposedly dead per season to a world record near-zero emissions number of 0.0038%, and so why are governments going to pick up the tab for $700 worth of phooey?; the company doesn’t say that it’s rushing to market with yet another unidentified flying experiment because it wants to fleece the saps before the window finally closes.

There have been many unique unknowns in this saga of somnambulent citizenry, but the Virusecrecy (and the blanket freedom from prosecution) were – and remain – for me the two elements of this saga that are both alarming and were always going to interest investigative experts with a brain like Dr Peter Doshi.

The history of antidepressants offers a stark comparison. My own anti-depressant, in an almost homoaeopathic dose, has kept me stable for over twenty years. It’s an SSRI(n) 2nd generation Prozac (early versions I refused to take) including a tiny anxiolitic element in it with zero addictive qualities. ANYONE from a doctor to a duck egg can look it up and see what it is and how it works.

And yet somehow, we are not allowed to know (or at best, be given a categorical analysis) of how this, the ‘greatest scourge since the Black Death’ is being tackled…and if we do find that there was criminal intent in the use of mRNA formulations, the perpetrators will walk away scott-free.

Either way, the negative research on the medical wing of the Reset continues to spew out in all directions: The Jerusalem Post highlights new research by Israeli scientists to suggest that the mRNA drugs are far more likely to exacerbate the blood vessel damage that is common to some Covid 19 sufferers. Pan-nation European statistics in Scotland, Germany, England, Norway and Denmark now show conclusively that unexpected deaths in excess of Covid19 itself are occurring among those who were mRNA vaccinated. And research done among UK MPs shows a level of cancerous Big Pharma conflict in the British Parliament on a scale not seen since the South Sea scandal of 1720.

There is little more to be done except the broadest possible support for genuine Establishment defectors – and finding ways around ‘news’ and ‘social’ media. Recent Slogposts apply.