Out & about in the Funny Farm

Vaccines, media mendacity, sheepish electorates and the Ukraine crisis all meet in the misuse of Graphene.

Nar then, ‘ere’s a funny fing missus…this is a Maine News Center taster to your left. MNC is part of the Tegna Empire that owns 64 television stations in 51 local markets, reaching 39% of all television households nationwide in the US. Tegna (itself only formed in 2015) is heavily indebted….and therefore easy to persuade “to behave itself”: In September 2020, Tegna announced it had raised $550 million in debt financing, which would go to pay outstanding debt. The company said it would to use the net proceeds to repay the entire $350 million aggregate principal amount of its 4.875% senior notes due 2021 and $188 million aggregate principal amount of its 5.5% senior notes due 2024. It waved its ass in the air as an acquisition whore this year but none of the offers came to fruition. This smacks of due diligence accountants looking at the balance sheet and saying, er, “No”.

89.75% of Tegna’s shareholders are institutional. Usual supects Blackrock and Vanguard are heavily represented. The visual snippet you see above left is Maine asserting that the Covid vaccines don’t contain either graphene oxide or nanoparticle debris….but as previous blogs here have confirmed, that is a ridiculous lie.

But here’s the weirdo part: I have five search engines on my pc, and all of them say I do not have clearance to view a news item on that Maine public website owned by Tegna. This is a new level of insane control: ‘We reserve the right to publish bullshit and keep anyone who might question our veracity outside the tent’.

As I go about the mundane tasks of life, I continue to ask why all these fact checkers and fat controllers are so engrossed in the minutiae of obedience. Why do they bother, given it’s like going to southern Spain and taking a close interest in every last lemon.

This morning, I shopped at a Netto supermarket, and on deciding to check out, discovered a line stretching halfway to the back of the shop. A somewhat dilatory young man was in charge of the one line in action, while elsewhere in the store other staff strode about restocking shelves with an air of inestimable importance.

The customers looked at each other, at their watches, at their purchases, and occasionally rolled their eyes to the ceiling. So I asked the one till-bloke if he’d mind awfully using the loudhailer to request help. “I have no colleagues to call,” he muttered. So I dumped my shopping and walked out.

People simply do not want to vote with their feet. They don’t complain enough. The less you complain, the worse things get.

Meanwhile, back in the Big League the Ukraine’s cultural crisis is back in the news. You only had to skim across Western press titles today to understand where the drive on this one began – and the answer of course is NATO.

The Telegraph’ front page lead (left) was telling, in that it pulled the old trick whereby alarmism suddenly becomes “intelligence” – and fuzzy “satellite” pictures of indecipherable things become ‘tens of thousands of troops’ massing on the border. I’m sure the Russian troops are there, and they are there because Putin knows only too well that the Pentagon is keen to stir things up in the region. You have to ask yourself why Vlad the Lad (probably now the smartest geopolitical gamer on the planet) would be barmy enough to harbour ambitions of territorial expansionism that involve pissing off a nation whose weaponry outguns him on every conceivable level.

It’s been obvious ever since Con Coughlin started writing for the Telegraph that it has become NATO’s favourite dumping ground for risible propaganda. Clues in the article that appeared in its early editions ranged from the use of the terms “dictator”, “neo-Nazi” and so forth for all those taking the Russian view. There was also discussion about Merkel the Iron Lady, and her talk of “KGB lies” in relation to Putin during earlier crises…a discussion ignoring the long-established fact that Mutti was an enthusiastic Jugendfuhrerin in the Communist DDR who suddenly morphed herself into a Christian Democrat within weeks of German reunification.

The general tone of the piece was that the EU nations need to “prepare for shenanigens” from Rasputin the ghastly troublemaker.

As the day went on, this was hardened into Our Brave Lads fortifying Poland’s defences. Here we go again….Britain being dragged into yet more NATO Psy Ops.

I ask you to consider the following:

  1. Trump’s constant references to the EU paying more into NATO are about the only things he ever said that the media/Pentagon/State Dept/CIA gargoyles didn’t tell us were loopy-loo
  2. The things at stake in this confected bunfight are about Russian spheres of influence that predate both the Soviet Union and the United States
  3. It won’t have escaped your attention that Poland is the latest brave nation to take on the Brussels Sprouts. Now – conveniently – we see a cause celebre specifically constructed to make Polish public opinion fearful of Russian designs
  4. There’s nothing Sleepy Joe Biden would like more than to change the nature of the Ukrainian narrative for good. His son Hunter (the clue’s in the name) joined the board of the scandal-plagued Ukrainian natural gas company named Burisma. Hunter had zero qualifications other than Daddy being the US Vice President…and very heavily involved in the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. He received a salary of $50,000 per month for the job – a situation that – even in Washington – constituted the kind of conflict of interest termed “inappropriate”. (Bear in mind that, at the end of the day, a large part of the Russia > Ukraine > United States tangle over influence in the region is to do with energy pipelines)
  5. Bizarrely, we come back full circle from the start of this post to the surreal issue of this stuff called Graphene. I first blogged about it in the Eastern Ukraine context in this post from 2014. Its relation to Covid19 vaccines will be self evident if you follow the link. I then followed this up later in 2014 with this post reaffirming the strategic importance of energy in the Ukraine equation.

So there you are: as the Buddhists say, everything is connected. Is there a learning from this analysis going back over seven years? Yes – I think there is: dig deeper than the NBC/CNN/BBC/RT/NYT/WAPO/ over-simplistic view of the World.

In no way am I an apologist for Vladimir Putin – any more than I am for Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, Chris Whitty or any other twisted obsessional ego. But the days when we can trust the USA’s diplomatic output as a force for free-speech democracy are long gone.

“Geopolitics” is another term for “dysfunctional species”. Homo sapiens was designed for manageable, mutual communities: the last thing it needs is deranged Davos thinking as the way forward.

John Ward is a dangerous Soviet “sleeper” agent whose brain was washed by vile Stalinist experiments ten years before he was born. While still only a foetus in 1947, he conspired with Aneurin Bevan and others to surrender the British People to permanent imprisonment in the NHS Gulag. He later cynically switched sides and began a criminal blogging career suggesting that liberals are rarely liberal, black people are not all saints, Margaret Thatcher was a mad handbag, and the EU is a very bad thing indeed. He is currently under Covid19 house arrest.