Autoantibodies, Fauci the antimatter liar, Ivermectin the Saviour – & a way for those already vaccinated to avoid death

It’s not just that the Establishment Covid19 interpretation of what’s going on is unravelling; it’s how the insouciantly desperate mendacity is revealing the evil old whore under the make-up. Collating eclectic data from around the world, The Slog takes another stab at waking people up….while showing that, even for the doubled vaxxed, there is a still huge advantage in saying NO from here on.

One can observe categorically that medical researchers in Australia, India, France, the US, Germany and Japan are showing why the mRNA Covid “vaccines” tested by Oxford Recovery on dogs killed all the vaccinated animals. The detailed nature of deadly Cytokinic overreaction is closely allied to the study of how ‘autoantibodies’ develop. These little mothers are not always good news.

Antibodies are produced by our B cells in two ways: (i) randomly, and (ii) in response to a foreign protein or substance within the body. Initially, one B cell produces one specific kind of antibody. In either case, the B cell is allowed to proliferate or is killed off through a process called clonal deletion. Normally, the immune system is able to recognise and ignore the body’s own healthy proteins, cells, and tissues. But sometimes, the immune system ceases to recognise one or more of the body’s normal constituents as “self,” leading to production of pathological autoantibodies. When this happens, these psycho antibodies go into a frenzy of destruction.

The more the body is exposed to mRNA formulations, the more certain death becomes.

That certainty helps to explain the emerging narrative about “booster” shots of “vaccine”. This is Anthony Fauci of the US CDC from a live media interview five days ago:

“You know, I think we are going to need boosters. And I think very likely, when we look back on this, the proper complete regimen for good full protection will almost certainly be three shots – the first two that we’ve spoken about and a late third boost several months later.”

For the already vaxxed, that would make five jabs in all….and no doubt, a new strain would miraculously appear to justify a 6th and 7th top-up.

The growing consensus among vaccination researchers is that exposure to 5-8 of these mRNA jabs over a relatively brief period of time will – dependent on the underlying health of the individual – result in death.

In a bid to head off awkward questions about the efficacy of such drugs, Fauci then resorted to the current default lie:

“This is still an outbreak, a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And when you look at the percentage of cases, particularly those that wind up with severe consequences leading to hospitalization, it is overwhelmingly among the unvaccinated.

Dr Fauci really isn’t the sharpest card in the pack: his own CDC’s research focused on 469 cases among Massachusetts residents who attended indoor and outdoor public gatherings over a two week period. The results found that 346 of the cases were among vaccinated residents with 74% of them presenting with alleged Covid-19 symptoms, and 1.2% being hospitalised. However the remaining 123 cases were among the unvaccinated population with just 1 person being hospitalised (0.8%).

In turn, an Oxford University study examined 900 hospital staff members in Vietnam who had been vaccinated with the Oxford / AstraZeneca viral vector injection between March and April 2021. The entire hospital staff tested negative for the Covid-19 virus in mid May 2021. All 900 hospital staff were then retested for the Covid-19 virus and 52 additional cases were identified immediately, forcing the hospital into lockdown. Over the next two weeks, 16 additional cases were identified.

Peak viral loads among the fully vaccinated infected group were found to be 251 times higher than peak viral loads found among the staff in March – April 2020 before they were vaccinated.
Fauci was telling blatant lies in a live interview…and encouraging multiple boosters as a “solution”.

Meanwhile, a Tsunami of contra-official information data is pouring in from all corners of the world.

Some time ago, Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford wrote, “There was a clash between two schools of thought, authoritarian public health versus science—and science lost.”

But science is fighting back against corrupt public health’s research fanatics.

Nina Pierpont is a graduate of Yale University (BA in biology), with a MA and PhD from Princeton University in population biology/evolutionary biology/ecology, and the MD degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She writes:

‘Vaccines aim to achieve two ends:
a. To protect the vaccinated person against the illness.
b. To keep people from carrying the infection and transmitting it to others.
i. If enough people are vaccinated or otherwise become immune, it is hoped that
the disease will stop circulating. We call this herd immunity.
ii. On the way to herd immunity, there is an assumption that people who are
immunized can form safe clusters or groups within which no one is carrying or
transmitting the virus…..Excellent scientific research papers published or posted in August 2021 clearly demonstrate that current vaccines do not prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2…..[this is] especially true of the the new Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 (B.1.617.2), which now accounts for essentially all cases worldwide.’

A different but equally damning emphasis is presented by French Nobel prizewinner Luc Montagnier who, in April of 2020, defied the medical Wuhan cover-up drivel, presenting a powerful case for the virus having been created in a lab. Now, the MSM has changed its stance on the issue, while Channel4 in the UK ran David Malone’s documentary that concluded as Montagnier had.

The French professor alleges that “vaccines are helping to create variants, so mass vaccinations are a scientific error as well as a medical error…It is an unacceptable mistake”.
The prominent virologist explained that “there are antibodies, created by the vaccine,” forcing the virus to “find another solution” or die. I have argued this myself for over fifteen months, but from the evidence presented in the earlier part of this post, I would now edge nearer to the idea that the insistence on 100% vaccination is designed to ensure zero resistance based on zero opponents….the last thing it’s designed to innoculate against is Covid19.

Having said that, Montagnier is completely vindicated by the main deaths per million stats given out by Worldometer as follows:

The difference between the two countries focusing largely on Ivermectin (India and Turkey) on the one hand and the First World remains startling: Ivermectin is to Covid19 bullshit in 2021 what Iceland was to Bank collapse bullshit in 2008.
When, I wonder, are people going to learn?

Well, if you have woken up, here’s today’s bottom line: avoid so-called boosters at all costs.

“It’s far easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled”
Mark Twain