Oh wooden it be luvverlee….

Have you tried to move any money around lately? You think you own it, but you don’t: that’s the law. When you deposit money in a bank, you lend them the money: you become a creditor. It doesn’t say that in the glossy leaflets, but it’s a fact.

With most banks, you need special permission to send, transfer or withdraw more than £10,000 of it. They’ll charge you a fee for the privilege – and if you use another bank’s ATM, they’ll charge you from €5-50 fee.

Just to get your hands on your money….upon which – for the best part of twelve years now – they haven’t been giving you any interest.

So the bank gets your money free. In fact, it charges you for keeping your money safe – but when it screws up, there is no guarantee of safety at all. You will lose the lot if the bank goes under. State guarantees? Forget it: George Osborne said “no more bailouts, only bail-ins”: you’re on your own, Mr & Mrs Citizen.

This is, of course, the wrong way round. It is your money: you earned it via your own labour. You store your money in banks in return for which they pay you interest on it. That’s capitalism: if you can’t get a capital return on your money, then your system isn’t capitalist – its financialised monopoly globalism….otherwise known as stealing.

Your money is also taxed. It’s taxed when you earn something, buy something or sell something. It’s taxed when you drink, drive, smoke and die. The State then uses this money to protect you – from illness, crooks, murderers and foreign threats. You see, you’d never know it, but they work for us.

But when bombastic diplomacy results in war – or military cuts tempt invasion – you are the one expected to be patriotic, and do your solemn duty….which is to die gloriously. Even though you gave them all that money to protect you, and they failed. For a good 25-30% of the time, we work for them. This is the wrong way round. And elected officials don’t work for the man or woman on the Clapham Iphone….they work for all those people who can help them get reelected. So we work for them 28% of the time, and they work for us 0% of the time, because they’re too busy working for high tech, banking, the media, the gigarich and the security services. We’d like (given they “work for us”) to keep them under surveillance and check they’re doing the job, but in reality they hide* naughty stuff from us and keep us under surveillance.

*Pharmcos have the right to keep their formulations secret, and new FDA rules this week slapped a 90-year sealing order on ALL details of how Covid vaccine research was conducted.

Part of the tax monies we pay them go towards a civil police force and border controllers to vett visitors from abroad and hunt down crooks. But the police spend their time now ensuring we obey everything the State says, and the border customs welcome illegal migrants in their thousands on a daily basis. Citizens who complain are ignored or censored.

All of it – almost every last scintilla – is the diametric opposite of the way the system is supposed to work. It is Round Way Wrong.

When the State is lying (which is most of the time) its general approach is to put all the elements into a powerful, ultra-hot washing machine program, such that – inevitably – all the clothing comes out smaller, lighter in colour, but mainly inside out. This enables them to position the garments as the New Normal, in that everything about them has changed irreversibly.

“Observe this shirt,” they say, “its bright red represented the Labour Party….but in the New Normal, it is pink and a lot smaller because the Party is now obsessed with sexuality inversions and transfers from one sex to another…for as we now know of course, everyone is really lesbian, gay, bisexual, or trannying from one to another”.

“Behold this face-mask!” they yell, “see how changing it from green to light blue by pulling it inside out makes it really good at catching nano-droplets of Covid19 that can leap two metres and thus makes it an essential element against viruses, even though the viral droplets are forty times smaller than the breathing holes in the mask”.

“Look how blank and empty this virology text book is after its special wash,” says the Health bureaucrat, “thus enabling us to make a fresh start on what the New Normal rules of epidemiology are, viz, the inventiveness of our heroic researchers (SFX: wild applause at Wimbledon) has solved in eight months what others could not do in the previous 3,500 years, so everything is now possible and you must take the vaccinations that no longer have to be vaccines, as such, open sesame”.

“Every last garment is inside out!” bellows Nurse Jabberwokky, “this previously immune fillet of human skin is now washed of all sin and must be given seven boosters even though it’s dead – for in the New Normal, natural immunity doesn’t count and we won’t be safe until every last unvaxxed citizen has been washed to death inside this machine for the good of everyone else’s liberty rather than their own which I mean is just so selfish.

“And finally,” says FDA Matron Hilton Killery, “this previously blue teeshirt with the legend ‘Liberty Bell for Me’ has been thoroughly scorched a Nazi shade of brown, although the lettering colours have run slightly and now read ‘Liberty Hell for You'”.

For more details on how Impfsung macht nicht Frei, see yesterday’s Slogpost here

Empirical history has to go from positive to negative, otherwise nothing makes sense. Only when you’re Outside In can science be blown out.

During the many years spent preparing the Great Reset, it was essential to very gradually turn everything Upside Down from reality. This new aperture of cognition had to be maintained and reinforced, and so everywhere now – in movies, on the TV, over the internet and on the radio – you can enjoy listening to people talking absolute cobblers without any of them being sectioned.

The first thing to do was to turn marketing on its head by bringing to an end the outrageously silly idea of The Sovereign Consumer. In the more naive days of yore, people like me went out among the public God bless ’em and asked them what features a given product field might lack in terms of performance satisfaction: did they want suntans that lasted longer, hair gel that made male heads look like cartoons out of The Beano comic, vaginal deodorants, stronger beer, disposable socks, wine boxes and so forth.

The rise and rise of the bourse accountant soon put a stop to all that: everyone would have the same size, formulation and usp, because that saved money, made global shipping and regional production easier, and brought the shareholders bigger dividends. Today, the vast majority of product launches and line extensions are launched because they can be made: the consumer’s feelings don’t come into it that much.

Very few people really want overspecced smartphones or zero-contact smart cards. They won’t be asked about digital money, but they will be getting it. Nobody was asked about Kindle books, “green” foods, stronger wine, electric cars, diesel fuel. They just seeped into contemporary life to sell must-have novelty and unconscious self-surveillance. No research was done before launching social media (to collect data), smart cards (to reduce tax evasion) and so forth.

The consumer is no longer sovereign. Most things we consume these days were designed by nerds who put “how to make a phone call” on page 113 of the mobile’s user manual. Almost everything is top-down: if you will, command economy by stealth. For thirty years now, we have been told what to want.

This at least partly explains why illogical and contradictory “explanations” are so readily accepted.

From the outset of the European Project in the 1950s, the idea was that only the architects of such a glorious objective – a fourth global power alongside the US, USSR and PRC – knew exactly how the plan would scope out over time: so it went without saying that there couldn’t be too much democracy getting in the way, otherwise the People would vote for “mistaken policies”.

The New Europe they envisaged, in fact, was disturbingly close to Hitler’s New Order – and so once the Parlement for The Six was set up, the Commissioners (in reality, Kommisars) already had the whip hand on policy direction…and were not elected.

Once again, the structure was Top Down….in democratic terms, Upside Down. In its entire history (it will be 70 years old next year) the MEPs elected to this talking shop have never rejected a single policy direction asserted by the Commission. The day-to-day reality of the EU for over a decade now has been that if the French and German leaders aren’t ‘up for it’, it doesn’t happen. Those two people are, at present a former DDR Jugendfuhrerin and a former Enarc Banker respectively. So don’t be concerned – there’s absolutely nothing to worry about and our liberties are perfectly safe.

After the rapid development of mass media following the 1832 Reform Act in the UK, the model of a so-called ‘Fourth Estate’ of professional scriveners replaced the occasional pamphleteers of the eighteenth century. There were, of course, always some media who invariably supported the Establishment….but after two further extensions of the voting franchise in 1867 and 1884, the press media in both Britain, the US and most of Western Europe became primarily investigative on behalf of an increasingly literate electorate.

With the development of radio and television (outside of the war years) this arrangement pertained throughout the Twentieth Century – so much so, in fact, that elected members of Western legislators attended intense “media training” courses, ostensibly designed to stop politicians from making fools of themselves when faced with elegant and cunning interviewers like Ed Murrow, David Frost, Robin Day and Jeremy Paxman. In reality, the courses taught the political class how to appear to make promises without actually doing so.

This inevitably ended with Saatchi & Saatchi ‘remodelling’ Margaret Thatcher under the guidance of Tim Bell, and Labour’s adman Phil Gould designing a map for those journalists who were “off message”. After both 1979 and 1997, the pernicious practice of excluding ‘enemy’ hacks gained ground – as it did in the US under Bush Sr, Clinton, Dubbya and Obama.

But as media concentration (and bourse quotation) gained ground – with politicians taking every opportunity to bully quasi-State media – the New Normal Upside Down has gradually matured. Since then, we’ve seen the WOMD lie, the 2008 liquidity dissembling, the post 2010 Greek “crisis”, Brexit myths and Covid19 fascism. It’s been the inevitable taming of the media.

Here too, in the 2019-2021 period, we have witnessed the unedifying tableau of opportunistic owners, editors and lesser whores working for the Unelected State against the People – because Big Finance uses shareholding influence to invert the natural socially anthropological order whereby the Alphas can only rule if they have the genuine support of Beta thinkers and Gamma artisans.

Liberty thrives on a brave and independent media set. Turn that communication type upside down, and the contrarian view is the first thing that falls out of the sack. The Nazis burned books; the NWOs burn Internet Resistors at the stake – see Julian Assange, Ed Snowden and Scotland’s Craig Murray.

For those of you who aren’t fluently dyslexic, this part is about Back to Front. Or put another way, it’s about what you get when The People have let the powerful make new rules, unelected gargoyles ignore the old rules, and psychos invert all the rules. By this time, the megalomaniacs have often given up even trying to make tyranny look like something “caring”….but they often have excellent rationales as to why unpleasantness is a duty and a necessity.

When this happens, the theorists who always put false certainty before the citizen’s innate wisdom – and dismiss all practicality in favour of the means justifying the ends. Berthold Brecht and his ‘good lies’ personify what I’m on about.

I suppose the classic analogy could be updated to suggest not that the constipated catechists desire to run before they can walk, but rather that they aspire to be Time Lords before they know the first thing about how to push their way out of a birth canal.

The best example I can offer is the development of the euro as a single currency for 27 different economies and cultures.

The single currency project was announced in the mid 1990s, and got off the ground formally in 2001. Only large global (mainly American) businesses wanted it really – plus the woodentops in Brussels who saw it as making federalisation irreversible, and the Leftlibs who claim to love diversity, but actually love standardisation and Big State far more. Sensible, grounded EU members like the UK, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Sweden wanted no part of the euro; others (like Greece and Italy) clamoured – and cheated – to get in. The project was, overall, the product of vanity, deals, bribery, prestige and force.

Two prominent Enarc Frenchmen opted to make themselves unpopular by writing a critique pointing out that a rich north and poorer south would inevitably lead to problems. One – Pierre Muscovici – became French finance minister, and the man who broke every promise he ever made to Greece. The other was Francois Hollande who succeeded Sarkozy, and turned out to be the most reviled President in the history of the Fifth Republic.

Twenty years on, the euro is still with us. It stumbles from crisis to crisis, although Hedge fund vultures love the fiscal mess – from which they can extract profit by buying junk sovereign bonds and then demanding to be bailed out. Inter-member lending that allowed Greece to hide its severe borrowing problems came within a whisker of collapsing at least four major French and German banks. Since the euro’s inception, France has never achieved the required income/borrowing equation demanded by the ECB. Italy’s debt is now unrepayable, and only the parachuting of Mario Draghi into the Italian premiership (plus some judicious interbank money swapping) has kept the country alive.

It was indeed utterly back-to-front to launch a single currency into such a diversity of 27 economies. Last time around – in relation to the Covid recovery fund in 2020 – it took 16 hours of video conferencing for the finance ministers of the euro zone to find out that once again, they couldn’t agree. The Cirque de Cercles continues….overshadowed for the moment by pandemania.

The onset of Covidophobia itself proved to be the greatest example of Back to Front thinking since the Charge of the Light Brigade – except it had little or nothing to do with vainglorious incompetence. As with the euro, it was a case of bad guys in a hurry; it just lacked even Brechtian “principles” about good women in Szechuan that led some european idealists to try and make future wars impossible.

The arrival of a ‘deadly pandemic’ in February 2020 persuaded UK Health Minister Matt Hancock to give Big Pharma a blank cheque to develop a vaccine and legal carte blanche to kill as many innocent people on the way as they deemed necessary. In this regard (plus plans for a whole network of emergency-cleared hospitals) Hancock blew a staggering £18 billion on protective equipment, £19 billion on infection tests, £28 billion on track and trace, £30 billion on vaccine development, £76 billion on vaccine contracts (and rising), and £23 billion on ‘pop-up’ hospitals. This came to far more than an entire year’s budget on the NHS it was supposed to be protecting; but the sheer Page 1 Back to Front syndrome has to be seen to be believed.

The pop-ups were never used, because they were established before there was any staff to man them. The clearing element saw infected patients shoved into car homes before they had palliative drugs or staff protection equipment (PPE). The infection tests were bought before any analysis of efficacy had been undertaken (they were and are useless). Track and trace was undertaken before damage to the economy could be assessed (the ping & go home “idea” caused distribution chaos). The PPE masks were sourced before anyone thought to ask if they offered the right level of protection (they don’t). And the eventual lockdown decision was demanded by Chris Whitty and Hancock before any calculation at all had been attempted regarding lost UK gdp.

This last factoid is mind-blowing: from April and June 200, UK GDP collapsed by 20.4% – the worst three-month fall ever recorded according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as almost every industry was crushed by the response to the pandemic. To be clearer about insult and injury here, a virus that had culled 0.0064% of the global population (with virtually no additional deaths and 87% of victims over 75 years old) resulted in two blindingly obvious outcomes: first, other far more life-threatening conditions were neglected….with totally additional deaths on a scale that has yet to be assessed; and economic losses plus an increased borrowing requirement that add up to around £450 billion – or three further NHS budgets.

So far, the United Kingdom has spent THREE MILLION POUNDS per victim during the Covid crisis. Sorry people, but – brutal as this may sound – that is laughable: not as the “valuation” of a human life, but rather, as a damning indictment of Back to Front ‘thinking’.

Consider: the officials faced with Covid19 could’ve decided the following:

  • Influenza-style viruses up to and including the common cold have never been stopped or eradicated by a vaccine. So why try and do Mission Impossible in 8 months flat?
  • Two infection management drugs do however exist – Ivermectin and HCQ/zinc cocktail – known to be entirely stable, risk-free, and able to cut death rates by 85-90%.
  • So let’s tackle the ‘deadly’ part of the equation right now by wiping out 9 in 10 deaths.
  • That will give the Pharmcos lots of time to develop a vaccine and lots of time to test them – as opposed to rushing into the unknown waters of mRNA manipulation/messaging at great expense just to avoid the deaths of 0.00007% of humans with no economic role and 78 years of fulfilling life already on the clock.

Back to Front again: virus > > vaccine >> management……instead of virus > > management >> vaccine.

In truth, no Pharmco with anything between its corporate ears would be remotely interested in developing a vaccine to save 5,460 Earthly Homo sapiens per annum. Yes, I know it sounds harsh, but it is reality. Cigarettes kill seven million people every year, and the product isn’t even banned.

To sum up: when there is an ideological goal and you’re spending other people’s money, Back to Front thinking isn’t common…’s absolutely essential. And we are – all of us among the 1in8 – absolutely right to be highly suspicious of exactly what the “goal” really is. For myself, I am very clear that our “leaders” expect to be in clover, and to do that would happily see us all in a lime pit.

There are two reasons why I wrote this piece. First, to reiterate with examples just how far our species has now wandered from the “natural” scientifically empirical approach to tackling problems. We go the wrong way round the block to the shop next door; while doing this, we wear our clothes inside out and bounce along upside-down on our heads, prior to returning home the right way up via the long way round by walking backwards. Second, I wrote it to point out that the people advising us to behave in this manner are not stupid at all; and equally, they are not working in the interests of anyone except their tiny clique. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday, even if you may not have enjoyed this part.