Some parts of the world have already gone temporarily mad, and the Resistance to that is hopelessly optimistic and divided. The Slog explains why flailing around in the swamp is not the way

I wonder if you’ve ever been in a cinema when some mafia enforcer/serial killer/America saves the World/ WW2 gratuitous killing spree movie is showing, and a profoundly unpleasant sequence of explicit cruelty is being lovingly examined in ECU by a director badly in need of psychiatric help.

Look around at your fellow humans, and you will see that most of them are looking at their shoes, the ceiling, their fingernails and in fact anywhere but at the screen. There’s a very simple reason for this: the great majority of us abhor violence, and are repelled by sadism.

Over half a century ago, the great documentary writer John Pearson wrote a book about the rise and fall of the Kray Brothers – a pair of East End gangster twins whose power fascinated London’s Establishment chattering classes between 1960 and 1965. It is part of the genius of Pearson’s command of English that he called his book The Profession of Violence – that is, they were professional villains, but their reputation was such that all they had to do was threaten violence in order to have their way.

This may seem to you like a random beginning to a post about Earthly life in 2021. The rest of it will be an increasingly despairing attempt to explain why 7/8ths of First & Second World citizens are emotionally unable to grasp the depravity of which a few of our species are capable. Suffice to say here at the outset, they are looking away from the cinematic depiction while applying glass eyes to the telescope trained on reality.

The one-word we tend to use for this condition is denial. But I’m beginning to wonder whether this lets the 7/8ths off the hook too easily.

I ask that question because many of the compliant are little more than intelligent smuggies who cannot easily suggest – following a first class education – that they’re ignorant of the acute and increasingly overt threat to our liberties as the “vaccinate everything including the chicken in the fridge” begins to roll out across Europe.

Yesterday, a close Austrian friend explained the detail of what ‘mandatory vaccination’ will mean in her country. Do bear in mind that they are doing this in the context of these “vaccine” imposters being mixed and matched, having been developed under wartime conditions of extreme secrecy, with a flurry now of otherwise inexplicable deaths among the young, and with governments everywhere advancing increasingly infantile rationales. Rationales, in fact, for what is clearly a case of ignoring perfectly adequate management drugs while hyping the danger of a 99.86% non-fatal virus.

Every unvaccinated Austrian will be sent a letter instructing them to attend an appointment for vaccination. The penalty for not responding positively will be €3,600, at which point they will receive another letter, and if that too is ignored, another €3,600 fine will be exacted. Those already double-jabbed will receive letters ordering them to get the booster, and the fine for non-compliance will be €1,400.

So for the unvaxxed, it will cost almost €30,000 per annum to refuse to comply with a totally unnecessary demand to become a guinea pig for experimental gene manipulation to render them “safe” from a Coronavirus that – with the use of Ivermectin and zero vaccine – kills under 3 victims per thousand….most of whom were over 75 years old and/or had other pathogens.

This is beyond insane: it is incredible in every sense of the word. But it seems like we the 1in8 are the conspiracy theorists.

To the term ‘mandatory’ we should add phrases like ‘protection racket’, ‘demanding money with menaces, and ‘continuous mendacity about freedom which somehow never arrives’.

So: tyranny has finally started to walk. What will people do when it starts to run, gets a gun, lassos people, drags them to a prison camp, and sequesters all their property?

Sadly, I’ve reached the point of saying “what they’re told”. And the primary reasons I contend that is largely to do with comfortable citizen apathy on the one hand…alongside the reality of a Rule of Law, Judiciary, cops, MPs, celebrities, media and medics mostly supporting the totalitarians with a viguour that is repulsive for us.

This has been a long time in the distillation. I’ve watched as WOMD, banker excuses, female pension embezzlement, Brexit betrayal and now Covid claptrap have tried to interfere with our rights and our democratic decisions. I’ve seen the US voter suffer the most blatantly rigged election in history and get away with it. I’ve seen an entire media set assault a flawed but well-meaning President with scorn, vitriol and smeared excrement. But as Al Jolson said, “Yer ain’t seen nuttin’ yet”.

This is what passes for journalism at the Telegraph right now. 3 or 4 hacks are trying to question the agenda, but they’re outshouted by the rest of the dross. I’m not sure what to do with this one, the gist of which is to suggest that, somehow, JP Morgan’s values are preferable to the PRC politburo’s. On the whole, I’d suggest it’s not much of a choice: on a par with ‘Feeding Christians to lions will outlast Emperor Caligula says Lion’ perhaps, or ‘Cannibalism more nourishing than Veganism says Idi Amin’. It sort of makes you want to ask, “What else yer got?’

Well, to cheer us up, how about telling us that the Prime Minister still has a grip? I mean, it’s better than him losing his grip, but what is it he still has a grip on – his willy? Carrie’s clothing allowance? The economy?

But his MPs are alleged to think he has lost not just his grip, but also the plot: letters of no confidence have been submitted claim some Tories. The trouble with Tory backbenchers in this Parliament is that having no confidence in BoJo doesn’t mean not voting for him, as such: every week we are told to expect a rebellion, and every week it gets about as far as giving him a rap over the knuckles with a daffodil.

“We’re all terribly fed up of Boris not having any confidence tricks left,” said the Member for Spitting Swampdouche, Peregrine Foulwinde-Uhuru, by way of explanation.

Meanwhile, across the Pond, Anthony Fauci is trying to make things clearer by being very clear about the lack of clarity in relation to the need for boosters, which is not yet official in the US:

He told the ABC network that everyone should get a booster although that would depend on other stuff, but those with two shots are seen as fully vaccinated. Speaking for myself on this one, were I to be told I was completely vaccinated after two jabs, what would a third jab make me – repletely vaccinated? Would I be the opposite of an olive oil that’s extra virgin – as in, super-poked? Toxic Tony didn’t have an answer to that one because nobody asked him, but he did admit that immunity can wane. (Being zero-jabbed, I don’t need to think about it)

So that’s alright then. But, um, how do we know if it’s waning? Suppose it’s waxing, like a natural immunisation would? Well, the answer is it’s not doing either – because it’s not a vaccine at all. As a post here last week made indelibly clear, despite very high vax rates in Austria and Greece, cases there are now 8 and 10 times higher than they were this time last year. Put another way, it doesn’t stop spread; in fact, it seems to positively stimulate it. Or put a third way, these cases are caused by cytokinic over-reaction to some other bug. I have to say, that’s where my money’s at, Man.

It’s all very well to have some fun at the expense of these self-contradictory boneheads, but there’s no way an increasingly censored internet can compete with media combines that give credence and respect to the bankers, griping greens, political hobgoblins and corrupt health bureaucrats out there selling tartan paint on behalf of the Davos Dodos by sellink uns happiness bazed on ze wonderschon Koncept of having nussink, Sieg heil und Gott strafe England.

A British senior army officer I once met in Belfast said to me many years ago, “If you’re battling in a swamp with a hidden army being bankrolled by global evildoers, retreat out of the swamp to high ground….and then, as they crawl out, pick them off one by one”.

As a young and idealistic man at the time, I was appalled by the brutality of his strategy. Two months later, the IRA began a series of London Tube bombings. The SAS picked them off one by one, and buried them in shallow graves around County Antrim, giving the IRA detailed location maps of who was where. The Tube bombings stopped abruptly.

I sense now that the vaccination campaign will eventually lead to violence in the EU and the US. As for Britain, tragically, I’m no longer sure. But that in turn will lead to repression and all naysayers switched off….in one form or another. I’m a pacifist with no desire to die pointlessly in a swamp. The time has come to retreat, regroup and recruit in another place….until such time as the swamp dwellers can be revealed – one by one – for what they are. The rest will then return to their rightful dwelling places under cold, slimey stones.

OK yes, this is Dunkirk with no USA to rescue us. It’s a big defeat. And yet, it’s a victory for the survival instinct. I refuse to become an Anschluss Jew in 1936 Vienna.

As for the fight, I am going elsewhere. But I’m not going away.