It seems to me more and more, as events overtake the 1in8, that marches, demonstrations and petitions are getting us us nowhere…..and that the task we face is to make the jokers behind this Great Reset rolling avalanche of lies scared at best and discomfited at least. So what follows may seem at first like a news round-up: but actually, it’s a plea to focus on investigation of the guilty as the best route to final justice and accountability. Any and every blogger will tell you that sound yet dramatic investigative journalism is what internet surfers crave. This post suggests that a focus on blatant lies from those currently seen as authoritative will, with persistence, show them to be nothing more than authoritarian stooges.

The end of the ‘three jabs and you’re free’ myth

Well jess looky-here at what I’ve found this morning at Bloomberg. What’s more, the European Bunion plans to prioritise vaccinated travellers. Some of you may have already seen the latest Slogpost explaining the cost in liberty and muunnnneeeee for those Austrians unwilling to jump at the ‘3 jabs and you’re out’ Special Offer. Or the confusing poisoned porg Fauci insisting two equals the same as three until he decides otherwise….”it’s all a question of fingers, Winston”.

Anyway, now you finally get a peek into the reality of “All of you will have nothing and be happy” as pronounced by Santa Klaus von Davos. He mispoke a little: the poor old slaphead meant to say, “All of you will be dead und we shall be happy because we have everything”. Be fair – it’s an easy mistake to make.

Let’s just write that in bold one more time for luck: don’t ever think about travelling in the EU in the New World Order unless you are good boys and girls and get a vaccine once a year that won’t stop the spread or, in two thirds of cases, immunise you from anything….when The Thing is a limp virus that kills just 0.36% of almost entirely old people – and only 1 in a million aged under 12.

And almost every last bit of this alchemic tosh has employed water-tight virusecrecy since the start….

COVID VACCINATION: as the news gets worse, the hand of censorship gets heavier

One area where the site UK Column has always been on the ball is in knowing the law and the stats in relation to vax. Quite rightly, they argue that these soi-disant ‘vaccinations’ are still in use even though they have only emergency-use approval. (If you think that jabbing infants is a viable emergency, I suggest you up your meds or check into The Priory)

The Column also offers regular (and thorough) analysis of the ‘adverse effects’ recorded under the Yellow Card Scheme, although it is widely recognised that the scheme is not proactively followed up, and almost certainly understates the problem. This is their latest graphic from 11th November end data:

For an emergency-use drug to be producing such results and still be on the market is an obscene farce. If I might just briefly add something here, however, while it’s clear that Astrazeneca is the worst culprit by some way, this also ties into (and tends to confirm) the validity of one Westminster whitle-blower recorded here from two weeks ago, who pointed out that Health Secretary Rabid Jabber has been quietly switching government purchases from the AZ product to Pfizer…which has so far killed “only” 611 people. ‘Good call’ you might think….except that the latest US data on Pfizer shows its efficacy to have dropped to a calamitous 34.1%.

These numbers spell out what a deadly failure these mRNA experiments are. The reaction of Google, Brave, Opera and Bing searchers has been to blank the entire body of evidence. The reaction of default attack-dog Reuters has been to raise pedantic points of definition, as if these might somehow overrule one simple fact recorded across the globe: these drugs are officially the most potentially dangerous “vaccines” in medical history.

FOCUS: calling the liars to account

Anyway, given that the mRNA jabs can now be revealed for the dodgy, pointlessly expensive bung-proffering, half-baked, fraudulent crap they really are, the Angels of Death have a tricky selling job on their hands.

More fear is clearly needed, and this has appeared bang on cue in the shape of a ‘super-variant’ (we spit on common or garden variants) of which there are 32 mutations grouped together under five numbers that may be the most dangerous yet. Or not.

Clearly, we’re doomed.

Please excuse my rampant sarcasm. Let’s not be picky, but the “authorities” did say ‘two’s enough, maybe three’, they did say the drugs would only be for the vulnerable, Chris Whitty did say masks were an important defence against Covid 19, Kate Bingham did say that nobody under 45 would need to take the drugs, Matt Halfcock did say the drugs were completely safe, and Doris Jobsdone did say the fine British Astrazeneca product was the best….and yet all of it turned out to be the Fibfest of all time.

Last year Macron did say there would be no more lockdowns – he did so, the little scamp….since when we’ve had one more, and we seemed likely soon to have another….until yesterday.

Unlike the others, the mercurial Manny will face an election in the Spring. The Slog is on the record several times as saying that Macron won’t do anything silly before the April election; his announcement yesterday that he chooses boosters rather than a lockdown confirms that assessment as good to go. Worryingly, however, the boosters are demonstrating at best falling efficacy, often zero effect, and at worst more vaccine fatalities.

The French President is nothing if not cunning: if “cases” haha rise, then after the election he can move to lockdown; and he will, of course, be economical with the verité about what a “case” is. In the meantime, he is settling for the classic electoral tactic of Rosbif-bashing….which never fails.

But never say never: for the dark horse Monsieur Eric Zemmour is galloping faster with every week. It’s fair to say now that he is the only politician in France who not only opposes centrist pc, but has a real chance of winning the two-stage Presidential election format. He doesn’t have the baggage of Marine LePen, and cannot be dismissed as some gallic racist ‘wasp’ – first because he is a respected media commentator, and secondly because he is a Jew.

These strengths are reflected in his amazing poll performance thus far:

I’ve cropped this chart from the point of Zemmour’s entry into the fray up to two days ago. Apologies if this looks like the Battle of Waterloo at halftime, but there are a lot of candidates; the brown arrows are the ones to follow, for they show the Z-man overtaking Le Pen (although it’s still very close) and gaining ground on Macron. If the trend continues, our Eric will come second in the first round….but gain good conversion from Le Pen supporters in Round Two. It’s this element that has been lacking in the past.

OK, back to the start for a summation. Here’s the underlying thought behind today’s piece: it may well be that the canaries acting as messengers for the Fat Cats can easily be replaced by others who are just as sociopathically greedy. But if justice meted out to canaries means their destruction, canaries will sing to keep their freedom, and the cats will be forced to retreat.

What I’m arguing for is a People’s Activist Campaign for Truth. A PACT. A pact that binds open minded individuals behind a focus on named accountability.

I’ll drink to that. How about you?