As always there is good news, and bad news. The Telegraph commissioned two focus groups in the North West earlier this week, and the good news is that the two “ations” – inflation and immigration – are already biting as serious issues where the Establishment simply isn’t paying attention. As I predicted long ago in these columns, push will only come to shove on the virus/vaccine caper when new lockdowns, social restrictions, economic essentials and endless annual boosters mean people simply can’t live. We may be getting close to that point

Last Friday, Brits witnessed this ridiculous headline from the Daily Mail:

It was a tissue of alarmist lies from end to end. South African doctors on the spot have since said, “the variant’s symptoms are unusual but very mild”. Even Chris Witless has said he “doubts if it is likely to change the situation much”. But the Mail ploughed on with ‘super-spreader mutant killer suddenly emerges’, another claim without any validity: it hasn’t suddenly emerged, it was first seen in the summer, it isn’t a super-spreader, and the number of mutations isn’t remotely relevant to mortality.

Today on the basis of two cases Boris Johnson brought mandatory masks back into shops…masks that are completely unsuitable for containing any Coronavirus, be it omicron or omnivorous. For Femi, however, this was not enough:

The trouble with Love Me Oluwole is that he’s in the way.

Staying on Twitter, a one-time hero of mine – the legendary pub folk singer and comic Mike Harding – very sadly demonstrated this morning that even a chap as sharp as him in his youth has fallen for the deadly diabolical drivel about a pandemic of pustules, vitriolic variants and a masturbation of mutations. Even more sad was his unwise choice of Neil Oliver as a target, and the sheer, content-free nastiness of his gratuitous attack – which demonstrated only his ignorance of the subject and, quite possibly, encroaching dementia:

So this short intro tells you that MSM writing still shows the odd glimmer of reality (the Express also yesterday showed some bad poll results for the Conservatives) but bollocks still predominate. Partly, it’s “on-message” fascism from a sold-out media set; but equally, it’s also about (as per Harding) woolly thinking and rank ignorance. Matt Ridley in today’s Sunday Telegraph:

‘the virus has evolved to be ever more infectious. Alpha spread twice as fast as the original Wuhan strain; delta twice as fast as alpha, and omicron looks like it may have doubled that speed again….’

Very on-message, but at the same time, missing the point: the faster this virus spreads, the more it mutates and the less deadly it becomes. This is nothing more than 20% epidemiology, and 80% virology science as understood for decades. Covid19 mutates when under attack: when managed, it’s death rate is almost zero. But then, that was never the idea. I don’t really want to have a go at Matt because I did, early in my second career, have a good relationship with him while he was at The Week. And at other points in the piece, he really nails it:

Here we go again, fighting the last war….the latest set of government measures to stop the spread of the new omicron variant are about as likely to succeed as the Maginot line was to stop General Guderian’s tanks....lockdowns slowed the spread but at severe psychological, economic and human cost, and worryingly, one of those costs may have been to prevent the virus evolving to be milder.

And yet, and yet….Oscar Wilde referred to the love that dare not speak its name; Covid is the lie that the MSM dare not speak about at all. Nobody, it seems, is prepared to lift and separate the scam from the medical science.

It’s clear that the CDC under Fauci cooperated on many levels with the PRC over Wuhan virus development. It’s also becoming clearer that the “gain of function” (another psychotic euphemism) excuse is wearing thin, and Little Tony has roughly 719 versions of his role in it. One way or another, the virus escaped, and the rest is history that shall remain mystery, so help Them God.

But if we had merely used management drugs like Ivermectin and HQ/Zinc, Covid the Incredible Wonderwank would be a fading memory by now. Instead, the NWO alliance chose to rubbish such solutions (with the help of science-smashing Krystallnacht Sturm Abteilung ambitious medical lowlife).

So ask yourselves conspiracy fact deniers – why did they do that? Why did they claim in the UK that they’d protected the elderly, when it is now a matter of record that Hancock did the opposite? Why did they take a non-Covid POC/Hispanic dominated US hospital and flood it with Covid infected patients? Why do mainstream media lie day after day about “a plague of the unvaccinated”?

I choose this example of the down is up and Tuesday is the previous Monday syndrome at random from a range of unfunded researchers who concluded as follows:

‘“the vaccinated population accounted for 72% of Covid-19 hospitalisations”; “the vaccinated population accounted for 83% of Covid-19 deaths”

This is how the website rebutted that claim:

Lack of context: The claims did not mention that vaccinated people have a lower risk of hospitalization and death due to COVID-19. While vaccinated people do account for most hospitalizations and deaths in the U.K., this is because there are many more vaccinated people than unvaccinated.’

Just deal with the twisted Soviet nonsense poetry of that defence. It runs like this: “Because there are more vaccinated people in the UK, there will be a higher level of cases and deaths among the vaccinated”.

It just isn’t right, is it? An ill-educated yardbrush would immediately spot that the level of bad outcomes ought to be lower in the vaccinated. And if not, why did we vaccinate them with vaccines that very obviously didn’t work?

What follows from that? Well, how about an advertising headline that promises, ‘SPECIAL OFFER: GET ANOTHER JAB, KEEL OVER WHILE FEELING ABSOLUTELY SAFE’.

Let’s face it – it’s a winner, it’s got it all: liberty, mercy, and the compassionate offer of death without anxiety: who could ask for more from the cradle-to-grave caring Welfare State?

So I’ll tell you where I come out as the shadows of this early Winter Sunday lengthen to the point of near-invisibility: I don’t think the reason of left-brain statistical reality or the emotional satisfaction of demos are ever going to cut the Establishment rough diamonds of constipated Alchemic bullshit.

Hard reality is what will hang them high. Inflation, the poor benefit of increased Green costs, higher taxes to recoup insane anti-virus spending and rising interest rates will ensure the economic consumption will fall and unemployment will rise.

If the self-appointed Masters of Planetary Hegemony think that they can pull off a worldwide banking bail-in in that context, then yes…they really are as mad as we of the 1in8 suggest.

So yet another job for us all going forward it to keep pointing out what’s coming down the road. But an equally important tactic is to get the Reds, Greens, Blacks and Pinks in the bonkers alliance squabbling with each other.

Stay tuned.