“You vill have nuzzink und be scared sheetless”

– Fact Checkers Say

Christmas is nearly here, and to the left we see French tabloid La Dépêche leading with a special feature yesterday about tree decorations, and the art of giving the good old Tannenbaum a look that is, at one and the same time, both festive and contemporary. “When our Lord came into the world, he was but a frightened, bedwetting baby just like all of you,” leading pro-mRNA Priest Ange-Xavier Mensonge told his flock later in the day, “and so at this holy time of year it is appropriate that all little children should come unto the Jabberwocky Angels of death and their eternal needles, for ever and ever, amen”.

Dépêche tells us of the global fear about Omicron (created by their colleagues in the media) and then asks, is it more contagious (than what?) more dangerous (no), a problem for the vaccines (yes) and bad news for the poor countries (no, especially if they’re called India and use Ivermectin).

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a journalist: Scoop Ward, scion of the powerful. Now I think – once dementia really gets a grip – I want to be either an expert or a fact-checker. Microsoft news, Reuters and Bloomberg regard the use of these people as absolutely vital, as they remove any need whatsoever for the hacks to research stuff, stay sober, think, stay sober, prove what they print, or indeed stay sober. All you need do is write a dozen words of rebuttal prefixed by experts say, and followed by fact checkers say. Or vice-versa….and very rarely, ‘regulators’ who also, as it were, say.

So to your right, for example, we see there is no evidence – none whatsoever, zero, zilch, nothing – to suggest that reported (bit more doubt in there) incidents of athletes collapsing are related to covid vaccines…regulators and fact checkers.

It’s all just a horrible coincidence, and totally New Normal for players under 30 to collapse with cardiac arrhythmia – a classic Moderna side-effect – five times in seven days after being double-jabbed. It’s all part of Building Back Better that everything abnormal is now normal under the New Normal. Fact checkers say.

Sometimes, experts express concerns. “We’re very very concerned indeed that foolish internet amateurs have caught on to the FDA stats showing our vaccines are the most side-effected in medical history,” complained Professor Banksie Swag-Vallance, “but there is no evidence apart from the FDA, the CDC, PHE, fact-checkers report”.

The worst of this genre stretch credulity well beyond breaking point and on into the sort of fantasies freely available at TwilightZone.com. In this cracker, the NIH in the States alleges that research into the coronavirus isn’t genetically related to the pandemic. It’s still trying – six months after the evidence came out – to say that the Wuhan joint Sino-US “gain of function” project was nothing to do with Covid19’s creation. The basis for this daft assertion is that a letter shows.…and fact-checkers report. As the NIH is up to its weaselly eyeballs in Chinese military cooperation and closer than a limpet to Anthony Fauci, this is, naturally, an objective show-and-report exemplary case of Pultizer Prize journalism. Or fiction.

And in other news, experts believe that Professor Whitty is not genetically related to the species Homo sapiens because a letter from his mum shows that she was quite close to a horny Hobbit at the time, fact checkers say.

Now then children this is Chris Whitty and there’s absolutely nothing to be frightened of, Chris Whitty says – Fact Checkers report and regulators hope.

Well, I’m glad we got that one cleared up. But deadly pandemics are but one area of rampant IABATO*. Federal Reserve boss Jerome Powell speaks fluent bollocks with such regularity, he’s practically a walking talking scrotal sac.

Last February, he told us inflation was ‘a blip’. By June it was ‘transitory’, in September it was ‘frustrating’, and yesterday he said it was “probably a good time to retire the word transitory”. Between February and November this year, the US rate of inflation leapt threefold to 6.2%, so Powell said he would “try to explain more clearly what we mean” and then didn’t.

Here we see Fed1 pointing out that there is an inflation trajectory to the upside, but he prefers to think of it as a plane descending prior to a safe landing, and so he’s set a target of 2% inflation for 2022. Fact checkers say that although he is a regulator, it’s pretty clear that no experts were involved in Jerome setting such a target.

*It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official

It’s now almost five years since this site predicted that the obcenely perverted monetary theft-fest in play among the world’s central bankers could never make a return to “normal”. The reasons behind that didn’t involve foresight, merely the ability to add up, calculate margins and record three realities. These were first, that QE (now called Asset Purchase Programs) allowed financiers to use loose, cheap money to increase company valuations way beyond any sensible level; second, that ZIRP allowed the banks to take deposits without paying for them…a nutty idea to which they are today addicted; and third, that rising rates were therefore no longer a viable weapon.

The hyping of Covid19 in general – and the damage caused by lockdowns – ensured that genuine commodity inflation was therefore a certainty. And what we’re now staring at is not simply stagflation: it’s hyper-inflation, spectacular bourse collapse and high unemployment levels….with no money in the Treasuries to pay out mass-scale welfare….or even fund public health on anything like the current scale.

The US national debt was $7.9 trillion in 2005. Today, it’s $29 trillion. Interest rates around 5-6% would quickly turn the States into an Italian unrepayable debt on steroids.

In a nutshell, the unelected State in general and the Bourse/Banking system in particular are Butch and Sundance in the final corner: there is no acceptable way out

The evidence to hand about when the Covid caper began, why it was hyped to the heavens, who then rubbished safe cures and hard-sold experimental “vaccines” and how none of the expert > fact checker drivel adds up is becoming clearer. The people behind this media-coordinated NWO agitprop have decided to go for the unacceptable way out.

Draw your own conclusions…but if you can give me something more than what anonymous people say, I’d be delighted to hear about it.

John Ward aka The Slog aka JoeBlob20 aka The Pacifist Ripper is a conservative writer who hates the Conservative Party, thinks the Bourse/Banking system needs to be torn up, believes the future will not be globalist, and the past has gone so sod it. Mark Law once called him “a fucking Communist”, but his simple goal is to conserve things that matter – for example, drinking water not turds….and especially not the UK Labour or US Democratic Parties. He makes it a life-rule never to take inappropriate showers with young girls.