Last helicopter out of PsyOp

You want the information by Thursday? Sorry, Thursday doesn’t work for me…how about never…is never good for you?

100% forced vax based on 0% reliable data

We’re being hounded into forced vaccination on the basis of dodgy data, expensively ineffective mRNA drugs, obvious corruption, fake news about preferable management drugs and demographic jab extensions that fail every known and measured cost/benefit analysis. As voluntary “vaccination” stutters, it’s game on for Omicron the Omnipotent as the Trojan Totalitarian Horse gallops over the drawbridge. Austria has gone, Greece is going, the EU is ready and Macron has called a Conseil Constitutionelle in anticipation. The Slog asks what the Resistance can do now.

Less than a fortnight into the opening performance of Covid the Deadly Serial Killer, every actor on the World Stage swore blind (an interesting term, that one) that Covid19 was the natural outcome of conjugal activities between bats, no known chemical formulation could stop the coming pandemic, vaccines were the only possible solution, and anyone suggesting anything different ought to be sectioned. Since then, the first assertion has come to be viewed as exceedingly dodgy, the second an unvarnished lie, and the third thus compromised.

By April 2020, it was clear from French research conducted by Didier Raoult that the HCQ + Zinc cocktail long proven to be safe and effective in the treatment of malaria was producing spectacular results among early-diagnosed C19 patients. Since that time, alarmist, badly written and vitriolic articles have been heaped on Raoult’s head.

Perhaps they’re right: perhaps British “researcher” and now Knight of the Realm Peter Horby didn’t need to overdose 22 patients with HCQ to discredit the drug and stop it being used. (The unlucky 22 subsequently died).

But the mistake the hatchet loonies made was in giving the same attack-dog treatment to Ivermectin; because four African states and India plus Turkey decided to use it…with overwhelming success. The risible site ForBetterScience called the drug Quackery as late as November 2021, but US hero behind this drug Pierre Kory has been completely vindicated.

In a nutshell, use of HCQ cocktail on early diagnosed Covid patients with mild symptoms is an excellent management drug….and Ivermectin cuts the deathrate on even severe cases by 89%. (The CDCs beef with Iver, would you believe, was that it has been used mainly by veterinary practitioners…amazing that this long-established turf snobbery is still alive and well.

The simple distinction to make here is between prophylactics, symptom managers and genuine innoculation. Ivermectin works well in the first two categories, HCQ+Zinc in mildly affected cases, and pretty much nothing works in the third….although Australia may be on the verge of a breakthrough (see further down). Since the start of this farcical farrago, however, the Pharma-Health bureaucrat Alliance has gone out of its way to ignore this Page1 reality – even in Horby’s case, to the point of almost suggesting no such delineation exists. There has been a very clear conspiracy to keep Mr & Mrs Citizen frightened, uninformed and confused: to deny that is to be blind to the overarching presence of high security in relation to viruses….and vaccines.

It is difficult bordering on impossible (depending on your medical bent) to produce true innoculation against airborne viruses. The Catch22 – and here, I am simplifying – is that the more you try to attack a virus, the more it mutates. If you let it get on with it’s work without killing the patient, the virus doesn’t use its survival instincts to vary its attack. (The virus does not want to kill you, because if it does, Captain Covid dies too: simples.)

To extrapolate from that, there is a growing feeling among medics of my acquaintance that attacking C19 with the power of mRNA messaging is the single biggest reason for there being so many variants. And I have yet, by the way, to hear any doctor or researcher convincingly explain to me the difference between a variant and a mutation; at the bottom line, they are adjectives whose main aim is to frighten, not clarify.

“‘ere Edna, you’ll never guess…my Jack’s variant has mutinied”.

It never ‘as! Whariz it narr then – Bluebeard the Pirate?”

“Nahh, don’ be darft gull – issa mutant innit. That’s terrible that is”.

“Ooh, so ‘e’s gonna by mute then?”

“Charnce’d be a fine thing….”

That exchange might strike you as social snobbery on my part; believe me, I have had to listen to sillier exchanges than that one.

The point is, managing Covid19 with repurposed drug formulations could very well have meant this entire nightmare was behind us by now…through a combination of herd immunity and fewer variants.

But then, that seems to have been the diametric opposite of what the perpetrators wanted.

Enigma: So who are those masked perpetrators?

Looking again at the UK specifically, there now seems to be data evasion/fiddling going on in relation specifically to the real percentages of those who are double or treble jabbed…or zero jabbed.

According to the latest surveillance figures, more than 50 million people have had a first vaccine dose – some 88% of over-12s. More than 46 million – 80% of over-12s – have had both doses.

Their latest overall report, published Thursday November 25th covers data on infections, hospitalisations and deaths from Week 43 to Week 46 of 2021 (October 25th – November 21st).

The report reveals that there were 833,332 recorded Covid-19 cases, 9,094 Covid-19 hospitalisations and 3,700 Covid-19 deaths from October 25th to November 21st. Of these the unvaccinated accounted for 39% of all cases, 34% of all hospitalisations, and 19% of all deaths….but the vaccinated accounted for 61% of all cases, 66% of all hospitalisations, and 81% of all deaths.

Harken ye back to the Slogpost on Austria and Greece….and there too, we see fairly high jabbing levels, alongside stratospheric growth in both “Covid” cases and deaths.

So, in the UK, can we get to the bottom of it all? Er….apparently not. From the Researchgate site, spotted by the indefatigable Amy Boone:

The two key phrases there are of course ‘ONS reports on vaccine effectiveness are grossly underestimating the number of unvaccinated people’; and the ‘hence…may be underestimating the mortality rates of vaccinated people’. The question – as ever with all things Covid – is why? Yes, there is a health warning at the bottom, but the ‘significant update’ still leaves those of us not bored brainless by stats with very weird observations (Use of bold in the original):

‘The total population size of 39,245,327 in the ONS/PHE mortality by vaccination status report
[1] is supposed to include everybody in England aged at least 10 but is at least 10 million fewer
than that estimated by ONS in the 2011 census [9] and in their 2021 population estimate [10]….Of
most concern is the observation that the ONS data may significantly underestimate the total
population of unvaccinated people. This means that, even when [if?] in future the ONS releases the age-categorized mortality data, it is likely that in many age categories the mortality rate for the unvaccinated will be overestimated.’

The short and curlies on this is that the figures are probably even more crazy* than the ones we’re working on….assuming that your starting-point objective is real old-fashioned vaccination formulated to protect both you and those with whom you’re in contact. Whichever way you cut it, as it were, these self-styled “vaccines” aren’t cutting it.

*‘Crazy’ is my default technical word for ‘counter-intuitive’, the euphemism of choice for those hooked on post-empirical analysis. I prefer my word, if only because there’s something about ‘Counter-Intuitive Horse’ that fails on pretty much every level.

Please don’t confuse me with some plonky data pointy-head: the numbers are only useful if you can make them speak your native tongue. What the numbers say in this case is that a few people in the upper stratum are taking the piss….but at the pay grade below that, the “nobody safe ’til all safe’ strategy is stuck in the mud; thus the objective could only be achieved by more variant-demonisation and then Might is Right totalitarian Nazi decrees. (I was watching France24 this morning when the anchor lady let slip that, thus far, nobody has died yet from Omicron. So declaring it to be diabolical is a toughie, even for Anthony Falsci)

Enigma: So who are these masked perpetrators?

Just as low-risk management of Covid19 was rejected by the conspirators at every opportunity based on the TINA (‘There Is No Alternative’) myth, so too it now looks like any ingenious approach to delivering old normality – without reference to New Normal Globalist Back-Building – is going to be opposed.

Take for example two products currently in development as the ‘next generation’ of anti-Covid drugs.

The first of these – Novavax – is (for me at least) just another cleverly disguised nanoparticle manipulator. Some telltale signs: it’s Nasdaq quoted – two biggest shareholders, Vanguard and Blackrock; it bleats out in its blurb the standard “Nobody is safe ’til everyone is safe”; and it’s a biotechnology company much admired by Kate Bingham. Oh dear….be very afraid.

I urge all readers to click on that last link in order to fully understand Bingham’s as yet unaccountable perfidy. And while you’re at it, note that EU President Ursula von der Leyen (hot to trot for the EU-wide forced genetic vax tactic) is spliced to Heiko von der Leyen…Medical Director of the US biotech company Orgenesis which – spookily – specialises in cell and gene therapies.

The second new offering, however, is of an entirely different order. It is called Covax-19 (not to be confused with Covax the affordable vaccinecharity) and it has been developed by VACINE – which has no links whatsoever to Global Pharma, PHE, the CDC, the CIA, the FDA the NSA, MI6 or indeed any of the usual suspects including GCHQ, NBC, Reuters, the BBC or Bloomberg. It is an Australian enrepreneurial venture run by Medical Centre director of endocrinology Nikolai Petrovsky – who of course must be an immediate subject of suspicion given his Russian name. He is in fact an Australian (like my London-born daughter) but we shall gloss over that because Nikolai is clearly an agent provocateur who suspects that messenger manipulation drugs suck.

It takes $Aus350,000 to join the list of those producers working on important vaccines to get considered by the Down Under Dingoes for inclusion on the preferred vax list for anti-Covid drugs. This has thus far been – given the alleged emergency – stumped up by the Canberra-based Federal Aussie government.

Except for people called Petrovsky who’ve never been members of the Pharma League donators to medical research. Oh dear me, no: the Australian government has forced Nicolai’s team to turn to crowd funding just to apply for approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Well, there’s that level playing field again – as ever proving that we’re all in the same boat. And the boat is called the SS NeuOrdnung, and it doesn’t want little upstarts rocking it. Petrovsky’s company VACINE comes under that heading. Search online for it, and the Googles and Byngs and MSNs and Yahoos ask, “Did you mean VACCINE?” And if you meant VACINE, then “there don’t seem to be any results”. My mum used to call that Selective Blindness. Those of the 1in8 are used to it.

Nope: to find out about Covax-19, you have to use the Brave search engine and then go here.

Here’s a taster of what you’ll find out:

‘Researchers at Vaxine have focused for some time on adjuvants, which are substances added to vaccines to enhance the response of the immune system. They’ve developed their own adjuvant named “Advax” which is based on Inulin, a starchy product derived from many plants.

This adjuvant has been used safely and successfully in human trials for many viruses including influenza and hepatitis B. However, it hasn’t been included in any licensed vaccine to date….so far, COVAX-19 vaccine has been shown to produce an immune response in a number of animals including mice, macaques and ferrets.’

Covax-19 is not an mRNA messenger approach. It has been approved for emergency use in Iran, and several Asian countries are showing a keen interest in it.

But not the US, EU and Autralasian territories. So there.

You see, Covax-19 is designed to save lives, not cripple them.

This is how crazy it has finally become: Joe Biden now “strongly supports” the use of mRNA vaccines on under fives. The inventor of messaging, Robert Malone, remains outspoken in his condemnation of people who “don’t know what they’re doing”, and believes none of the drugs should’ve been given approval. He has had his LinkedIn account rescinded. Wholescale censorship of the Truth continues in all MSM and social media. All “unvaxxed” citizens are being demonised. Forced, economic-blackmail jabbing is the law in Greece and Austria….and is on the way in Italy. France appears to be heading for another Lockdown.

Yet the ruthlessness of the totalitarian propaganda, it seems, has made little or no dent in the steady numbers of naysayer citizens. On the other hand, brutalised civil police forces and those they work for are totally unimpressed by mass demonstrations. Having opposed State pension embezzlement, media surveillance crime, NHS privatisation by the back door, anti-Brexit 5th Columnists and the global hype behind Covid19, I must record here – very sadly – that I have an acute sense of déjà vu: the same minority overconfidence, the same “there will be blood on the streets” hysteria online, the same self-delusion about how people “won’t stand” for cruelty…and above all, the same amateurish approach to concerted action to make the business of governance impossible.

So I return yet again to the oldest, most often repeated question of the 21st century thus far: who are the string-pullers behind the scenes? You’ll see many versions of “ze list”, but probably the most exhaustive and best researched is that one compiled by Dr David Martin (hear his latest speech here). Personally, I don’t think he attributes enough culpability to the demons running the banks and bourse systems….but it’s clear he is rattling cages, because the ‘fact checker’ vitriol against him is truly astonishing; and his analysis of there being a still higher pay grade above Global Pharma is impressive and compelling. He is also the author of this suppressed pdf file which I have printed out to ensure it survives….even if he doesn’t.

You must also be sure to get a copy of RFK’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci.

The Sun headline is this: you can look up all kinds of multi-billion dollar US defence contractors none of us know anything about. There are around nine of them, and their specialisms are always the same: bioweaponry development, strong Davos connections, and impeccable networking among senior bureaucrats in the military, federal banking, national security, private health and ‘Green Financial’ sectors.

The Covid19 saga is and always was a psy op using Pentagon biow eggheads, Global Pharma marketing, investment “ownership” of the media and “distinguished” hoho medical academics who lost their moral compass in the ever-more neurotic search to turn Homo sapiens into God creatures with Pharma slush funds. You will, therefore, find the anonymous shadow-people inside MI6, NATO, the CIA, central banking, and Wall Street firms. They use varietal “fronts” in the shape of gofers like Fauci, Hancock, Whitty, Schwab, Johnson, Biden, the Clintons, Draghi and – via Sanofi – Emmanuel Macron.

One final point. Earlier last week, I made a point of saying that, in the Sidcup UK by-election, the so-called Resistance ‘will be crushed’. This was the result:

Put simply, Labour we-can’t-win voters and disgusted Tories stayed at home. The Left drivelled on about “a 10% swing to Labour” (which is nonsensical analysis stuck in the 1960s as the Tory now has a bigger majority than the late James Brokenshire, and the Conservative Louie French still got over half of all votes cast). The Old Firm put together got four votes in five. UKIP is back to being in Monster Raving Looney territory, the LibDems are now effectively an irrelevant force in British politics, and the much-vaunted Reform Party with Richard Tice attracted – per hundred votes – seven (7) radical cleansweepers gagging for change, but the other ninety-three showed no interest.

If the 1in8 had punched at its weight, Richard would’ve got closer to 3,000 votes – but that’s an unfair observation in a way, because lots of cleansweepers have bigger concerns than Jabberwockies. This is the triumphant Tory candidate:

As you can see, an obese chap. The very epitome of Borisonian Toryism, Louie French was a local councillor, and worked as a portfolio manager for the financial planning and investment firm Tilney, based in Mayfair. Allround City slicker and excellent lobby-fodder, Louie’s hobbies include wobbling and profiteroles. (Made that last bit up)

It is my very sad and repetitive duty this weekend, therefore, to suggest that the1in8 get real: band together, engage in guerrilla civil disobedience, crowd-fund the formation of one focused PACT website – People’s Activist Campaign for Truth – and/or retreat to safer ground with others of like mind.

And no, I’m not impressed by snide tweets like “You’ll just have to stay and fight like the rest of us”. Virtually nobody is “fighting” out there…if they were, I wouldn’t be thinking of going anywhere.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend