Omicron, the Deathless pandemic

Now pay attention all of you out there, because what we’re looking at today is a series of signposts so enormous, even Michael Caine and Lenny Henry might just – at last – be harbouring some doubts about the Virus-Vaccine Circus, and its relevance to global currency revaluation.

Over the weekend, Zero Hedge ran a fascinating piece pointing out that the US Fed Reserve (aka Job Powell) suddenly did a 180° wheelie-turn last Friday on the static QE and lending rates thing by announcing faster tapering and higher rates respectively.

Predictably, the value of Bitcoin plunged by over 20%. It simply wouldn’t do to have a rogue rival to fiat paper crap once the Great Reset comes to pass…and we are all handed a massively devalued digital version of it on the basis of “better than nothing” bailins. So Bitcoin must die.

Therefore, is it something of a potential enigma that Jack Dorsey of Twitter infamy has decided to dump his role in the company he co-founded, and invest more time and money in Crypto Currency? He is changing the name of his startup there from ‘Square’ to ‘Block’. Dorsey is still sore from the Twitter coup d’état: who or what, do we imagine, does he want to block?

I still maintain that the military > security surveillance > media > globalist > central banking > bourse firms > Green > Crypto-sovyet alliance is a loose one at best. So could it be that Jack Dorsey is a Big League defector in the making?

Either way, the acceleration in disposal of all opposition to fiscal racketeering and Pharma fantasies has entered a higher gear in just one short week. Austria and Greece have ignored all their signs of serious “vaccine” problems in favour of fining people who don’t want to be jabbed with nano debris; and in France, Macron has reduced the validity of the travel PCR test to 24 hours…a farcical decision given that it’s often 24 hours before you know the result. The French are sticking doggedly to their admiration for PCR, despite it being by far the least reliable of the three tests available – even Faustus has stopped using it: so one is led to the conclusion that the idea is to lock people down by making travel virtually impossible. An ad hoc study by yours truly of pharmacy reactions to the decision revealed much eye-rolling and muttered expletives today.

I’ve travelled or lived extensively in the US, Germany, England, France, South Africa, Greece, India and Australia: but France stands out from all others as the only place in the world where you can ask seven different people what the rules are, get seven different answers…and then test the rules for yourself, only find that all the answers were wrong.

In Britain, Il Duce Borisini is now setting about a demolition of the concept of judicial decisions overturning illegal political proposals, as the UK moves ever closer to becoming a Singaporean corporate State. The development caused barely a ripple on the social pond, apart from one article in the Guardian that missed the point so completely, I wanted to drown myself in the toilet after reading it. The data released last week about the percentage of citizens “vaccinated” against Covid19 (but taking up hospital beds with, um, Covid19) was surreal, but the Government toughed it out….and of course, Labour shrank from pointing out the obvious. If the history of this calumny does ever get published, what’s left of the working class will revile the Left and its manic metropolitan obsession with multicultural LGBTQ racist homophobia among the Under Fives for evermore.

Bojo has now neutered Parliament, the Opposition and his own Party rebels while taking full advantage of a media set reduced by bourse investment power to grovelling toadies. The disorganised manner, scruffy hair and ill-fitting suits give cartoonists a field-day, but it is all designed to make people underestimate his guile: the real Boris is the depraved serial shagger, sociopathic liar and well-connected Spider vilified by The Slog some three years ago

The real level of vaccinated citizens having stalled at a level well below that being claimed by “official” government data, another way to terrify the populace has miraculously appeared to rescue the Jabberwockies. Yes, it’s the dreaded Omicron.

There’s just one teensy-weensy problem when it comes to positioning it as the cloven-hoofed Beelzebub rendered incarnate: it doesn’t actually kill anyone, as such. But yesterday, the French print media said la belle France was in ‘A race against the clock’ to stop Omicron ‘taking hold’. Taking hold of what, exactly – your hand to shake it warmly?

Not to be outdone, a ‘senior expert government advisor’ in the UK said it was “too late to stop Omicron, as the horse has now bolted”. Too late to stop it galloping about and giving the odd equestrian a minor sniffle, perhaps.

This has now gone miles beyond silly.

Predictably, by late afternoon Pfizer was quick to assure us that a little tweek here and there of their product would stifle Omicron. My personal reaction was, “Leave the poor little bugger alone, and the chances are, it’ll leave Homo sapiens alone”.

Why did the promoters of global fear choose to call it Omicron – as opposed to, for example, iota…a fitting name for a tiny non-event?

There’s a wicked part of me that suspects they liked the idea of omnipotence – probably even the sound of it as something globally ethereal and yet disturbingly powerful. Almost, in fact, as if it might be a huge military conglomerate run by Vladimir Putin: engaged in a devilish plan to enslave the saintly powers of goodness as represented by Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Hollywood, Prince William, Sajid Javid, Mario Draghi and Christine Lagarde.

That Putin, right – izz ‘e a cheeky monkey or wot?