I try to keep things here as real as possible. I recognise that there are trolls who would disagree, but there’s nothing I can do about that: they have a right to their opinion….even if they think I don’t. Here are some things I’ve been boffing on about for the best part of sixteen years:

  1. Education has become politicised – and in the process, bred a generation of sufficiency rather than excellence…of acceptance without distrust
  2. The arrival of the internet allowed corporate fat cats to hide behind website bilge and pretend this was after-sales service
  3. They fired millions of people, chose brainless bots to replace them, sang the praises of AI and made whole new levels of obscene profit
  4. Most citizens complied and did not complain
  5. Since 2008/9 it has been impossible to gain interest on one’s savings. That doesn’t represent capitalism, but rather perverted and exploitative monopolism
  6. Business has gone evolutionarily backwards into devious service provision at the expense of creative manufacturing
  7. The providers of these services have, more and more, become the bankrollers of political Parties who long ago lost the confidence of all but the most extreme of their supporters
  8. Most citizens complied and did not complain
  9. Silicon Valley hitech branched out from nerdy internet hardware to ISP software – and created social media to spy on citizens for the State rather than offering investigative journalism to keep the State under control.
  10. The 21st century version of Mussolini’s Corporate Fascist State was born
  11. Most citizens complied and did not complain
  12. Elected representatives of largely mediocre cloned ability were no match for bureaucrats corrupted by increasing levels of incestuous congress with senior globalists
  13. As those bureaucrats spawned the Secret State after the Second World War, it was inevitable that globalism and the hitech surveillance of the citizen would collide happily with the banking institutions – those who knew the how, where and when of their depositors’ money use
  14. EFTPOS, smart cards and calls for digitalisation of money followed.
  15. Most citizens complied and did not complain.

I suspect you’ve spotted my diagnosis there: for years I’ve been dismissed as a Grumpy Old Man who hates the future as it is being laid out before us; but I was brought up in a culture where to question shibboleths and argue with authority was seen as healthy.

If you comply with dumb laws and don’t complain about bad service, totalitarian State globalism will simply ignore you as an irrelevant ant. This is what we all experiencing now, following a fifth of the 21st century that has already seen Parliament circumvented/lied to as a means of going to war (twice), State pension monies embezzled, $23trillion globally being use to bail out banking depravity, NHS staff leaving in droves, media surveillance criminality, the Left being both devious and distracted, a stolen US election, a US President clearly unfit to plead let alone lead, overt attempts spanning four years to undermine the Brexit decision, an ongoing global heist based on a largely benign virus being treated with hard-sold drugs – and the People being defied by a lunatic immigration policy.

It’s now some twelve years since I first warned about this ‘go with the flow’ attitude to AI allowing big business to hide from customers. With global unemployment at 211 million, it is a disgrace that we’re being driven mad by moronic machines so that myopic accountants worldwide can boast about “offloading headcount”. Here’s a surreal example of what I mean:

This refers to a PCR test I need in order to be allowed onto a flight this coming weekend. I used my postcode because that’s what the “Government’s” official Covid test site suggested. I particularly liked Google’s AI suggestion about cake recipes, because it put me in mind of Marie Antoinette and “let them eat cake”.

If you’ve ever used Google’s translate bot, then you’ll grasp just how insanely useless most AI is: the French term for a garage or boot sale is a vide grenier – an emptied attic. The Google translation I tried informed me that ‘there will be a sale of empty attics in Monflanquin next weekend’.

I spent almost the entirety of last Tuesday visiting sites, sitting on phones listening to music (Heavy Metal, Pop, Jazz & Classical) and bot-chatting purely to try and get one simple question answered: is a valid PCR test the ONLY acceptable proof of good health if one wants to board a plane leaving France? Some insisted ‘yes’, some ‘no’ but in truth, nobody knew. (The Boy King’s preference for PCR is odd, since it is by far the most unreliable of the three tests available. But this is a public health emergency, right?) The information base of availability in relation to Covid19 safety in France is a shambles that treats the taxpaying citizen as if they might be ants stealing the food.

Lufthansa (whose airline I have taken to calling Luftwaffe) uses a chat-bot it calls “Elisa”. Elisa can tell you how many carbon footprints will be inflicted upon the atmosphere during your flight, but she gets stumped by the question “why is the gate closing three hours before take-off?”. Yesterday, in a fit of pique I asked Elisa what the capital of Ecuador is; she/it suggested a list of FAQs about flights to South America.

The general response for many years (until around 2018) to my regular posts about this were, “Stop moaning you grumpy old man”. GOM is wonderfully politically incorrect, in that in just three words it manages to be healthist, ageist and sexist. The difference today is that – when I question the wisdom of importing illegals into the UK minus any vetting whatsoever – I am of course being racist….as opposed to being certain that both MI6 and GCHQ will use “large numbers of Islamist fanatics” to justify further removal of citizen privacy – and bigger budgets – to go about their work of wanting to know exactly where we are and what we are doing 24/7.

I do not doubt that many of you will have spotted how quickly military intelligence in Britain has merged the Covid ‘pinging’ system with Smart Card purchases. What we are seeing here is a quite staggering alignment of digital control of human beings…itself nothing less than the unelected State, private sector hitech social media, giga investment ‘news’ media control and globalist marketing working in perfect harmony.

Somewhere in an unmarked grave, an Italian skeleton is jerking off to precisely that objective. But at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, a Labour Opposition that should be defending the sanctity of the human body (while questioning the obvious mendacity of Big Pharma) instead engaged in an infantile point-scoring session of mutual cant with an explicitly depraved Prime Minister about a Downing Street Christmas Party a year ago. An important point, yes: but way down the relevance list behind the replacement of liberal democracy with dystopia.

Serial complaint-free compliance by the British electorate is the obvious catalyst involved in the successful Blitzkrieg launched by Johnson and his minders that has bombed liberal democracy as we once knew it into smithereens.

The Global New Order Alliance is completely dependent on continuing unwillingness by the gullible to accept that the State in the UK and elsewhere wants to spread all the powder necessary to eliminate the ants.

Verily, a want of imagination is convincing us that this could not possibly happen.

Appeasement always begins with seemingly harmless measures for the good of the cause….and always ends up by promoting bad ideas as a better normal.

It is inhuman to prefer ideological systemics and robots to the maximum realisable potential of Homo sapiens…and those mutually interdependent species with whom we share Planet Earth.

John Ward is fed up of being told what to do by people who see cultured civilisation as an endless series of rules, boxes and numbers. He is sick to death of soundbites, anti-science, post-empirical analysis, sexuality segmentation and fake fact-checkers. Throughout six decades, he has had grave doubts about bullets that fly backwards, Harold Wilson, WOMD bicycles, the Clintons, left-wing educators, Tony Blair and the Glazer family who own Manchester United.