THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Zero care, permanent scare, Boris laid bare, everything’s fair, not quite there

One of the great truths of the State versus Individual debate has always been, in my experience, that if you take care not to annoy more than 10-15% of The People at any one time – the more of them with no intrinsic power, the better – you can give each segment “time off” to forget how much you angered them…and thus keep the pretence of who works for whom going.

This outlook is a more candid, pessimistic and worldly version of Abraham Lincoln’s “You can’t fool all the people all of the time”, in that it shows how cynical segmentation can keep the élite’s drongos in power indefinitely. Abe was probably right in the mid 19th century, but not in the 21st. If you look at, say, pacifists, GIs, air travellers, holidaymakers, older savers, squaddies, retiring State pensioners, nurses, Brexit voters, entrepreneurs, the young, cancer sufferers, libertarians, GPs, whistle-blowers and Covid19 believers, they have all been variously neglected, cheated, bamboozled, defrauded and killed by those who live in the shadows well beyond any accountability.

What follows is a selection of recent news about their insidious works.

The news would’ve been more recent had it not been for four days largely wasted being dicked about, let down, chasing wild geese, lassoing moonbeams and living in the ‘Maybeland’ one has to embrace as a resident of the Fifth Republic and/or a customer of Lufthansa.

The Invisible Party

Having trashed Labour’s virtue-signal fest over “the Christmas Party” at Downing Street, I’ve seen enough now to realise that all is not entirely as it seems. There’s no change in my view that this whole scandal was cooked up as (probably) both a diversion from the passage of outrageously unconstitutional laws and unwarranted Omicron restrictions, and also a means of driving BoJo from office. However, the questions that really matter here are who leaked the video; why now – and what do they have in mind for a post-Boris world; and last but not least, is there any evidence at all that the gathering took place. I’m starting with the last of those, because it seems to me the possibility that nobody is considering.

Have you seen the tape? You can watch it here

The first thing one’s eagle eyes spot is that it isn’t a tape of a party, as such. It is a party-free zone, devoid of shitfaced civil servants, silly hats and inappropriate tongues thrust down throats. Johnson’s top media minder, the well-known rustbucket Austin Allegra, is seen rehearsing for a presser….the point of which is to ask her awkward questions and formulate misleading answers. A colleague asks her if there is any truth in the ‘story’ that a party was thrown in Number Ten during full lockdown. She smiles, and is stumped. She looks guilty, and giggles. Er, that’s it.

Now oddly enough, I’m not daft. One does have a strong feeling that there was a party, and she was there. But if you brought that to an Old Bailey trial as evidence, the Judge wouldn’t even allow its entrance. And that’s the point: It’s pure supposition – exactly the sort of thing upon which our dystopian epoch rests.

Now to who leaked the party. This is pretty straightforward, I contend. The only snoopers running 24/7 video in Downing Street are members of the intelligence community, both MI6 and MI5. I’m quite sure that, if there was a Party, film of it exists…and it’s quite likely that in that film we’d see everything from Sir Mark Sedwill in drag to Queen Liz2 doing the can-can on a sixteenth century table. But the Fat Controllers want to have the freedom to tut-tut without getting caught – so that would never do. No – this an op at several pay grades above the Blond Bonker.

This begs the question – as the tape was recorded almost a year ago – why now? The answer comes in several parts. First, those making the marionettes dance have had eighteen months to assess Fataturk, and finally decided that he must begone and damn his eyes. He is, they feel, a cannon not so much loose as sloppy, slack and salacious. (Other enemy powers might blackmail him, and the Evil One’s don’t want any competition).

Further, he has just been persuaded (probably by Them) to bring in special measures to deal with a viral variant so mild and wimpy, it should perhaps be renamed Covid-Starmer. And of course, it’s almost Christmas…time to revitalise all that resentment from last year.

Nevertheless, they have handed Starmer himself a gift-wrapped chance to look at least clinical in his lachrymose attack on the Prime Minister. This has made the Labour leader – just about – credible.

So that brings us to what the Whitehall > BigState Left > Central Bank > MI axis envisages as Life After Boris. Well, I could say, “You read it here first”: OK, events have moved on since a year ago, but Sedwill is still with us, still head of Bioweaponry….and just as arrogant as ever.

The ways and means of all this are devious in the extreme….but my long-held fear remains the same: we are heading for a sham “National” Government that no longer feels tied down in any way by the Rule of Law, or the control of Parliament.

If you doubt that, observe yesterday’s breaking news:

So we left the icy grip of the European Union (it seems) just to fall into a nice warm bed occupied by the Pentagon > CIA > State Dept > Wall Street > Hegemony front. Or put another way, a crew of psychotic megalomaniacs hiding behind a shopfront of American liberal democracy. In this one action, my homeland demonstrates with insouciant persuasion why I will never go back there.

I have to record yet again here that I don’t particularly like Mr Assange; I think he has a Messiah complex. But to hound the bloke to the ends of the Earth on a charge of releasing the Truth goes way beyond breaking a butterfly on the Wheel. It is the forerunner to internment camp atrocities that will forever live as a nasty stain on the First World.

TThe Rise & Rise of the ‘not quite there’

To close for today, let me ask a final question: if you were going to create the sort of software necessary for artificial intelligence (AI), would you employ nerdy-brained people fresh out of Salvadore Dali College to do it?

I realise this is a loaded question, given that the stupefyingly obvious answer is “No”.

On the other hand, if you were looking for a perpetually confusing at best (and terrifying at worst) narrative about a harmlessly deadly virus requiring an experimentally harmful half-baked mélange of mRNA nano debris to protect you, would you hire people fresh out of Salvadore Dali College to frame that narrative?

That is a question so loaded it evokes the response, “Of course not you jerk….but who on Earth would want to put such a crazy notion out there?”

I urge you to give it some thought: because as of 10th December 2021, we have the surrealist nerds designing the AI, and the Secret State psychos carrying the message out to the uninitiated.

And trust me People – it’s working. Hard to believe I know…but it is.

To help you appreciate how well it’s working, let me present two irrefutable contemporary facts to you:

*9 out of ten people in hospital with Covid19 have been “vaccinated” against it

*The new Omicron variant of Covid19 has thus far failed to kill anyone…but throughout Europe and the US, new special measures are deemed necessary to “combat” it.

Well, here’s my bottom line: if the 7/8ths never think, the 1in8 are psychographically unsuited to solidarity against the 0.001%, and the 0.001% have all the power, money and weapons, how will the Resistance avoid the whirlwind of repression that will surely engulf them if and when they fight back?

To quote the old firework warning, “Light the blue touch-paper and retire immediately”. Retreat to safety and regroup. Do what De Gaulle did in 1940. His action was one of determined reality, not cowardice.

To this end, I find myself surrounded by snoring Germans. Stay tuned.