At the End of the Day

Today, the Boy-King Emperor Manny Matron announced to the World that he wants to piss on me. His reason for this new perversion (to replace his widely known interest in dusky male members) is that I don’t want to be injected with something of zero benefit beyond depopulation, Global Pharma enrichment and 24/7 surveillance by the Forces of Darkness. Silly me. The mRNA jab provides little in the way of protection from a nasty flu virus, causes the virus to mutate, doesn’t stop viral epidemiological progress, but has so far (according the US CDC’s own records) killed 79,000 people.

I’m afraid President Macron will have to stand in line, and wait his turn behind the myriad institutions and damaged human beings pissing on all of us. Clearly, the Teacher’s Pet is very late onto this wave.

I have now established beyond all reasonable doubt that the Indian manufacturers behind RealMe smartphones offer the square root of after-sales advice, manuals or accountability for any thinly-veiled, half-baked wallah equipment they have the brass neck to impose upon our species at 300 quid a pop.

Further, the MoreDates website just scammed €35 out of me, having hired a less than attractive mélange of sociopathic hookers and deservedly out-of-work Soap actresses to persuade me that – at the age of 73 – I am a mighty mighty mountain of sexual allure causing quivering quims around the globe. The site is a flagrant fraud that has been reported for its foul mendacity umpteen times (not least to TrustPilot) but continues to siphon money out of what’s left of harmless sexual desire in our culture. For such depravity does not interest Commission President Alice Klar.

Blackmail marketing is not a new idea: my last employer before I decided to fly solo used to say to me, “The ultimate product is one that can say ‘Buy me or you’ll die'”. With enormous help from MSM jerks, mRNA injections have achieved that long sought-after selling platform. The 1in8 (and evidence continues to emerge that the minority of unvaxed is far bigger) continues to stand strongly in opposition to this calumny.

It does so despite the crass Arbeit macht Frei promises of grubby Borisonian selling devices; but above and beyond the unvaxed minority is an enormous percentage of Western citizens who’ve been Messengered under extreme duress. These are not vaxed out of free choice: but rather, because their instincts have been raped by threats of an unbearably diluted life without healthcare, citizenship, holidays, visits to beloved family members, restaurant or employment.

If you have discovered the Elixir of Life, not much marketing spend is required to sell it…and the last thing you need is threats, punishment and lies to sell it.

This is nothing more than common sense. All of us who oppose the contemporary lunacy need to keep that reality safe in their souls.

So piss on me if you will, Monsieur Le President: join the banks who steal €5 from me when I withdraw my own money. And the NSA, GCHQ or Sureté goons who instruct the social media whores to vapourise my deconstruction of their gigafibs. Or those on trains who see my blue necklace of unvaxed status, and ask to be moved.

Your contribution will go unnoticed – for with my stink of urine already so repulsive, your regal micturation will not bother me.

There are two words with which I’ll close: complaint, and compliant. One tiny slip of dyslexia is all that’s required to convert confident citizen power into tentative slavery.

Sleep well.