A forensic investigation of the Death of God: shining a Torch on attempts to replace humble goodness with diabolical megalomania – as designed by all those incapable of any vision beyond material power.

It was a strange sound – coming , he guessed, from the ceiling. A disconcerting hiss, like that of a wary snake choosing between bite and flight. All the rooms in TORCH (Transcontinental Operations Repulsing Celestial Holiness) were windowless. At 300 feet below the roots of the Sierra Nevada, there’s not a lot to see. But the constant aircon was enough to chill any soul.

Terry Alsgelt had been the first to arrive. It was the way things worked in Torchland: the more senior your rank, the later you were, the more self-important your reason: “Sorry to be late…I had Kissinger on Green”.

The main door’s release system clicked open to reveal the stunted growth of Armande Böse, a doctor of diminutive charisma and unlimited ambition. Gradually at first (but then with a little more urgency) a parade of Deep State luminaries made its entrance: WHO comms director Federica di Populate, CIA head Mal Sextant, State Department dangerous liaisons officer and token Native American Ivor Bighorn, WEF Reset Supremo Otto Bisbald and his favourite cat Blofeld, Banker’s Banker Lucy Ferolnik, Pentagon point-man Colin Poledancer, media masseur Maurice Oxford…and last but far from least, the girl with the mostest, Hillarity Clitoris…co-founder of Dronedeath Incorporated.

The last of these breezed in, took the Chair and – dispensing with all formalities – began the most important meeting in the recorded history of what was misthought to be humanity….

Hill: Sorry to be late, I had the Cloven-hoofed One on Red. He is not a happy Satan right now. Terry – you wanna give us the heads-up here?

Alsgelt nodded, feeling strangely dishonoured as he beheld the nervous electricity in this most secret of unknown, naked power chambers.

TA: Thank you Chair. Much to my chagrin, Big G is proving difficult to defeat with any degree of finality. His counter-attack under the brandname 1in8 shows yet more resilience despite the BBB world put forward by Otto Bisbald representing far more fun, control, sadism and psychotic happiness for everyone, especially we of the self-appointed rightful owners of the metaverse….

At this point, Otto Bisbald interrupts Terry’s flow.

OB: I am sinkink zatt ve mussen nicht forgetten zatt God is in everyzink…

Hill: We have no time for excuses here, Bisbald. We just want the Big G to go on a long car-ride and get fitted for a pair of irreversible cement overshoes, cappiche? Continue Terry….

TA: Thank you Chair. Despite our success in propelling Macron, Johnson, Biden, Zelenskyy, Ardern and the congenital idiot Intrudeau into leadership roles, troublesome priests of the False Light continue to point out the obvious depravity of those WEF-penetrated institutions. As we have so far failed to fully convince everyone that depravity is the default condition most enjoyed by soi-disant Homo sapiens, our ongoing forward progress in the diabolical space is under some degree of threat to the downside…..

The CIA’s Mal Sextant interrupts.

MS: Can we cut to the chase here? We are talking full-on extreme prejudice….am I right, or am I right?

TA: Yes, we are….but we can’t get away from the reality of God’s unequalled ability to move in mysterious ways….

MS:….not even God can avoid our one-hunnerd per cent surveillance, kid. We have the means to catch the bastard with his pants down an’ establish Our Lord Satan’s eternal control for all Time…

Hillarity raises a punctilious eyebrow of correctness. It is more than enough to produce the silence that always accompanies a terror of absolute power.

Hill: No false optimism, if you please. Harken unto my own experience….many are the single vehicle car accidents, odd suicides, tragic falls from balconies and diplomatic deaths we of the Arkansas Tendency arranged with what we thought was eternal innocence. But still the forces of God’s foul Goodness gave us a 24/7 pain in the ass.

There is now an Intervention of the Third Kind by Ivor Bighorn…

IB: Heap bad idea underestimate Great Manitou…..him Big Fella, Killary right on it and no mistake

Hill: Enough creepy Redman bullshit – continue Terry….

TA: Thank you Chair. My contention is as follows: the average human is now so dumb, so utterly ignorant of world affairs and totally accepting of every bonkers idea from tooth fairies to Zelenskyy heroism, NOW IS THE HOUR. God is unclothed: Nietsche was right – God is flatlining….the only sensible route to hegemony for we the chosen spawn of the Devil is to take the Big G fucker out in broad daylight.

A deadly silence falls in the TORCH meeting. Only the hissing of unspecified seasons remains.