Suits dropping like flies, the new Napoleon, Seasonal Silliness, Russians bombing babies, the Great Forget, War crimes, vamping vaccines with drones in Poland and other garbage. Don’t mention the biolabs…I did but I think I got away with it.

Once again, Boombust reads the mind of every corporate thinker….and nails it. I mean, how do they do it time after time? Whereas its megascoop partner in spine-chilling journalism Reuters simply makes up British streets crammed with coffins, exploding coffins in Italy, a shortage of coffins in New York and pretty much all the coffin news that’s fit to print, nobody but nobody does distraction quite like Bloomberg.

Right across the Western hemisphere and all the way down to Strilia, Putin’s mad bid for global conquest has been relegated to all things post page five in favour of the now seemingly inevitable demise of the suit. Surely this must be the last variant of all? We do not know and we suspect not: but we feel certain that in war-torn Kyiv, the plucky chaps around our brave defender of obscene wealth Volodamy ‘Three Y’s’ Zelenskyy are wondering what bastion of corporacratic respectability will be the next thing to go….as the Visigoths gather in their barbaric bear-skins at the gates.

I’m all for it, myself. After five years of Brexit, more than two years of Covid and eight years of how dare Putin get so picky about 1,300 kilometres of broken Pentagon promises, it’s nice to see the return of Silly Season news, long thought by many to have been rendered extinct by fact checkers, experts, authorities and doctors. But now that large parts of the deadly-plague – – miracle vaccine – – Ohmygodicron narrative have forced those who “say” to shut up and stare at their shoes, it’s time to take people’s minds off biolabs, graphene, mRNA, military DNA records and other ill-fitting factoids that for goodness sake just get in the way. Let’s have some more sharp-suit dramas – and less concentration on Pharmaceutical sharp practice – all you investigative trouble-makers.

Don’t you know there’s a war on?

As the Tumbrils rolled towards the guillotine during the post 1793 French terror, one wonders what distractions the obedient press around Citizen Robespierre came up with to distract bourgeois gentilhommes and hidden clerics from their fate.

Well you’ll never guess, but the answer is fashion: by far the most popular newspaper was Francois Buisson’s Journal de la Mode et du gout – the title there referring to ‘gout’ as in ‘taste’, rather than old sots with giant bandages on their feet. “The Spring is nearly upon us,” chortles the editor, describing a lady dressed from tip to toe in sky blue. The only slightly disturbing thing is the last sentence which reports, ‘On her shoulders, instead of a cloak….’ and then trails off.

I doubt very much that it continued, ‘….there is a large, slowly congealing bloody stump….obviously she has lost her head to the vagaries of fashion”: this was, after all, pure escapism, folks.

But soon – as the new decade got under way – the free speech promised to all began to get a tad tetchy on the subject of ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’: the utterly on message Village Leaf (‘sent each week to all villages of France, to instruct the laws events, discoveries relevant to every citizen’) gave way to Jean-Paul Marat’s Friend of the People – a more radical journal for those at the bottom of the social scale with, as it happens, no underwear to hide their bottoms….the sans culottes:

Once the ideologues from the Jacobin and Girondin tendencies started yelling “Enemy of the People!” at each other – the equivalent of “Little Englander Fascist” today – the original plot of wiping out the hated aristocracy got kind of lost in the verbiage we now call politics.

By 1795, the heads rolling from the blade were more likely to be journalists than fat cats. Marat himself was assassinated by a female reactionary in his bath (what was she doing there, we ask ourselves), and she then in turn went to the guillotine when found guilty of the atrocity.

You see – as Hillary Clinton keeps on telling us – that’s the trouble with your free speech: the other lot (who are obviously wrong) get the free speech as well. By 1796, the revolutionaries were killing each other faster than anything the surrounding Kingdoms could manage. Something clearly had to be done.

So within four years, the soldier Napoleon had become a national hero symbolising the defeat of France’s reactionary neighbours. And like all good liberals, he brought in strictly correct news censorship and had himself crowned emperor in 1804.

Today in 2022, here in France we have the strictly democratic centrist Macronapoleon who just happens to have banking rather than army power behind him, but rides around Paris on tanks, censors all the news media and threatens to dunk every citizen in a bucket of shit who objects to forced depopulation. Tout ça change, tout reste la meme chose… they say in these parts.

Macron himself also harbours imperial (even royal) ambitions. Of course, he still needs to get elected, but he has chosen to “rise above” that unfortunate upbringing and ensure his place in the Great Reset by positioning himself as, effectively, Emperor of the United States of Europe.

Despite being in the thick of a reelection campaign, therefore, he has chosen to delay his candidacy until the very very last minute – it is after all a mere parochial matter – while engaging in three highly popular measures: allowing citizens at last to go where they like without a face nappy, freezing petrol prices for the next month, and engaging in the latest EU spectator sport, Putin-bashing.

It’s not that you can see little Manny coming or anything. Perish the thought.

The current French Boy King is far too busy saving Ukraine for NATO (and his Davos chum Intrudeau from the Canadian People) to engage in electoral vulgarity. There is also, mind you, the fact that he has a large rosebush of deadheads challenging him.

And above all – like all the Reset lackeys – he doesn’t have a free press to worry about. In fact, pretty much from Moscow to Canberra via Washington and London, neither does anyone else.

Hence my motive for raising the question of media behaviour. For, having lied its collective arse off with fake news, demonisation of enemies and sins of omission since November 2020, the Big Media is now turning to distraction.

The New York Times wants us to put the whole Covid thing behind us, and move on. Mistakes have been made, but lessons have been taken on board…then stuck into a torpedo tube and flushed out into the plastic-littered oceans. We’re wiser now. We know that you know that we know that you know, so next time we’ll make doubly certain that what you know isn’t what we know.

Hence Bloomberg leading on suits as a threatened species. Or yesterday’s Daily Telegraph reporting how a woman and her newborn baby died because the Russians bombed the delivery room of a hospital, the swine*

* where Zelensky had thoughtfully placed some rocket launchers to deter peace-loving invaders.

This kind of heart-wrenching stuff has set off a shoal of scholarly articles suggesting how these clear and present war crimes can be the subject of future show trials….with Dominic Raab as chief prosecutor. A case, one might conclude, of the decadent in pursuit of the depraved.

What Biden, Boris and all the Build Back Better Boys will try to avoid at all costs is any trial of any kind in which the vaccinatory benefits of Graphene or the deaths it has obviously caused get any examination at all.

Observe for example the evidence given to the Security Council of the United Nations by a Russian defence bureaucrat regarding US military biological activities in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland confirmed ten days ago that there were eleven biolabs funded by the Pentagon, then unconfirmed it while saying that the purposes were peaceful….which is the sort of all-heart thing the Pentagon does, but it mustn’t get into the hands of the Russians. Uh-huh. Which, you know, the Big P boys did in Wuhan with joint funding organised by the poisonous dwarf Fauci.

It’s really great that we’ve cleared than one up, which nobody in the Western MSM saw fit to do. And in an unrelated incident, you probably also missed early confirmation that forced release of the Pfizer and Moderna jabs shows conclusively that the makers blatantly lied about Graphene and other debris therein. So the Graphene acts as a kind of lubrication for the messaging (m) bit of the RNA in there that Big Pharma swore, on a mountain of Bibles, would stay stuck in your bicep for all eternity. And thus give you immunity to Covid19. But doesn’t.

No-sirree bub. What we’re going to get is more of this….

…..and this…..

…..and not forgetting this:

OMG OMG – look at that! It’s the invasion of Europe! It’s Hitler all over again! Because, you see, drones and Classical composing Fifth Columns are a danger at all times and those poor Ukrainian refugees are the German Jews of 1936 so we must help them (even though Sturgeon is one to avoid) and yet Russians are sooooo crap, the Knazis from Kyiv armed only with state of the art pea shooters are whupping them Big Ugly Bears.

Yes, it’s the usual entirely consistent plot we have come to expect from the Corporacratic totalitarians and their never-ending search for an explanation of the Unthinkable.

“Kill me now” begs ageing blogger as life slips away