The clumsy cover-up of mRNA dangers assembled by media misleaders is now about as close to being sans culottes as the Nazi link made between nose sizes and Untermenschen status: it’s up there with the theory that thunder is caused by clouds bumping together and women in mini-skirts cause earthquakes. The perpetrators themselves seem to be aware of it, resorting (in the case of the New York Times) to convincing us of the “need to forget”.

Because the MSM doesn’t do any analysis or investigation beyond ‘fact checking’* any more, it falls to sad number crunchers like me (and often UKColumn, who excel at this) to point out the gigantic gaps and contradictions in official data. In recent years, such digging has focused almost entirely on health in general and virus/vaccination data in particular.

*A process via which the facts of a case are denied, and real ‘facts’ given out which then don’t check out either

What with all the unpleasantness going on between Sleazelenskyy and Rasputin at the moment, naturally eyes have been taken off the ball. Returning to the stats yesterday, however, I can now report that the numbers we’re being given show even more signs than before that they are – how can one put this? – counterintuitive.

Taking them one by one, if one has a hunch that early deaths are way above normal, you’d expect the tables to be broken down by age. They aren’t.

You’d also expect (given the convention of tying virus deaths to within a month of diagnosis) ONS would do something similar in relation to vaccinations. They don’t: you have to ask for it, and so yesterday I was told that, out of 11,227 weekly deaths in England and Wales, 23 deaths were recorded as probably vaccine related. They don’t have the figure by age (too small a sample cell) and they don’t have any data on adverse vaccine reactions at all “because PHE do that”.

If that figure of 23 strikes you as a tad on the low side, you’ll be equally shocked by the figures showing that out of 11,227 stiffs, 671 “involved” Covid – a figure of roughly 6%. That’s abnormally high given that Worldometer shows how 484 million cases globally resulted in 6 million deaths….a rate of 1.25%.

This has been a pertinent oddity in the figures from Day 1; viz, NarrativeGates has been high in virus deaths, low in vaccine deaths. Ask why, and the answer is that the stats “may include cases where the doctor completing the death certificate diagnosed possible cases of coronavirus based on relevant symptoms, but no test was conducted.” I wonder what temptations are involved in either not reporting a vaccine connection or guessing high on Covid19 deaths….until I recall the large number of US, French, Greek and UK health professional sources who told me from late 2020 onwards that over-recording of Covid fatality was rife, and in turn alleged that, from Spring 2021, little or no notice was taken when frontline health workers reported bad reactions to the Moderna and Pfizer products.

Once one gets into putting “a good spin” onto these kind of data, the contradictions just get silly. For example, if the vaccines work, why are our death rates so high compared to, say, India and black Africa where they don’t have vaccines and just use Ivermectin? If 23 people were killed by the “vaccines” but the virus death rate quadrupled, why weren’t the drugs withdrawn immediately? (We’re not just talking about the US and UK here: exactly the same things are suggested by the stats coming out of Austria and Greece, where the immediate reaction of the State was not to withdraw the drugs, but to mandate them)

The silly-bonkers illogic goes on and on: the Covid death figures are conflated to re-energise the drive to get full herd vaccination, but then – in both France and Britain – all the hygiene, distancing and social contact fascism is removed. This happened because BoJo came under intense backbench pressure (and involved in a ‘lockdown partying’ scandal) while Macron faces an imminent Presidential election. The motive is very clearly the creation of a feelgood factor: it has nothing whatever to do with a “public health issue”.

So then…..what hard evidence do we have to suggest that several coats of irremoveable whitewash might have been added to the figures coming out? What alternative sources are there?

During February 2022, the international recording and vigilance agency Frontiers in Health published a report (fully peer reviewed) on such evidence. Their conclusions have not exactly set the world alight, for the simple reason that mainstream media have studiously ignored them. This seems odd given that (a) the conclusions are hugely disturbing and (b) in the interim, the US Congress and Judiciary forced Pfizer and Moderna to release their product formulations – revealing extraordinary similarities of content and their clear failure to declare the presence of graphene oxide debris therein. (In short, they lied their asses of, and both companies then tried to seal the secrets for 99 years).

This was FiH’s conclusion:

‘In the present investigation a higher risk of reporting serious adverse outcomes was observed for the COVID-19 vaccines in comparison to influenza vaccines deployed during 2020 and 2021. Individuals age 65 and older were associated with a higher frequency of death, hospitalisations, and life-threatening reactions than individuals age 18–64 years [and] the largest absolute risks related to COVID-19 vaccines corresponded to allergic, constitutional reactions, dermatological, gastrointestinal, neurological, and localised and non-localised pain. The largest relative risks between COVID-19 vs. influenza vaccines were observed for allergic reactions, arrhythmia, general cardiovascular events, coagulation, haemorrhages, constitutional, gastrointestinal, ocular, sexual organs reactions, and, in particular, thromboembolic events. Further clinical investigations are needed to identify both specific and common biological pathophysiological mechanisms across the different vaccine platforms, and to assess the relative safety between the different COVID-19 vaccines currently being deployed’.

In other words, all the coagular, arrhythmic, clotting and heart damage symptoms we’ve been watching. I invite you to go all Google, and observe one pack of lies after another denying that any of the above is correct. The only differences between FiH and the MSM fat chequers are that the former organisation has no ulterior motives, and the latter paint a jolly little Easter card bearing no relation to reality.

But are the risks identified worth it? Do these immunisers work? Here is some less than helpful information from the Australian government:

‘Vaccination is the term used for getting a vaccine — that is, actually getting the injection or taking an oral vaccine dose. Immunisation refers to the process of both getting the vaccine and becoming immune to the disease following vaccination.’

No shit? The point the Aussies are making here (because in the days before mRNA, all vaccines immunised) is that in 2022, we have to live with the reality that mRNA might not vaccinate you at all, and if you’re really lucky you get to enter Heaven early as well. We’re back in Room 101, with Winston’s tormentor insisting he has eleven fingers on each hand.

So let’s return to being real: vaccinations are given solely to bestow immunity. If you take a vaccine against typhoid and then shit your brains out of your rear, ask for your money back before you die. You know it makes sense: don’t comply, complain.

Er….no, said the CDC early in 2020 (my emphasis):

‘Some people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 will still get sick and have a vaccine breakthrough infection because no vaccine is 100% effective.’

You seen what they done there? They set up a New Medical Order for Australia to follow, by italicising vaccine as not necessarily producing immunity….and giving Covid19 magical powers of breakthrough infection. I mentioned this to my British epidemiology contact in Beijing at the time, and he observed, “If Nineteen is that smart, then first up, no vaccine is going to work, and second, chances are the virus was made in a lab”.

It’s called IABATO – The Slog’s call-sign: It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official. The PCR test was useless as a diagnostic tool, so the asymptomatic patient was born. Just like after 2012 there was a jobless recovery. Eventually, even Fauci the Mad realised he couldn’t get away with it, and so the PCR test was quietly dropped. (Although not by Macron the Emmerder – he ditched the reliable lateral flow test and kept the PCR. Don’t imagine he won’t use it to create panic again once he’s back in the Elysée Palace. Um, public health issue?)

Last week, Hillary Clinton (allegedly fully jabbed) tested positive for Covid. Last year, the equally well-protected Manny Macron, Prince Charles, Camilla Park ‘n’ Ride and Boris Johnson also tested positive. Boris is fully jabbed, has actually survived Covid, and been boosted. But he self-isolated anyway. Go figure.

So talking of figures, are there any we can trust re this one?

As soon as we start to drill into this one, there are some shocking anomalies. The US State sponsored site KFF for example (‘Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues‘) comments as follows:

‘Compared to those who are unvaccinated, a small share (15%) of hospital admissions for COVID-19 between June and September involve people who were fully vaccinated against the disease….’

Hang on a minute KFF, when it comes to medical efficacy, a failure rate of 1 in 6 isn’t “a small share”, it’s a crock of doo-doo. Put together all those major instances of appalling side-effects (and revisit the 99.9% safety of Ivermectin): where are we? The answer is, “There is no way the risk is worth it when the alternative is an out of copyright, highly stable management drug, proven to be effective in terms of both cost and reduction of death rate”.

Go back once again to ‘Do No Evil’ Google, and you’ll find all the usual highly suspect Chequered Fuckers churning out numbers that just don’t make sense: only 1 in 5,000 vaccinated people later get Covid, unvaccinated people are twenty times more likely to die of Covid, no one under 70 has died having received two doses of vaccine…..on and on it goes, pumped out by the usual distributors of fear – Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, CBC, ABC, and the BBC. The ‘twenty times more likely to die’ doesn’t even bear the most cursory analysis: numbers like that are unknown, because nobody could possible know them. The definition of a Covid case, death and comorbidity is so hopelessly compromised, one might as well say, “Eat faeces, fifty quadrillion flies can’t be wrong”.

The NWO Establishment is treating you as if you might be an educationally sub-normal gnat. I return to my secular belief in the metaphysical-cum-Buddhist assertion that Everything Is Connected. If it doesn’t immunise reliably, cripples unacceptably large numbers of otherwise vital people and is being bankrolled by the Pentagon, chances are that it’s not a vaccine….chances are, in fact, that it’s a bioweapon. If the US and Chinese military élites cooperated (as they did) in the development of Covid in a Wuhan lab – direct from a huge success at Fort Detrick – chances are the gain of function they sought was depopulation, not vaccination. And if a Russian leader profoundly concerned about what the Pentagon is up to in neo-Nazi Ukraine decides to invade and take out both the labs and the centre of Graphene production, chances are his intelligence info about US NGOs collecting Russian DNA samples is probably right.

A research study carried out among the French electorate this week shows that – despite the incessant pro Zelenskyy propaganda being pumped out by EU and Anglo-Saxon mass media – 52% support what Putin is doing.

That’s why I’m still arguing strongly for a concerted Opposition to the EuroDollar digitalisation crooks. It’s an idea whose time has come.

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