Bricsam mortar: the way to win in the fight for humanity

The undeclared war on the human race can only be won by turning to the Dollar’s enemies for help

Shurely shome mistake?

Seems like a fairly run-of-the-mill story. The vaccines aren’t vaccines, so Hitlery set a good example – but she got Covid anyway.

Er….Killary setting a good example? Maybe she took a saline shot (having been briefed on the graphene trash thang) and so now she has Covid, serve her right the nasty old bat.

Which one is the Truth? The trick answer is – probably – both of them: the vaccines don’t work, and she shot up with salt water.

So there are two elements in play here: confusion about what happened, and lies. This kind of sums up what we’ve all watched unfolding over the last two and a half years. Confusion is sown by a wide variety of contradictory “news” overload, and this generates fear. Having invented a bogey-man by means of demonising lies, this fear is then augmented. People don’t know what to think, so they stop thinking….and just obey.

The first bogey man was Covid19. It was a deadly pandemic. The State invented an antidote that only they could provide – a bioweapon. It invented a hero in the shape of Anthony Fauci.

The second bogey-man was Putin. A madman who would sooner or later turn to nuclear weapons. The State revitalised an antidote that only they could provide – EUNATO as a standing army. Its own secret weapon was the same stuff they told us eighteen months ago was a vaccine – in eleven biolabs around Ukraine, targeted at Russian DNA. It invented a hero in the shape of Volodamor Zelenskyy.

The third bogeyman will be unstable currencies and the collapse of market capitalism. This will be blamed on Putin, with a side order of vilification for Germany which was “too soft” on the crazy batshit-eating monster Rasputin, and welched on the debt owed to those nice hedge fund blokes. The State will present its antidote to the resultant hyperinflation in the shape of a Great Digital Reset that will leave us with nothing on account of most of us being dead. It will remind us all what a visionary hero Klaus Schwab is.

Trust me on this one: what they did to Greece was a dry run for this….and I was there, watching it happen.

The smug, selfishly unconcerned Haves will probably work it out in the end. Some of them already have, but are keeping quiet about it. There will be a scramble to get inside the stockade (by the remainder who are still fit because they stuck to one shot) on the coat-tails of the transhuman Herrenvolk.

Here’s the conclusion I’ve reached about the Haves: most of them are neutral about, or in favour of, the Great Cull. They will head to quiet corners of the stockade and keep a low profile.

Only the HaveNots will help to resist the seemingly inevitable. There are two types of Havenots:

  • Those in the First World – the entrepreneurs, artisans, downtrodden ‘bames’ and small business owners – who have resisted chemicals they don’t trust and know they’re going to be financially shafted by the élite, because that’s what always happens to them.
  • The Second and Third World ‘Brics’ who have no intention of playing the CIA’s Almighty Dollar Billionaire’s game. The Brics have now become the Bricsam – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and Mexico. These are the people who want a Rouble-Remnimbi to challenge Washington-sur-Langley’s grip on global transactions and liquidity. They stand in the way of Deep State global hegemony, and so the maniacs with the power in the US want them gone. They grasp that virus, vaccines, biolabs, graphene, incessant media lies and confusion, puppets like Macron, Trudeau or Zelenskyy and mRNA weapons are all tools towards that end objective.

When you’re outnumbered 8 to 1, it’s not fair-weather allies you need: it’s those who know – as you do – that they face an existential threat.

I’ll give you a run-down of the sort of people here in France whom I regard as allies – because when the creation queues were formed for IQ and common sense, they went for the latter quotient first. Sophie and Ava, both working single mothers selling houses; Ian the boiler man who fixes badly designed “automatic” hot water and ch supply disasters; neighbours Jean-Pierre and Yvette who grow their own bio food because they don’t trust farmers to tell the truth; Dave and Janet who know that “They” shouldn’t need hardsell and economic blackmail to sell a “saviour” elixir; and new friend Eliane because she has a diplomatic background and lives on a tight budget. We’re all unvaxxed, and all on exactly the same page as regards the dystopian strategy and tactics.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to win over the last two months, and the bottom line is this: we have to change sides, stop seeing ourselves as the First World freedom-fighters going down in a blaze of neutered glory, and get ourselves trusted by those Second and Third Worlds who (in so many ways) have no reason to trust us at all.

If I have to fight and leave the last bullet for myself, then very reluctantly I will do it in the end. But before this heinous century got going, my life had not been devoted to gallant and glorious failure: call it egotism if you like, but you don’t retire at 52 by coming Second. I may primarily compete with myself, but I am a winner.

There is no ambition without ego.

Glorious failure is not an option: I know these narcissistic simpletons see themselves as Masters of the Universe; but that is a sign of mental illness, not a reality. We face some difficult hurdles, but at least they aren’t hard to define:

The very reason we need to look to the Brics is because there ain’t no 7th Cavalry in the First World.

  • We need a much bigger audience that isn’t shadow-banned or open to deplatforming.
  • The era of the lone blogger is coming to a close.
  • The entire 1in8 Front needs its own P2P internet and some financial support to build a separate infrastructure.
  • The bottom line is that the hopelessly indebted  first world intends to pauperise us & digitalise (aka steal) such assets as we have. We need more “clout” to get them squabbling among themselves and worried about greater awareness of their plans.
  • The 1in8 using a common go-to portal will do that far better than a billion censored bloggers.

What will all or some of this achieve?

If handled cleverly, it will put Western social media under pressure. If there are 1.2 billion humans reading about the same vaxx death stats or seeing evidence of Ukranian biolab research or reading the full strength on Biden family corruption all at the same time, that in turn will give the MSM a far bigger wave to resist and deny.

Above all – and I know it’s a toughie – this is very much a question of we the First World privileged taking a decision about those with whom we really identify.

Only harvesting the critical mass of genuinely alternative media is going to send the right signals to resistors, and the right warnings to the lunatics. This from my valued colleague Amy Boone yesterday afternoon:

This is a less than veiled reference aimed at Germany and Brussels, basically saying “If you want all my debt to be dollar-denominated, then you’ll have to pay for your gas in roubles”. He is reiterating what I wrote here two days ago: if you want me to default, then fine – bring it on – I’m not going to pay in dollars if you freeze my assets….but you’ll be left with the bill, not Washington”.

“Z”, by the way, is the go-to call sign now for those (70% of Russians) who see their President as standing up to the New World Order. Yesterday, Biden’s ratings hit 40%: so where is régime change more likely now?

I do not for a second see Vladimir Putin as Snow White. But if you ask who I’d choose as the defender of spiritual humanity against transhumanist maniacs, he’d be it. Nobody else has the brain and the clout to be fast on his feet and telling in his condemnation.

The one enormous bluebottle in this ointment remains China. The one thing that has always been a truism about Chinese diplomacy (whatever régime is running that vast and varied country) is ‘observe events and only make a move when you have to’. Beijing clearly cooperated in the development of Covid19, and now they are equally clearly supporting Russia by sending arms to Putin. It all smacks of letting the other two knock each other out; and of course, it’s hard to ignore the Chinese civil rights record.

But if you need a genuine threat to dollar and MSM hegemony, you won’t get very far without China. And the other possibility – that it needs markets for its goods and is therefore trying to keep a sort of global ‘quadrophonic balance’ – is a very real one. Beijing has produced its own mRNA products and has WHO emergency sign-off for them. But it’s never used them – and two months ago China said it would rely on older drugs. The régime has protested vociferously about the use of mRNA biolabs by the US around the world. There’s no doubt they know the labs are developing bio-weapons.

It’s a very imperfect world we live in; but whatever one’s view of China and Putin, it would be a lot better and safer if Unelected States, the CIA, Davos and financialised bourse capitalism were things of the past. Break eggs, get omelettes.

That’s my two-pennorth. I will leave you to contemplate this morning’s nonsense in the Smellynaff:

Shurely shome mishtake?