Opposition to the US$ hegemony is far from being a pipe-dream. Via energy transactions, new hybrid currencies are forming around the Ruble, and there is no shortage of enthusiasm in the Second and Third Worlds. The First World resistance has blown it: better to be a traitor to the unelected surveillance State than farting against thunder in Europe.

In more ways than one, the MSM and health bureaucrat/intelligence communities surpassed themselves over the last thirty-six hours. Sometimes we would all do well to accept that, in the end – if the Fat Dystopian Controllers keep up this level of bile, hate, demonisation and association of those who oppose mRNA bioweapons in general alongside the sanctification of all things Ukrainian in particular – there won’t just be attitude shifts in favour of their encitement of violence, there will be behavioural consequences. Three weeks of presenting Putin as a mad dog, baby-guzzling Satan was enough for several EU journalistic clowns to start suggesting it was OK to assassinate him; and naturally, it wasn’t long before Zuckerberg said that hate rallies against those we don’t like are perfectly permissible, because this billionaire dickhead has probably never read any Orwell….or if he has, saw it as good advice to help him on his way to Universal mastery.

To any longterm student of communications persuasion, such a vigilante outcome is obvious. The definitive work on the Weimar Republic by the German historians Manvell and Frankel recorded how – while Krystallnacht as an event was very clearly Nazi-State provoked – the smashing of Jewish shop windows very soon became an acceptable form of German à la mode leisure activity.

Sooner or later, some innocent soothsayers on the subject of vaccination lies and Ukrainian glorification are going to wind up dead as a result of whoring “journalistic” lies. I sincerely hope that this selfish action haunts the hacks for the remainder of their wasted lives.

Perhaps that is in and of itself hate. If so, let me tell you that I spent most of the last 36 hours spending some R&R with a girlfriend in Perigord, enjoying conversation that didn’t involve tongue-biting every ten minutes, but was a haven without news lies, and restaurant cuisine sans masque that was a rare joy – not least because the maitre d’ was a French character straight from central casting for the loveable villain in one of Simenon’s Maigret novels. (He was also a doppelganger for Bill Murray of Groundhog Day fame)

But at the only other table – seating a celebration of unknown nature – was a family of bourgeois folks just gagging for Putin to be blown away as soon as possible. It didn’t spoil the evening (we both giggled away quietly) but it did remind me that recuperation is there to fight the good fight, not to make a permanent flight from horrific reality.

Picking up on that point, in the most recent post here, I argued that – in the absence of any constitutional Rule of Law in the West – we the 1in8 should turn to open support for those who will only allow Digitalised Dystopian Dollar hegemony over their dead bodies. These are firstly, those living at bottom of the heap in the West – artisans, farm labourers, taxi drivers, cleaners, carers and so forth; and secondly, those living beyond the West (as in ‘First World’ West) in the emerging economies referred to more and more these days as the Bricsam – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and Mexico.

To spell out the pun, the idea is that – say – if Western proles and media activists engage more directly with the Second and Third Worlds, we will have Bricsam Mortar to build an alternative world where perverted financialised capitalism with top-down oligarchic theft gives way to a more mutualised model with infinitely more power devolved to local levels.

Or put starkly, I think most 1in8ers would rather be the social mortar that glues together a better culture than have some genocidal banker steal their property and savings.

So having been through the thirty-three comments, I was a little disappointed to see almost no specific discussion about how Bricsam Mortar might actually work in practice. And I wondered if the reader majority – the “lurkers” – reacted with a shrug and a, “Nice idea but it in’t gonnoo ‘appen is it?”

First have the dream, then develop the strategy, then think about the most effective execution of it. But don’t write off a dream as onanistic navel-gazing. Precisely what I was talking about in the last post is already beginning to happen….and no surprises about who’s leading it.

Three days ago, ‘Constitutional Nobody’ posted at 21st Century Wire in exactly the terms I’m talking about:

‘Russian President Vladimir Putin may have just pulled one of the most adroit strategic moves in living memory – one which has the potential to rock the US dollar’s long-held privileged position as an unassailable world reserve currency.

Putin announced that from now on, Russia will only accept payments in their own currency, rubles, for any future gas deliveries to “unfriendly countries.” Presumably, this would include all EU members, the US, and anyone else who is dutifully going along with Washington’s orders on sanctioning Russia.

“I have decided to implement a set of measures to transfer payment for our gas supplies to unfriendly countries into Russian rubles,” said Putin this afternoon during a televised government address.’

USSA News added:

‘Immediately after the announcement, the Russian ruble shot up in value against the dollar, hitting  a three-week high at 110, before settling down to 103 just before close. Experts believe this may be the beginning of a steady climb in value for the Russian currency as it will now official achieve the status of reserve currency – held perpetually in foreign banks in order to settle rolling purchases of major commodities, especially oil and gas. Meanwhile, the US dollar will steadily decline in value as a result of shrinking demand.’

USSAN may well be getting ahead of itself with that last prediction, but the Ruble’s climb is very real indeed. And in selling his oil to India (a fellow Bricsam) Vladimir Putin has introduced a new hybrid trading currency, the Rupee-Ruble.

It’s pretty clear that Putin’s coup has rattled some cages, because – amusingly – fake news central characters Bloombust, Reuters, CNN and the New York Times all blanked the move, reporting that EUNATO had “turned down the Russian President’s suggestion” of buying his oil with Rubles. Oh dear: there’s no sign in any of this that naughty-boy at the back of the class was asking Teacher’s permission to sell Russian oil. These people really aren’t very bright.

But let’s examine for a minute how this smart energy/payment counterattack may well start to shift the geopolitical balance.

I spent four months in India over 2017-18, and talking to well-connected and aware locals at the time, it was taken as read that the Indian leader Modi was in the CIA’s pocket. But after the Gates trials fiasco and the preference for Ivermectin over the mRNA/Graphene killing formulation, the Establishment there decided they had enough of Western “help”. A week is a long time in Indian politics, but the oil deal with Putin after the lies about Covid – so far – have been enough to put a CIA capture into reverse.

That’s not dreaming in the clouds: that’s having a dream and then making it happen.

Meanwhile, back at the Ukranchni, things get curiouser and curiouser. Democratic hero Villmyboots ‘3 y’s’ Zelenskyy has just banned all those nasty Opposition Parties who unpatriotically ask how his $1.2bn fortune was amassed in three years flat. Villmyboots told the media that he has hit the Russian invader with “such powerful blows” he’s asked Putin again to negotiate a peace deal – the way you do when you’re winning. The Smellynaff therefore leads this morning with Putin “about to withdraw after weeks of stalemate”.

Impressed by Zelenskyy’s skills in whopper-telling, Boris temporarily forgot he was a NATO member and sent 6,000 missiles to Kyiv, as well as inviting 150,000 Ukrainian refugees to come and live in Britain. Knowing as we all do how principled and honest the average Ukulele is, what on Earth could go wrong? Nothing really, as the Reset plan is to render every nation bankrupt – so, werden wir alle nichts haben und sehr glücklich sein, nicht? And don’ worree boot a ting, because the latest grateful migrants are all being “vaccinated” and thus will probably be dead by 2024.

The Smellynaff has at last given up asking me to renew my subscription to its organ, so I assume their strategy is to put me entirely in the dark one day soon. It feels more like light at the end of the tunnel to me.

Enough of this gentle wit – it’s just another way of demonstrating that ‘stay and fight’ in the EUUNATO (or the US) is a busted flush as an approach. I’m thinking about arranging some sort of podcast phone-in for people to air their views and ideas about the practicalities involved in going full-on anti-Dollar. Not usually my thing, but times change and we need some mortar rather than mortar-board ethereal philosophy to be applied.

I’m off to cut some grass.

Until soon, then.