False flags, figments and fantasies among the 1in8

Examine the motives of those you see as allies. A closer view might identify them as another species of equally poisonous snake.

From the very beginning of the Viruvax farrago, I felt there was a major flaw in the depopulation/digitalised money/New World Order/Great Reset “plan”. This lay in the mad folks’ warped view of global psychographics*.

Their overall Weltanschauung of psychological typologies was not only simplistic, it seemed to me to be based on the wrong criteria – given that the bizarre Global-Elitist-Red-Green-financial-heist ideologue dictators are clearly into top-down bellowing rather than any meaningful social contract based on citizen consent.

The ‘1in8’ term I use on this site is itself a typology I would characterise as suspicious, realistic, contrarian, independent – and stubbornly unwilling to accept accounts of events or interpretation thereof unless the observed actions, motives, cultural mores, history and physical evidence make sense of it all. Wherever you look around the “free” world, the twelve per cent (1in8) figure for all such people is remarkably consistent. Only in countries until recently subject to totalitarian mealy-mouthed excuses and doctrinaire syntax do we find a much higher percentage of cautious cynicism about “what’s going on behind the scenes”. By and large, the more likely bourgeois conformists are to see the State working in their interests, the more easily they are convinced that only bogey-men, conspiranoids and the mentally ill really wish them harm. For them, lines about ‘anti-vaxxer nutjobs’, ‘BBC-knockers’, ‘fringe truckers’, ‘mad-dog Putin’ and ‘Trumpian insurrectionists’ play very well and find instant acceptance.

So one is left asking the question, “As these are the people who accept Boris’s word, believe medicine is peopled solely by Florence Nightingales, buy into Zelenskyy’s santification and rush out ever-eager to be jabbed and boosted, why would the 0.01% want all the obedient drongoes killed by bioweaponry masquerading as vaccine….with all the awkward complainants left alive?”

There are, I think, two possible answers to that enigma. The first is that the top-Wally psychos have assumed that – if push comes to shove – they can simply round up the hard-core Resistance, and place them in “correction centres”….aka, death camps….and persuade the jabbed Zombies to help them do it. There is, for example, no shortage of evidence to suggest that this is precisely what Justin Trudeau has in mind for those Canadians who don’t buy into his Davos fantasies. In fact, I think the real mafiosi running this operation wildly overestimate their ability to pull that stunt off: the Zombies are indeed naive enough to comply, but the committed libertarians and proles won’t go quietly.

However, there is a second possibility to which I’ve given some thought from time to time over the last two years. This is that the BSDs (Big Swinging Dicks) do indeed grasp the reality of psychographics*, and would be happy to include the 1in8 in their New World Order.

Put brutally, they too regard the Jacinda Arderns, Intrudeaus, Schwabs, pc-merchants, LGBTQIs and Green naifs as Useful Idiots (to coin Lenin’s term) – and do recognise there will be no progress as long as there are BBC ‘progressive’ nitwits drivelling on about settled science…alongside clowns who can’t tell the difference between graphene nanodebris and an efficacious vaccine.

Under this scenario, the depopulators see a global population of 936 million (where most of us are getting very well rewarded for offering educated, cosmopolitan advice to them) as a near as damnit perfect solution. And this is really what they always wanted.

*Just be absolutely clear, the term psychographic does not refer to the explicit wet dreams of psychos; rather, it is a division of Homo sapiens into a spectrum of psychologically driven attitudes and behaviours ranging from blindly obedient compliance to Luddite resistance.

Don’t get me wrong here: the more one thinks about this interpretation, the less sense it makes. For a start, it’s based on the silly idea that those who want to control the planet in order to feed their own Demigod narcissism might actually have a balanced view on the nature of existence. And secondly, it seems highly unlikely that the Resetters would have devoted so much time to demonising the 1in8 if the end outcome they required was to have their loyalty as a worldwide fix-it class.

But nevertheless, the intriguing possibility remains – via cockup, snafu and the law of unintended consequences – that’s where we might end up.

How many people, I wonder, can put hand on heart and say they would refuse point-blank to work with the victors?

We need to examine all those we see as “allies” rather more closely. Recent years have hammered home to me the reality that there are not only some very bend-with-the-wind guys and gals out there….but even worse, some very plausible soi-disant radical reformers and ‘fight ’til the last bullet’ proclaimers who are more part of the problem than in any way likely to solve it.

This goes further than just those with an infuriating capacity to believe in the good intentions of thoroughly bad eggs. To be as specific as I can in order to avoid accusations of “stereotyping” (a verb in and of itself used to bury the more empirically accurate noun “archetype”) the loud sofa-bound mouths on social media predicting blood on the streets and a guillotine in every village square never include themselves among those they feel should be manning the barricades.

Then there are the alternative Moonies: those who want you to swap your overheated NWO frying pan for their roaring fire of belief in A Better Way. They’ll flatter your confused ego by suggesting that you’ve been ‘biologically selected’, but what they really mean is “Wasn’t it clever of you to find us?”

Equally, narcissists who pride themselves on being ahead of the pack when it comes to the search for a safe haven display little or no sympathy for those less able to be that flexible. There is an air of superiority to their assessment that is quintessentially self-seeking. Not too far below the surface, they are frightened little children seeking Big Daddy protection. They do not take risks…and they will sell everyone down the river to avoid it. In fact, they’ll sell everything – including themselves – for sanctuary.

These three distinct typologies – the lazy sofa-dwelling barricadistas, the Start Again zealots and the cunning haven-seekers – are all (if you’ll allow my irony) the real false flags. They run, respectively, the Tricolore, the Year Zero and the White signs up the flagpole. But history teaches us that they lead to Napoleon, Pol Pot and Vichy France.

You always know where you are with these people – they always let you down: respectively, they don’t turn up, or they turn into fanatics….or they turn you inside out in a bid to make you feel weak and them strong.

Does this post lead to any useful advice? I hope so. Listen up people because here it comes:

The only measure that matters in any culture is an audit of whether every human individual citizen’s full personal potential to make a positive contribution to the whole is being realised in a way that inspires their independence from the State alongside an unswerving allegiance to it.

With everyone you meet virtually or physically from here on, this is the only question worth asking: do they care about the socially anthropological contract balance between humane sympathy for the Underdog and the non-negotiable protection of free thought?

I’m relaxed at last about the contacts, acquaintances, encounters but above all friends I want to seek out going forward.

If you’re a systemically obsessed Marxist, a narrow-minded humanist, a settled believer, a manipulative liar or a loudhailer addicted dwarf, this is not the epoch for you….and you should give up on The Slog, because it will only annoy you.

The conclusions of this Slogpost are respectfully dedicated to Jim, Irish Christo, Greek Christo, Amy, Helena, Eleni, Brian, Anita, Eliane, Hamish, Nannypicker, Emmo, Liguia, Glyn, Citizen Smith, Eleftheria, Morag, Lorraine, Sophia, Jerezana, Domenicadelia, rtj, Roger, Bernie, Lesley, Paul & all the thousands of other people whose support, sympathy, hearts, minds and common sense are in the right mode to be defenders of enquiring Humanity.