What next?

Whore ‘cartoonist’ in bloodbath horror

Long-suffering followers of this site will already know my views on Times State lackey Peter Brookes. I stumbled across the above turd on Facebook yesterday morning. I’m bound to observe it was getting generally enthusiastic applause. Oh dear: this feeble agitprop is a Day One idea disobeying all the Page One guidelines of cartoon excellence….that’s to say, it is predictable, utterly inaccurate, about as funny as multiple sclerosis, one dimensional and – above all – the worst kind of slimey, élité-arse-licking obscenity. It reminds me of the Jew-demonising Goebbels-approved efforts that appeared regularly in Der Stürmer, the Nazi in-house rag of 1930s Germany.

There is something about Brookes that, over the years, I’ve become increasingly concerned about – viz, he’s lost his mind. I could say he lost his talent along with it, but he never had any to lose.

I feature it today because – following on from the previous Slogpost – Mr Brookes is exactly the kind of “false flag” I was talking about: he must be a mordant lampooning satirist, right, because he draws cartoons and hates dictators. Where is the edgy satire in this wooden statement above? Why no mention of biolabs? Macron hypocrisy? Zelenskyy corruption? German appeasement? Boris Johnson’s enthusiastic Skripal lies?

Nope: Peter Brookes is a prostitute who can draw likenesses. Er, that’s it.

Oh for the days of Gerald Scarfe (left) depicting Harold Wilson pulling at LBJ’s rear entry. Now Scarfe was a bloke who could make a point with style, wit and splattered venom – and show the good taste to have married Jane Asher, quite one of the most delightful ladies you could wish to meet. There wasn’t an editor in Fleet Street who would “control” Scarfe, because in those days they treasured outrageous honesty. Brookes isn’t even ‘controlled opposition’ like Smears Moron: he is a State mouthpiece probably worthy of his own MI6 controller.

We have lost all of this refreshingly open past. But 88% of Brits don’t care – or daren’t break either ranks or silence. As I keep trying to remind readers, we are the 1in8. There is a lot more emmerding to come down the road yet. What next, for God’s sake?

The first convoy coming down that road is more control. Continuing on the media-cowardice theme, the real situation in Ukraine is that the Biden family’s corruption there is coming out (and no longer being called ‘Russian disinformation’), the Pentagon’s use of the country as a bioweaponry development region has become clear, and Macron’s real interest in a cease-fire is not entirely unrelated to his own involvement in similar hanky-panky in that country. Equally obvious among the better informed is that Zelenskyy is a craven false God busy enriching himself as a NATO/Neo-Nazi puppet…and not the Superhero ludicrously depicted in the Anglo-Saxon media. One again, Boris Jobsdone is hugely implicated in the EUNATO parrot-sketch whereby Zelenskyy is “winning”, but only nailing his claws to the perch is hiding the fact that he is a dead parrot.

What we see no sign at all of is due process bringing the guilty to book. The US and EU media either continue to blank every Courtroom exhibit, or cling to narratives that simply don’t make sense. This is particularly true of France, where the President faces a reelection campaign…but you could be forgiven for asking, “Where the beef?”

Just as we had the Jobless Recovery, the Deathless Pandemic, the Unvoted US President and the Non-immunising Vaccines, so we have now arrived here in the Gallic hexagon at the Debateless Election.

Macron’s affiche soundbite says “All of us”. As to whether this means all of us are fed up, all of us are afraid to take our masks off, all of us prefer the Old Normal or all of us secretly want to suck Black cock is anyone’s guess…and far be it from me to gossip. The point is, what the President really means is, “None of us are keen on any of the alternatives to meeeee”.

This coming Sunday is the voting day for Round 1 of Le Presidentielle – did you know that? – and there are twelve runners. With just three days to go, the last polls published yesterday (7th April) by CNews show Macron in the lead with 26%, followed by Marine Le Pen on 22% and Jean-Luc Mélenchon likely to get 16% of all votes cast.

But consider what has not been debated (or shown to be delineators between the candidates):

  1. Future policy on Covid19 in general and “vaccinations” in particular
  2. WhatTF is going on in Ukraine (although 52% of French adults prefer to believe Putin not Zelensky)
  3. How a post-Brexit EU is going to be financed without UK cash-cow money, and treasury-emptying/economy bashing Covid measures.

The reality is that the second Round will once again feature Macron v LePen. All the signs suggest Macron will win. Only two things could change that: Macron facing disgrace as a NATO lackey in the Ukraine biolabs scandal; and LePen forging a clear alliance after next Sunday with Eric Zemmour’s voters. The chances of the latter are more slim than Angelina Jolie on an air-and-water fad diet; and I see no sign at all that the heavily controlled French MSM will wander from the NATO line on Ukraine.

Once again we must face the ironic truth: independent Resistance thinkers are not good when it comes to the uniting thing. It really is time the 1in8 realised that there’s a big difference between unity against evil, and goosestepping on the heads of the weak.

If there are no mainstream media available to offer an investigative perspective, no candidates offering an unblemished alternative future – and no signs of a strong independent judiciary to convert accusation into proven guilt – then a genuinely “democratic” election is impossible. For as Plato said 2,500 years ago, “The fundamental requirement for a functioning democracy is a fully informed electorate“.

Not only are we badly informed, we are given inaccurate and in some cases false information. Not one candidate has taken a big issue of the day and offered an alternative. Not one news station or press title has raised the accusation of French involvement in Ukrainian biowarfare. The provenance of almost everything is in doubt. The European Commission is ineluctably secretive.

Stalling is the order of the day across the globe: it’s now accepted in the US that the damning Biden dossier is genuine, and “will be released within a matter of weeks”. Why not today? How many is a matter? In Britain, most people believe that the Covid19 emergency measures are no more. The legislation is in fact completely intact, and has just been extended again. Yesterday I was sent a copy of an EU proposal to extend the notorious “Papieren bitte” legislation for a further year after June 2022; I have no way as yet of establishing its validity.

The world is going through the motions of freedom, acting out a movie of legality and engaged in a charade of sham elections. Every week there are signs that things are looking bad for the dystopians, and by the following Friday the day of reckoning has either vapourised or been postponed.

In a nutshell, how can you choose where to place your vote if you can’t trust anything they say, you have no idea how the candidates view the burning issues, no idea what stunts they might pull, and no idea what (if anything) the Opposition might do about it? It is, for sure, underwater rugby without either ball or referee.

In the broader sense, almost every controversy is a guessing game in terms of likely consequences between two actively warring, whoring and mendacious armed camps. (In truth, the guessing game is close to being a mug’s game).

So the best one can do is forget order of play timetables about ‘What next?’ and stick to some broad principles of sensible precautions to take.

Here, once again, it is important for me to write that I’m none of the following: financial advisor, day trader, property consultant, medical practitioner, political correspondent, diplomat, tax expert, accountant, techie, estate agent or investment analyst. I am not licensed to give advice informed by experience or qualifications in any of those fields of fruitless endeavour, nor should anything I say be construed as such advice. All I ever do at The Slog is, from time to time, tell you what I’m doing. Caveat emptor and all that.

The strengths I draw upon are social anthropology, psychology, marketing communications, media persuasion, market research, advertising strategy, constitutional practice, political theory, cinema, economic history, metaphysics, propaganda, a fascination with Time and Space, music, humour, incurable realism and common sense.

For at least five decades now, I have known that if I have one underlying gift, it is the ability to take confusing complexity and reduce it down to something that can be expressed in four paragraphs rather than four hundred pages littered with footnotes. The goal is distilled simplification – something far too often seen as “simplistically flakey” among management consultants, because the practitioners in that sector have a vested interest in justifying the fee by weight of tome, and conflating the size of the problem to create the rationale for further (equally expensive) investigation.

So this is where I’m at, and what I propose to do. What you do is your affair and none of my business.

Let’s examine first what appears to be in play here. It’s a global heist where (a) paper currency’s value is about to be destroyed prior to digitalised theft (b) domestic property ownership rendered unaffordable (for all but the most gigarich members of Homo sapiens) by the cost of upkeep in general and energy hyperinflation in particular – the same applies to privately owned cars (c) office buildings made in many business pursuits irrelevant by the Covid effect of teaching people they can work from home (d) commodity prices hiked to justify falsely created – and undercontrolled – inflation (e) stock markets generally massively overvalued by years of cheap money and lax regulation and finally (f) in the very short term, there is a window for “isolation” domestic property (Covid driven) and precious metals (risk-off) driven.

So, I am staying long in gold, selling my isolated main property asset at the top, buying energy ahead and storing it, not looking to buy property ever again, steering well clear of stock and commodity markets for now, looking to invest in energy-tied alternatives to the Dollar and – post property sale – converting soon-to-be-worthless sovereign currency into yet more energy purchases alongside long shelf-life and non-food consumables.

My strategy in all this is to prepare for the age of barter and buy ahead during the medium term period of hyperinflation which I now consider to be inevitable; and then use profits from that to invest in obvious bottoms (if you’ll pardon the expression) in commodities and currencies that will keep and grow their value during the massive deflation that must inevitably follow the creation of a world in which genocide has slashed the consumer pull-through by at least ninety per cent.

Of course, it is also highly likely that, when we reach that point, I shall be doolally anyway. All I can promise you is that, while I am still clear about what species I belong to, Slogposts will continue to suggest ways of toughening up the Resistance to all this crap. I am not devising ways to hide: I am looking for safe havens in which to regroup and renew concerted opposition to bonkers ideas.

This bears repeating: the biggest problem I face – day in, day out – is an unwillingness among the 1in8 to engage.

Yesterday, Helena Glass commented here to observe “I see so many issues with their plan – including how will they meat out the necessary ranchers, farmers, medical doctors, car manufacturers, construction builders, road makers plane fliers – in their ‘leftover’ population – because they sure as heck don’t know how to do diddlysquat! And second they need good breeding stock… Vaxes and nukes don’t differentiate”.

She has a point, and her blog is always worth a visit – but for myself I prefer to assume that the depopulators will go ahead with their plans come what may, and the 1in8 need to learn that soldarity against evil need not involve goosestepping thought control. To quote from Wednesday’s post here:

The only measure that matters in any culture is an audit of whether every human individual citizen’s full personal potential to make a positive contribution to the whole is being realised in a way that inspires their independence from the State alongside an unswerving allegiance to it.

John Ward is slightly on tilt at the moment, but still on a mission to build a more coherent Resistance. He is not on heat or drugs, although from time to time he is on the road to en vrac and Rouen. He is fed up of being asked to pay for the right to read lies, or vote for profoundly horrible people. He still has faith in the skilled proletariat, but has largely given up on a comfortable bourgeoisie that has difficulty in discerning the difference between vaccination and genocide.