Presidentielle: why the French connection is of truly global significance

I reject the accusation of “conspiracy theorist” in favour of “forensic analyst”. If people are up to seriously bad stuff, they will of course try to disguise it as something innocent – perhaps even highly laudable. All I do is investigate the self-absolution and see if their behaviour supports it. If and when it doesn’t, I cry foul. It used to be called investigative journalism. It still is round at my house.

There are times when the contemporary World feels like its been given a makeover by some twisted maverick Buddhist sect: there is the constant feeling of metaphysical connection that has somehow been made apparent to a minority of our species, but it is taking place in the material realm of clock-time, rather than on the razor’s edge of an eternal Now.

At times this can feel spooky. For 7/8ths of the population, it is either invisible or unacceptable; so the latter’s strategy is to tell us not that we can see what’s happening, but rather we’re seeing things. English is a remarkably subtle language, but the trick here is to dismiss us as delusional not observant. This gives the Dystopians a crude club with which to beat us… which is at one and the same time a balmy “sanity promise” that reassures the acceptors.

The club (in every sense of the word) calls us conspiracy theorists. Hence the perversion of Buddhist thought: for in their view of existence, those who can see (via the gifts of imagination and analysis) are closer to perfection than those who can’t….whereas the Resetters in our world of banal routine are out to convince the blind that insight is akin to madness.

“Get real,” they insist. Spiritual thinkers, by contrast, aver that nothing is real.

In the dark ages, heretics were burned alive. In the ideological age of the Nazis and the USSR, they were placed in mental asylums or genocidal work camps. In the wannabe Transhuman present, they might be smeared, medically culled or intensely accident prone.

Allow me to take you now on a journey of empirical connection that leads from Mariupol in the Ukraine all the way to Round 1 of the French Presidential Election tomorrow – and the fate of the sitting Rothschildian Candidate, Emmanuel Macron.

About twelve years ago – during December 2010 – Vladimir Putin made an error of judgement. He correctly concluded that the only way to avoid global hegemony for the American Empire was to develop an alternative to the US Dollar in its myriad forms. Alongside China, he floated the idea of the Yuan-Ruble for sovereign purchases of one form or another. To the horror of Wall St and Langley Virginia, a number of NATO members – including my own homeland – enthusiastically signed up for the idea….on the not unreasonable basis of preferring choice to monopoly. South American US neighbours like Brazil vowed in turn to encourage the idea.

Putin’s mistake was to be so public about it. Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne was equally indiscreet in his support. Obama’s goons registered their disapproval more privately to Downing Street, but with a venom that made a nonsense of the Special Relationship. However, over in France, Nicolas Sarkozy was equally quick to support the idea of a range of currency combos backed by gold, tech or energy depending on circumstances.

The two key pillars in US foreign policy – NATO and Dollar supremacy – were under threat here. The Fed Reserve itself was quick to lobby to this effect at the State Department, but they were kicking at an open door. Sarkozy was left in no doubt about the consequences of infidelity (he is directly related to Jackie Kennedy’s Bouvier family influence) and when Francois Hollande won the Elysées Palace in 2012, the US Unelected State chose its issue, and pointedly reminded him about the rules of the global financial Dollar game

I wrote two pieces in 2014 alleging that a Wall Street/CIA alliance was working hard to make French borrowing difficult bordering on impossible. An extract suffices to make the point:

‘….The French State incontinence when it comes to spending has for certain at last landed them in potential trouble. But just as suddenly as US bond buyers switched to ClubMed, France has been struggling this year to attract buyers of its debt. The French government debt auction last week drew the weakest demand in a decade as investors piled into Spanish and Italian securities. The yield on France’s benchmark 10-year bonds is at 2.5% now…up rapidly from a record low of 1.74% last year. After Belgium, French bonds are suddenly the worst performers among the euro region’s major issuers this year….France is in medium-term trouble – and short-term trouble if bond rates and other interest rates spike. But the uncanny coincidence of France suddenly being talked down, followed by a massive switch out of Paris into the peripheries, is counter-intuitive. In my view – and that of others with whom I have regular market contact – it smacks of directionalising.’

Continuing the reference to my Slogpost of January 2014:

‘A week ago today, Francois Hollande suddenly popped up and said something important and focused: this is what he said in the light of the hammering his debt bonds had taken in the previous fortnight: President Hollande spoke about cutting public spending by €15bn this year and a further €50bn by 2017, and about his “Responsibility Pact” to reduce charges for business and cut red tape. For a Socialist President, this was a massive conversion to l’Anglo-Saxonism‘.

Hollande had been brought to heel.

Somewhere in an obscure position in that French socialist Government, a hugely successful former Rothschild Bank alumni was observing all this at close quarters. Emmanuel Macron had decided that, if you can’t beat them, you must join them. In return, he received the unlimited support of the most powerful independent bank beyond the central banking system.

In and of themselves, these events led to a trail of increasingly blatant connection between the Anglo-Saxon powers and all those prepared to join in the global task of crushing any and all opposition to corporatocracy in general and Dollarisation in particular. Examine the record, and you will see that Macron has never wavered from his chosen course.

In an early move following his election, the new French President chose to join MI6 creature and confirmed EUNATO blocist Theresa May by bombing Assad’s Syria in retaliation for what proved to be a ludicrous false flag “chemical weapons attack on his own people”. Assad was and remains a close ally of Vladimir Putin.

When the electoral “mistake” Donald Trump got elected to the White House, Macron studiously avoided any accord with the rebellious POTUS. (As did May). In 2018 at Davos, Macrony poked fun at Donald Trump’s refusal to accept climate change science, by joking to delegates that they “have not this year invited anyone who is sceptical about global warming”.

As the viruvaccine Covid19 caper took shape in late 2019, Emmanuel Macron emerged as hardline mandatory vaccinator, threatening to “shit on” any citizen or resident of France who dared refuse the bioweapon “vaccines”. (Nor should we forget his uncomfortably close ties via Rothschild to the Big Pharma power of French combine Sanofi)

When mRNA-Graphene began to be developed as a bioweapon in the neo-Nazi Ukrainian thorn in Putin’s side, Macron joined in. The Russian occupation quickly mopped up the biolab phalanx of the US Pentagon, leaving the French President’s own biolab exposed in Mariupol – and forcing Macron to engage in frantic negotiations with the Russian leader to arrange a cease-fire there and safe passage for French citizens. (Putin did not return his calls)

A week ago, both Russian and Ukrainian sources confirmed the presence of French soldiers from the Special Operations Command fighting side by side in Mariupol with the notorious neo-Nazi Azov regiment. Clearly, there is stuff in the Gallic biolab that Manny doesn’t want to fall into Russian hands.

So here’s the bottom line: 52% of French voters have more sympathy with Vlad the Lad than Zelenskyy of the multiple Ys and lies; Marine Le Pen has consistently called Macron out as a lackey of Dollar globalist greed; and the brand new poll yesterday in France suggests she may yet pip the post on the President in the First Round.

Hardly surprising, then, that the French MSM has completely blanked everything in relation to Macron’s complicity in forced vaccination (he relaxed all Covid restrictions in a naked attempt to create a feelgood factor) and Ukrainian bioweaponry development specifically targeted with Russian DNA in mind.

But be in no doubt: Emmanuel Macron is a fully paid-up NWO hegemonist. And that’s why the trail that leads from Mariupol to tomorrow’s French ballot boxes is not only important: far from being a conspiracy theory, it’s forensic evidence of where his loyalties lie.