There had to be fear, human pleasure centres in the brain and tough control in order to create the right level of unease and social deprivation to tempt the citizenry to become guinea pigs in the name of one unremarkable flu-like virus. A vile combination of socio-economic blackmail, false danger creation and herd promises have helped pull off the scam; but was the aim simply depopulation – or more the military wing of global hegemony in action? The Slog examines new data in search of second thoughts.

We could do a lot worse than start deconstructing ‘Covid as health threat’ with the ugly element of State control. Here’s something to confirm what I’ve been boffing on about since March 2020. It’s an updated medical summary of why all masks are a complete and utter waste of time and money.

The vast bulk of Covid19 infectious aerosols easily penetrate common masks because 90% of the aerosols are less than 1/17th the size of pores in the finest surgical masks, and less than 1/80th the size of pores in the finest cloth masks. Furthermore, aerosols are light enough to stay airborne for minutes or hours, and so they also travel freely through gaps around the edges of cloth and surgical masks.

Governments brought in mask mandates based on the assumption that Covid19 is mainly transmitted by large droplets generated by coughing, sneezing, and spittle. Why they made such an assumption is baffling: any qualified virologist or epidemiologist could have told them this was highly unlikely in a Coronavirus. Eventually, the CDC and WHO quietly admitted in spring 2021 that masks are useless against aerosol spread. It has also since emerged that breathing too much of your own CO² causes headaches, larynx allergies and – in some healthcare settings – actually increases the likelihood of Covid infection – especially among older people with other pathogens.

So in short, we can probably observe with some degree of safety that most if not all major governments have known the truth about masks for at least eighteen months. But they not only did nothing to overturn the myth, they sowed confusion about it. Now if your only concern was to minimise a threat to public health, why on Earth would you do that? I mean, in a genuine plague situation, would you run full page ads headed, “We’re all gonna die”?

In turn, would you give Global Pharma carte blanche immunity from prosecution regardless of guilt or innocence? Consider the following….

Healthcare overall is an expensive business at the best of times, but the profit margins involved spell out pretty clearly where the fat cats live. In the US, the average hospital has a profit on turnover of just 4.1%. The industry average for Big Pharma is 21.6%, and running it a close second is biotechnology at 19.5%. GPs and OAP care homes lose money. One wonders who got paid (and how much) for developing (a) Covid19 and (b) mRNA messenger “vaccines”. (These margins are after tax by the way)

These guys are custodians of the W C Fields mantra, “Never give a sucker an even break”.

We’re told they gave us an antidote to “global killer virus” Covid 19. They didn’t.
But what they have left behind is copious data to suggest that (a) C19 only kills in very rare circumstances, and – even more significant – (b) not all DNA typologies are equal when it to comes to responses to the virus.

The two maps below are based on official European data.

There are a number of ways of looking at these two charts, but whichever way you cut them, some of the outcome is truly startling…..if one can be sure of the colour key used between ‘nought and less’ and ‘data not available’.*

*The doubt is caused by neither the pale blue nor the grey in the key looking anything like their use on the map. I’ve pointed this out to the folks at the European Bunion (the grey is miles away from the colour used for Russia, which obviously refers to no data availability). So far, the Sprouts have remained more silent than one clapping hand. Accordingly, I’ve withdrawn the opening remarks about the UK figures.

TThis doesn’t invalidate the main conclusions I draw from the map, which are as follows:

The evidence of variable immunity and mRNA response: On the same basis, look at the Balkan nations and Turkey across the two maps. Here too you can see that – despite very different approaches to mRNA usage policy – Covid19 had minimal effect there. Most Balkan Slavs have a shared DNA profile – as do most Turks; and in turn, both regions have different DNA to the French, Spanish, Italians, Germans and Austrians.

Equally, the French, Italian and Spanish people have similar DNA profiles, but different to those of Germany and Austria…whose DNA is very close.

Now note how the vaccination campaigns in Spain, France and Italy do appear to have had the effect of knocking down excess mortality by two rungs. In Germany and Austria however, the mRNA approach seemed to make things worse.

The Ukraine link: NGO covert collection of Russian and Finnish DNA samples. From the start of Covid and throughout the duration of the Russian Ukraine occupation, I’ve been in receipt of fragmented personal observation data about the use of mRNA+Graphene in differently formulated batches. Putin himself has made accusations about NATO undercover staff gathering data on Russian and Finnish DNA….further suggesting targeted use of a bioweapon.

Beyond belief as this might seem, one potential extrapolation from these variations is that different batches were being tested on different DNA structures during Covidomania prior to mRNA being used as a weapon to “take out” Russia.

Or, of course, everyone got the same stuff during Covid, but the differences in immunity to 19 were very marked. Maybe this was a learning from Covid per se: but now we’re entering the field of conjecture. As always, I prefer to stick with the facts – and the old Conan Doyle adage (spoken through his character Sherlock Holmes – “When all other possibilities have been examined and found wanting, then however fantastic, what remains is the truth of the matter”.

Meanwhile, for those who can’t buy into the depopulation theory (and yes, Schwab drivels on about it, but he is in fact a bumbling old idiot) my interpretation is that the whole point of C19’s original development – and the evidence of a joint Sino-American bioweaponry op in Wuhan and Fort Detrick is now very strong indeed – may very well have been to create global fear as the means of persuading otherwise intelligent people to submit to a worldwide guinea pig research project to test how various matches could be made between certain DNA strains and mRNA in terms of lethality.

They must have known by then that, along the way, some people were going to become sexually neuter or barren……and die an early death. But we’re dealing here with people who regard such collateral damage as a small price to pay for the achievement of hegemonist monopoly serfdom masquerading as deregulated capitalism.

Early on, it seems Microsoft founder Bill Gates was seen as tailor-made for a role in that objective.

Bill Gates’ sole strategy as a marketer of a third-rate operating system was to use factory-fitting contracts and ‘stuffed’ retail distribution channels to ensure there was only room for one Microsoft. Having rapidly joined the billionaires’ club, equally he wasted no time in hob-nobbing with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and his deep State chums. Indeed, his close friendship with Epstein was a bridge too far for Melinda Gates, who left him. In the 2010-2013 period, Gates left the software business behind completely to focus on biotech healthcare; but he made his first investments in the sector during 2002.

We don’t know for certain exactly who in the Unelected Surveillance State he met through the sex trafficker, but it is well-known in espionage circles that Epstein acted under orders to get Gates inside the tent.

In mid 2019, Bill Gates said he was “willing to spend billions of dollars to build factories to manufacture and test seven possible coronavirus vaccines. Our foundation’s plan is to build the manufacturing capacity required and ensure a proven vaccine will be developed and in production within 18 months.

17 years of investment, seven different formulations, ready to roll at the end of 2020. Either Billy has 2020 prevision, or he was in on the “project”. Certainly, the Russian State itself was in no doubt about the importance of Gates by late Spring 2020, when it devoted a prime-time news special to Gates, fingering him as “a man at the centre of Covid19’s creation”.

From early on, the emphasis was on perfecting a selective bioweapon, not a mass depopulator. But if both those outcomes become eventualities, the attitude will be one of “so be it”.

PS The revisions made to this post are regrettable, but do represent further examples of how it is very easy to obfuscate and even eradicate a past that doesn’t suit the
State’s narrative.