At the End of the Day

On the Easter Monday just gone, one had to plough through several pages of Google links about bunnies, chocolate eggs, special offers, cakes and a hundred other nonsenses that had nothing whatsoever to do with what is essentially a celebration of the route towards eternal life…before reaching the image to the left. Although not wedded to any particular religion myself (in the wrong hands, it’s just another form of ideology) I could not help wanting to fight Godless nonsense with spiritual surrealism.

The Easter Egg’s an enigmatic cove

who takes the morning train each day to Hove.

But now he finds he must remain indoors

(he has no vaccine pass to show to whores

convinced that every chocolate egg’s a danger

to those still imitating the Lone Ranger).

Given the hanky-panky revealed here last week surrounding the new Valneva vaccine, there is surely room in any Nonsense doggerel anthology for a portrayal of viruvax nonsense:

Before you give a bloke a job

to vaccinate the voters most unhealthy

You really ought to rule out every yob

whose only thought was always for the wealthy.

He’s bald & yes he looks like Uncle Fester

but do think twice before you seek to pester

a puppet working for the élite win-win –

or you may wind up in the Twitter sin-bin.

And now we feature the Slog’s roving and supremely capable English-speaking Viennese Slovakian Finn Alice Klar as she gives us the lowdown on the UK’s total escape from the EU…

Hello all of you fools out there LOL if only you had my perfect understanding of where all the black herrings are then ICYMI you could appreciate my posts about sisters doing it for themselves – and then you would not let the evil needle-jabbers pull the wool from under your eyes LOL for I am a deep horse and you are not pissed enough LOL and here’s an article from the MSM LOL that explains my point and once more for luck, LOL:

Correct me if I’m wrong (which of course, I never am LOL) but why is the “clean Brexit” UK still apparently obeying rulings from Brussels LOL?

Thank you Alice, we all wish you God’s speed into the LOL – Lamentably Onanist Licquor.

And finally, for those looking to sell a property in France, take on board this simple advice:

If you’re looking for some smart imagination

from the local tax-collecting blind Notaire

you might just as well seek life illumination

by knocking off the family au pair.