Thank you for giving me time off for bad behaviour – and I hope the bullet hole in your foot gets better soon

The decision by Twitter to gratuitously ban me for a week based on one tweet (which I redacted immediately) has not only persuaded Elon Musk to try and take the social medium private*……it also gave me the time to follow up on a tragicomic media story I’ve been putting off for ages. You may wonder what life in North Wales has to do with any of this: if so, read on and be both amused and informed….

*This is an ironic gag, and not evidence of grandeur delusions

I’m sure many of you are already aware (especially if you hail from the Rhyl to Liverpool UK axis) of the Daily Post – a one-time breakaway from the now extinct Liverpool Post. Its website is branded North Wales Live, and for some unknown reason I found myself on its mailing list several years ago.

Until round about June 2019, it was a haven for classic non-news bigged-up to try and generate increased circulation: the accidental hilarity of its reporting in that context was the sole reason I didn’t unsubscribe immediately. To be honest, I used to go there for a guilty giggle.

From 13th January 2019, for example, there is ‘literally everything you need to know about today’s snow in North Wales’. It fell from the sky, it’s white, it’s winter and you can build snowmen from it.

Three weeks later, there was A55 driver stripped naked and simulated sex with car in lay-by. And in early March, The truth about those rumours Pontins is set to close. I was waiting for a further installment entitled, ‘Car alleges sex simulator was Pontins employee’ – but it never materialised, as such.

But gradually – as 2019 rumbled on towards the ViruVax Reset – likeable editor Andrew Campbell seems to have been increasingly under pressure from the paper’s owners Reach plc to follow a somewhat darker editorial policy. And that might explain why Campbell quit his job in July 2020 to take up an obscure post as Principal Media Manager at the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

Since then, North Wales Live has gone from trying-too-hard local drama to full-on “wasn’t life a disaster before the Reset?”. You could develop an oceanic depth of depression horror by reading the medium since mid 2020:

Care home boss took own life amidst Covid pressures; Man who injected heroin into baby’s mouth dies; Drug driver in lockdown breach; Rapist reads paper as he’s jailed; Boy stabs teen as clubbers are spiked with needles. And so on, ad nauseam.

The blatant attempt to turn North Wales into Pottersville (à la A Wonderful Life) has now gone so haywire, the whole tapestry has become darkly funny again:

“Slippery sex offender dentist found dead on beach” was a recent bonkers entry in the North Wales Live Hall of infamy, but others in turn – ‘Snowdon path covered in human poo’ and ‘Boy almost died eating kinder egg’ – give out the same sense of hopeless social collapse. It’s an agenda we’ve all seen before in a thousand nations at a hundred different levels. And its message is always the same: the Great Reset will make everything better, children.

A turning point in this saga for me was when North Wales Live went all blue and yellow about Ukraine. In my own Aquitaine neck of the woods, the paper Sud Ouest did the exact same thing. At times like this, The Slog’s facial hooter sniffs the same globalist BS in play.

The Daily Post regional empire is owned by Reach plc…an entirely different kettle of fish.

Reach owns both the Daily Express and the Daily Mirror, and is run by self-made Glaswegian multi-millionaire Jim Mullen (left). Mullen is thus in charge of the UK’s traditionally working class Right and Left in one group. As such, he is by definition the UK’s most influential persuader of mass artisanal and traditional citizens, without whose trust the blocist EUNATO monopolist dystopians could not exist as a cultural force.

It has been estimated that, during his career to date, Mr Mullen has cut 1200 jobs per year. But I would argue that – even if he has done that – he still could not exist as an independent “news” publisher without the tacit support of the British State.

You will not find anything anti-EU, anti-NATO or anti-Zelenskyy in the news media controlled by Reach plc…a brand name which, in and of itself, carries with it the sense of sucker-filled tentacles reaching out for opinion control….as they retreat Octcopoidally back into the sea from Welsh beaches.

But what you will find in Jim’s most recent existence as Head Honcho at Reach is two sets of trade unions who hate his guts, his greed and his collaboration with the global dystopians.

In this Global Stockade created for the Few, everything is connected. Jim Mullen himself might seem like the end of the line, but he too has bigger fleas upon his back to bite him. The Smuggies may talk a good game about “wild conspiracy theory”, but it’s their denial of obvious media concentration that is wildly improbable, not mine.

If Twitter didn’t shadow-ban my alerts to followers, I could do such investigation as this on a three-times-a-week basis.

But the silly buggers banned me for a petty offence and left me with nothing to do except follow leads. And these always lead to the same place: whores sucking on the coat-tails of Gigafascism.

As I’ve written many times before, these guys are not very bright.

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