No media are going to spill the beans about depopulation and bioweapons. No newspaper will break ranks and support Putin. Nobody in the Labour Party disagrees with what’s going on. No police are going to arrest Hancock and try him for conspiracy to murder. Congress isn’t going to fire Fauci or find Biden incompetent to serve. Nobody is going to defect from the Davos set. No Judge is going to send Michael Gove to prison. It’s all down to the 1in8 from here on.

I’m kicking off today with something from the US site Just Facts, a valuable resource that also illustrates the fine art of farting against thunder when rational analysis has left the theatre.

While we continue to await “imminent” disclosure of the Moderna and Pfizer jab formulations, this is what the JF research boffins have discovered about the trials that led to Big Pharma’s Needle City being given the thumbs-up:

‘The results reveal that 70 people died during the Moderna and Pfizer trials, including 37 who received Covid vaccines and 33 who did not. Combined with the fact that half of the study participants were given vaccinations and the other half were given placebos, these crucial results provide no indication that the vaccines save more lives than they take…the results demonstrate with 95% confidence that neither of the vaccines decreased or increased the absolute risk of death by any more than 0.08% over the course of the trials. The vaccines could prevent up to two deaths or cause up to three deaths per year among every 1,000 people.

In a nutshell, whassa point?

And the answer is, there was no point. Return now to Matt Hancock and his “fully safe and effective” speech in the House of Commons. Recall how – as time went on – both he and Boris Johnson felt able to argue that those refusing the “vaccines” should not enjoy a duty of care as patients of the NHS. Look across the Pond and ask yourselves how on earth the CDC under Fauci could possibly see the trails as a success – “a breakthrough”.

JF concludes that ‘the FDA presented these results in a place and manner likely to be overlooked, and no major media outlet has covered them’.

Until now, that is. Although for “Now” read March 2nd 2022. Exactly seven weeks ago.

All the hard work put in by Just Facts has achieved precisely zero in terms of either media coverage or changed public opinion.

No criticism of JF is intended here: as usual, the villains are Pharma, the political class, the ‘bought’ State media, bioweaponry nuts in the Unelected State and every one of us.

We may be sleeping, but I don’t see much beauty around.

The BBC ran a piece a fortnight ago about hospital A&E departments turning away ambulances. Predictably, the Old Whore asserted, ‘The pressures are being partly caused by the high number of Covid patients currently in hospital. This week numbers across England have exceeded 16,000, rising to 20,000 once other nations in the UK are included.’ This is technically correct thanks to sliding in the word ‘partly’, but the piece is a nonsense for all kinds of reasons: first up, here’s a graph the article offers to ‘support’ its claim….with 3 vertical line annotations added by me –

Line 1 makes the simple point that last October, Covid cases accounted for 80% of bed usage….but these numbers are well below the 2020 peaks. Then in mid January Line 2, ‘not covid’ leaps up from 20% to 47%. The last line at 3 shows ‘not covid’ now at 66%.

There is no ‘normal seasonal’ reason why, for example, flu cases (which the Beeb falls back desperately upon as an explanation) should rise between February and April: they should in fact fall. But we are in the New Normal here, so such will have to do.

I’ve spoken to some NHS people over the last three days (and am waiting for others to come back to me) but this much I feel able to assert at a circa 85% level of confidence: an alarmingly high number of the excess ‘non-covid’ admissions are among those aged 35-50….and a high percentage involve clotting, skin rashes, breathing difficulties, unexplained workplace collapses and myocardial/heart issues.

On the other side of this coin, at her US site, Renaissance artist, sculptress and blogger Helena Glass posted again yesterday with a rigorous analysis of half-baked CDC, WHO and other associated algorithmic double-talk about additional global deaths ‘due to’ the Covid19 pandemic.

She concludes by asking, ‘How will we recognise the Truth?’

For myself – and this is where today’s Slogpost is heading – I have an even bigger and more depressing question: “Will anyone care any more by then?”

Examine the facts: the mRNA+graphene jabs should never have been declared as safely offering a gain via vaccination against Covid19.

The similarity between those products and the ones developed as bioweapons by the Pentagon in Ukraine should at least alert our species to what these ‘health crisis’ Hobgoblins might well be up to.

The US CDC, the UK Health Minister and Prime Minister, the French President and the New Zealand Prime Minister have all lied to their citizens about the efficacy and intentions of mRNA formulations.

The Official UK State broadcaster has indulged in half-witted “explanations” as to why NHS hospitals are swamped with false vaccine consequences.

The same CDC that bigged up C19 deaths is now covering up Big Pharma murder.

But none of this mind-blowingly suspicious behaviour seems able to produce so much as a dent in the Defence Shields of the Starship Compromise and its crew of Space Cadets…who remain convinced they’re engaging with Snow White rather than the entire Klingon fleet.

It’s not just a question of waking up the 7/8ths – a task I increasingly feel may be impossible in the short term. It’s more a case of asking many among the 1in8 to abandon their precious trenches in favour of a full frontal Blitzkrieg against our common enemy.

One feature of social media that leaves me with more than the hint of a smile is that of the self-conscious Twitter broadcaster saying “You’ve got free will – use it” as a condemnation of the 88% who are ignoring the most obvious and enormous scam in the history of our species. Look in the mirror ducky: you have the free will to unite and organise – use it.

There are millions on the Web churning out daily posts of generally high quality from their little houses….tiny dwellings where the windows are always clean, the front step is scrubbed every day – and from whose chimneys emerge smoke signals declaring that the dystopians are on the run and the guillotines are being made ready. It’s all claptrap.

The State has captured the media, the police, politics, public health and the Judiciary. Soon it will have the money. Then it will be unelected. Without unity right now, evil will triumph.

The only thing in the way of unity is Generation Me’s egoistic side that can so easily slip into narcissism. People tell me uniting will be hard, but that’s an even dafter narrative then the Viruvax caper. The glaring Unity Statement goes like this:

“We the awake minority pay our taxes to the State as part of the Social Contract by which it purports to serve the best interests of We the People. Western Anglo-Saxon States and the EUNATO axis have broken this contract, serving as they do globalist monopolism – while lying to us about their public health and geopolitical motives”.