FRENCH ELECTION: Beaucoup de débats pour rien

The Slog is back on Twitter. He reports briefly upon a Presidential election where the one TV debate made clear just how little the French State and its neutered media want there to be any substantive debate.

In the Great French Election Debate, Macron the Boy King (bankrolled to default by Rothschild) accused Marine Le Pen of being bankrolled by Putin….the same accusation that was proven to be false against Donald Trump.

We must however take into account Emmanuel’s allegedly renowned confusion on the black/white cock/vagina issue.

The debate was also remarkable in its ability to never once mention the origins of Covid19 or the failures of all vaccines against it to vaccinate as such.

Imagine a Polish General Election in August 1939 where the issues might have been the price of Bigos and the correct level of ceilings in social housing. That’s what we’re looking at now.

Inflation was discussed, and lost in a mist of inexplicable drivel about global supply ruptures caused by one Russo-Ukrainian squabble about pernicious NATO biolabs.

10 per cent of French voters still haven’t made their minds up which way to swing. Does it matter? Not really.