If we still had a proper Fourth Estate in the First World, these are the questions it would be asking the Nation States involved:

Ten days ago, I posted ‘The CDC and WHO quietly admitted in spring 2021 that masks are useless against C19 aerosol spread….we can probably observe with some degree of safety that most if not all major governments have known the truth about masks for at least eighteen months. But they not only did nothing to overturn the myth, they sowed confusion about it.


Eight days ago came the Valneva mystery: a vaccine ‘better tolerated and offering a more failsafe immunity against all C19 variants’. In 2021, the UK Government ordered 100 million doses of it, but then last September did an abrupt U-turn, cancelling the order on the grounds that the company had “broken its contract”. Valneva vigorously denies the charge as “without basis”.’

Health Secretary Sajid Javid told the House of Commons,“It was clear to us that the vaccine the company was developing would not get approval by the MHRA [The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] here in the UK”

The MHRA has since approved it.


A week ago I reviewed five literary warnings from history – dystopia novels – and noted,

‘Graphene is so thin, it is within 0.001% of two-dimensionality. A Universal traveller could achieve the speed of light with minimal energy use. At the speed of light, Time ceases to exist. You would then exist in an eternity of Now.’

The transhuman systemicists of Davos, Langley Virginia and the Billionaire Club clearly don’t grasp the historic significance of graphene. Their “idea” of what to use it for is bioweaponry against DNA in a war, and as a form of genocide in “medicine”: clearly, they don’t think Homo sapiens is up to the task, and so they want a mutant man/machine to replace it.


The day before yesterday, a live debate between President Macron and the challenger Marine LePen was held on French television. During this debate and the election campaign that had preceded it, not one single candidate, MSM reporter or French politician anywhere brought up the subject of a virus declining in vivacité, and “vaccines” that don’t immunise – but do contain formulations remarkably similar to the bioweapons being developed by the Pentagon in Ukraine biolabs.


Even five years ago, that would have represented a sensational week’s news…especially if you add to it the increasingly strong suspicion in the UK (already leaked by Whitehall sources based in the Department of Health) that a massive cover-up of vaccine-related disability and death is being undertaken, while ambulance staff struggle to deal with unprecedented younger-middle-aged death levels. Reuters gaily continues to bleat “no evidence”, but I spoke with one middle-ranking Tory MP yesterday evening whose constituency hospital called the denialism “an open secret”, having been told by one Sir Humphrey, “Downing Street doesn’t want to know”.

Today, nobody bats an eyelid. I am back again fulltime on Twitter, and to be brutally honest I don’t know what to write about next.

Masks don’t work? “It’s fake news”. Cancellation of and lies about the Valneva fiasco? “There’ll be a perfectly simple explanation for it”. Aldous Huxley and Soma pills? “It’s out of date”. Vaccine as bioweapon? “Mad conspiracy theory”. An epidemic of myocarditis? “It’s always been there.”

So here’s how I propose to keep going: I think a radical change of strategy is called for among the 1in8 Writing For Justice from here onwards.

“Don’t try and teach a pig to sing… don’t get a song and it only annoys the pig.” Dry facts (albeit blindingly obvious ones) will never cut it once you’re dealing with post-cognitive denial. We need to shift to other ground. The jabbed are scared, and forever on the verge of expressing their anger in terms of mob-hate towards the dissenters.

This is a dead-end, a sans issue – a blind alley leading only to the centre of a maze created by twisted illusionists.

It’s time to stop playing by the rules. It’s time to start hacking at the maze. It’s time to start getting considerably more tabloid in our dealings with the people who built the maze.

I would once again stress that I am not condoning violence, but rather, I’m in favour of making the entire class implicated in this mess feel uncomfortable….not throwing gongs and confetti at them, which is what tends to happen now. I’m talking about accountability for the likes of Peter Horby, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance, Neil Ferguson, Kate Bingham, Sarah Gilbert….and above all, the conductor of the affair pretty much from start to finish, Sir Mark Sedwill.

What was Sedwill doing – a biowarfare defence spook who doesn’t know what orifice to use for a stethoscope – in charge of handling a health emergency? The answer – which we should all have worked out far earlier than we did – was that it wasn’t a health emergency at all, it was a bioweapon Psy-Op that made the most of a minor crisis. (By the same token, American readers will ask what the greasy worm Anthony Fauci was doing helping to fund joint military research in the Wuhan Biolab…in search of that infamous gobbledegook Gain of Function?)

There is a plentiful supply of unpleasant dirt on all these characters, but so far it has wound up spiked on the Executive Editor’s desk. However, it’s the last remaining avenue left if the belief systems of the 7/8ths are to be shaken.

The maze is fashioned from candy floss alright, but the three main factors in making Operation Viruvax a success have always been hidden in plain sight: hysterical fear of personal obliteration at the hands of an insidiously invisible plague, trust in the medical profession, and faith in the ability of all new technology to work for the general good. The perfect combo, in fact – horror, white coats and science – for citizen acceptance of the command, “We know better – shut up and do as you’re told”.

The repetition of learned obedience to medical orders was repeated hourly with clinical precision: following the science, following the science. The advisors involved were dedicated white knights – Chris Whitty, he never sleeps, Kate Bingham, procurer of genius, Sarah Gilbert, heroine supremo. Glorification bordered on sanctification….but it was misplaced. Gilbert seemed very keen to launch her own company on the NYSE, Ferguson cheated on his own lockdown and was revealed as a serial incompetent hated for many years by the British Dairy Industry, Horby lied to Xavier Azalbert at France Soir about Oxford Recovery Ivermectin results and Patrick Vallance still held shares in Pfizer when quite obviously he shouldn’t have.

The myriad dark grey clouds hanging over all this motley crew have been too easily forgotten: Bingham lied to the British people about the “vaccines”, and now hides away somewhere – like Matt Hancock – hoping to be forgotten. They must not be: they must be harassed and hounded until the Truth has emerged. The same goes for Fauci – every day he remains the wrong side of the prison walls is a disgusting stain on US elective democracy.

The evil genius who put Covid19 into action (and then disguised the chemical weapon as a vaccine) most probably went through the ranks in the CIA and/or MI6 before joining the banking industry (equally probably with Rothschild). Whoever he or she is, the genius is beyond doubt: find something everyone respects, and demonise someone whose motives are in doubt; objective – destroy every opponent of unelected financial hegemony; raw materials – public health, chemical weapons, Putin, Ukraine. Result – happiness.

Along the way, a few genocidal-transhuman nutjobs jump on the bandwagon with Green overpopulation/Earth-on-fire drivel that can (naturally) only be solved by superior artificial intelligence.

Thus is formed the eternal élite to take Homo sapiens on to the only giant leap available.

But it’s rubbish. 2-D systemics based on Third-rate James Bond, comic-strip scifi and insane surrender to machines incapable of understanding the true destiny of all intelligent life forms with a factory-wired capacity for compassion.

I highlight that in red because that and that alone is ‘the natural order of things’. My valued friend and philosophical chum Roger Lewis pointed out to me yesterday in a Skype message that 2,755 billionaires worldwide in 2022 are running the porn show we are forced to watch. That’s rule by the 0.0000348%….which prompts him to ask, “Really – is that the purpose of things?”.

Of course it isn’t. I have a twinge of guilt in not having had the manners to reply to him as yet….so perhaps I can lay that twinge to rest by including the observation in this post.

Here is my conclusion today: if we feebly donate all power to these wannabe emperors because we cannot be bothered to join together in a massive effort to present them without their clothes of pretension, then we deserve the long term serfdom that must follow. We deserve to be the subjects of a global ass-kicking contest.

And mark my words: we shall be. And lo, they shall kick the asses of our grandchildren unto a seeming eternity, and there will be much gnashing and wrenting of teeth and clothes and stuff.

Are we saying we can’t stop that tiny a minority?

FFS people, man up.

Don’t TELL people the ogre behind the curtain is a wimp with spindly legs. SHOW them.