When an organisation that’s just a bit too pleased with itself goes in for some vomit-inducing pr, it’s amazing how much they inadvertently give away about themselves. The Slog takes a gentle stroll through some self-justification by the US Food & Drugs Administration, tripping over the odd Freudian slip here and there.

This from a drumbeating press release issued by the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) a month ago:

‘Technology and data have disrupted our world in ways unimaginable only 20 years ago – including how the world thinks about health. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated these changes and underscored the importance of aligning technology and data strategies to drive positive outcomes in our critical work addressing public health challenges. From how we integrate new technology into medical product application reviews and food safety efforts, to facilitating the use of data insights to help treat disease, technology and data are ubiquitous in the work of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’.

As a result of techie data disrupting our world (odd word to use) the FDA has decided to start

‘….an agency-wide data modernization and enhanced technologies initiative. The effort provides a framework for us to take a collaborative, centralized approach to modernizing our technical IT infrastructure and the way we manage data across the FDA.’

…..and thus disrupt, distract, disguise and delete whatever we don’t want you to see or do want you to believe.

There are a thousand synonyms of ‘hide’, and in all that crappity-crap above, quite a few are present, albeit not necessarily correct: protect, modernise, enhance, collaborate, manage, align, drive, safety, change, insights, store and centralise.

You see, the FDA’s cosy little world of benefits in kind for their kind of people is getting harder to justify – that’s what they mean by data disrupting shit. So the whole thing has to be modernised, because there’s just too much of this pesky evidence floating about. And the starting point is to get lots of hooray-words in there to suggest an approach that is, of course, beyond reproach. After that it’s simply a matter of how you join them all together. Here’s an alternative take on it:

‘We at the FDA can only protect you the taxpaying citizen by facing in your direction in order to modernise our Truth and enhance your satisfaction with the way we collaborate with the sort of sector that used to kill you as a result of incompetent greed, but will in future manage its relationship with Pentagon-sur-Langley in order to more firmly align itself with the drive to make killing you the whole idea in the first place. We shall be doing this because our first priority is the American way of life and ensuring our safety once we change everything about it so you couldn’t tell it from Berlin in 1938. That’s why we must store any wiseassed insights you might get about this process and ensure that they are centralised way underground somewhere close to the Earth’s core’

Sadly, the pr gets less funny as it goes on and becomes more real – providing ‘a detailed review of our progress as we move closer to the speed of industry in streamlining workflows, reducing the cost of maintaining data and network security’.

Don’t think it’s just you. It really is creepy, right? Data costs money to keep, and we have to be secretive for security reasons. Uh-huh. So, um, we may just – you know – dump some of the awkward findings in there.

Then suddenly, buried in paragraph 9,035, the size of this task appears from Left Field, declaring itself to be the awesome challenge to….

‘…manage a 457% increase in cyber-attacks compared to pre-pandemic levels’.

That’s a lulu, isn’t it? A 457% cyber attack increase. Wow. That’s big.

As the 21st century got under way, the standard excuse for secrecy was data protection. It’s a complete misnomer, and it was always going to be so because it doesn’t protect data, it hides data to protect the guilty, incompetent, corrupt and generally unpleasant little functionaries that live under various clammy stones in the EUNATO garden.

It’s all about secrecy. Now They have a far better reason for data protection, and it’s called the Cyber Attack.

A 457% cyber attack increase in just two years. Why?

Let me offer some enlightenment here: before Covid19, the FDA was effectively a licensing authority. Russian cybernauts don’t see such institutions as likely to deliver espionage successfully. They might know perfectly well that the FDA is one creature among many controlled by Big Pharma, but they really couldn’t give a levitating balalaike.

Then it becomes clear that Britain’s top spook Mark Sedwill is for some reason (as head of the MI6 biowarfare response unit) also Numero Uno on Covid19….and he’s just gone off to EUNATO HQ to liaise with the top brass about it. (Really? So er, what is “it”, exactly?)

Not long after that, Anthony Fauci starts getting asked awkward questions about why the CDC funded gain of function research on coronaviruses in the Wuhan lab. His story changes from day to day. But the D in FDA stands for Drug, and a vaccine is a drug. So there’s no passing this parcel.*

Except in this case, it’s also a bioweapon. Which is, hey, a little wacky….but it does explain why Colonel Pigswill is running the EUNATO show.

In the Kremlin, Vladimir ‘Mad Dog’ Putin presses a Smartphone button.

“Sergei? Voi vud the Yankee FDA have a liasorn offeesia at Fort Detrick? And why is this Matryoshka doll Fauci at ze CDC so eenvoloved? And Shedveal of MI6?”

And that’s how cyber attacks on the FDA increased by 457%, and why elephants have long noses.

*In 1992, the US Congress passed the Prescription Drug User Fee Act. It was signed into law by Dubya’s Dad and prominent CIA staffer, President George H.W. Bush.

With the act, the FDA moved from a fully taxpayer-funded entity to one funded through tax dollars and new prescription drug user fees. Manufacturers pay these fees when submitting applications to the FDA for drug review and annual user fees based on the number of approved drugs they have on the market. However, it is a complex formula with waivers, refunds and exemptions based on the category of drugs being approved and the total number of drugs in the manufacturers’ portfolio.

In short, the FDA is Big Pharma’s pussy. This article from Science Magazine in 2018 showed how easy it is to use “bribes after the fact” to influence an FDA review board.

The Covid19 Sino-American bioweapon development has now in turn brought the FDA under the secrecy control of the Military Industrial Complex. All that press release guff about streamlining this and securing that is simply a recognition of the place it now enjoys in the full-blown corporacratic State.

Nota bene: The FDA took on 9.5% more staff in 2021. Yesterday, it approved the expensive and over-hyped drug Remdesivir as a vaccine suitable for use among under 15 year olds. The idea that this drug is either necessary in the first place or the best thing available is complete nonsense.

In the corporacratic State, the Unelected corporations and bureaucrats always win. The clue’s in the name. They are above the law, beyond accountability, immune to all forms of justice and in control of the police.

I often write here, “Don’t comply, complain”. But as the Leviathan rumbles forward – and almost nobody has complained – we have reached that easily foreseeable point where there is nobody powerful left to whom we can complain.

I am a radical communitarian democrat who believes in putting People before systems. I know what is required to stop the descent into infernal Hell via a bucketful of excrement. But if I write down and publish that requirement, I will be turned off.

Think on it.