Where does the Bad State begin and the citizen prostitute end?

Just to update regular readers on events among the Galles over in North Wales, the sleazy dental date rapist is being examined, a man slammed his ex-wife’s head against the floor, the naked bloke running about on Abergele beach has been jailed, a woman has choked to death on chewing gum, and another woman had to travel to Glasgow to pick up her new passport. So wherever you live that isn’t North Wales, things could be much worse: you could be living in North Wales.

Somehow, I can’t see a Social Credits system ever working in North Wales. They’d have to compile a set of criteria so complicated and all-inclusive – and have to update it so regularly – nobody would ever get any real work done. But the major problem would be finding a compiling team who weren’t all Renaissance anti-social criminals themselves.

“Look-you ‘ere bach, ” says Councillor Daffyd Araf the Post, “there’s a bloke ‘ere isn’t it an’ you’ll never guess, ‘e pelted ‘is wife to death with Welsh Rarebit. What shall we call it?”

“From what I know of ‘er, ” says Bryn Broderick the meat, “I’d say ‘A Good Start'”.

You see my problem here?

OK, end of the amusing part. Now for the horror behind the humour.

Another country I’ve always thought of as impossible to run (apart from France) is Italy. Fascism didn’t just give birth to itself there by accident: Mussolini wanted those who parliamo Italiano to be as firmly under the corporacratic thumb as possible…chiefly because they could not be relied upon to obey any social custom, government Law or electoral result whatsoever.

Small wonder then that – under the jackboot of GoldinSacks alumnus Supermario Draghi – Italy now leads the way within EUNATO from the Western ideal of responsible free-speech democracy to unelected top-down Eastern Chinese totalitarianism.

Consider the elements in turn:

Mario Draghi is an Italian economist, banker, academic and civil servant who has been Prime Minister of Italy since 13 February 2021. He previously served as President of the European Central Bank from 2011 until 2019. He has never had to face election by the Italian people.

Nevertheless, Draghi was sworn in as Prime Minister on 13 February 2021. He has been rated highly in Italian public opinion polls during his time as prime minister. At the end of his first year in office The Economist named Italy as ‘Country of the Year’, singling out Draghi’s leadership as central to its nomination.

That tells you how quickly down the Road to Hell the Economist has bobsleighed in recent years.

Mario Draghi is now about to roll out a social credits system for Italy. To that end, on 28 March Matteo Lepore, Mayor of Bologna, and Massimo Bugani, councillor for the digital agenda and civic use of data, announced the City’s digital innovation plan 2022-2024. Take a look at what this bellend had to say:

“We will start with a pilot project for the city: at the centre is the virtuous citizen, the one who, for example, separates waste well or does not waste energy, or uses public transport and does not take fines, or is still active with the Bologna Welcome Card. The Municipality says to these people ‘we will assign you a score’, as part of a circular reward with economic benefits to individual users.”

Now the 1in8 know perfectly well what this is about: it’s about compliance based on taxation bribery. But the decision about what represents ‘good’ behaviour will be taken by the acolytes around Mario Draghi….a man who has always struck me as having more than a whiff of Satan about him.

So the “virtuous” citizen complies with good recycling because he is too lazy and thick to grasp that the entire process in Italy is riddled with Mafia involvement. He does not waste energy because he believes we are about to run out of it….even though we aren’t. He uses public transport because he buys into the Davos claptrap about “having nothing but being happy”. But in Truth, he is merely submitting to unquestioning obedience.

Where such invasively dystopian coercion tools are used in China, there is no such thing as individual rights or free speech. But already, governments across the western world are exploring their use.

Italy is the beginning of the end of any idea that government works for We The People. Italians have no power whatsoever to unseat this fascist cuckoo in what’s left of EU democracy.

I’m going to eschew the third person singular tonight, on the grounds that I see no reason beyond cowardice to hide behind that not-me avatar. Of course it’s me: I am the product of an entirely free education system that encouraged me to think, to question, to debate, to analyse the downside, to suspect the motives of all those close to power, and to respect nobody who failed to SHOW behavioural evidence that power was an unfortunate side-effect of access to power rather than the objective in and of itself. I have tasted power, and it isn’t a taste I wish to acquire. Rather, my instinct is to control it – primarily because I know for sure that if I don’t, sooner rather than later it will wind up controlling me.