How an obscure 2011 low-budget US movie accurately predicted a link between zero-Truth braindead TV talent shows and global scams….and why State recruitment of complicit media slaves ensured the success of those hoaxes.

Before we get into the meat of it all (and fear not veggies, you are included here) I can’t resist making another return to the cultural breakdown obviously taking place in North Wellian life….courtesy of North Wales Live.

If you fall in the Menai Straits, your chances of being identified are slim: they have bodies on their books up there from thirty years ago still marked ‘unknown’ – but although vandals in the same town are trashing playgrounds at will and a local Mum has blasted her daughter’s ‘scumbag killer’, it’s still “one of best places to live in North Wales”. If you don’t find that a little disconcerting, in Rhyl there’s yet another investigation into Sea Cadets sex offences….and, after a public health warning, a chef has refunded the “biggest bill ever”.

From the way NWLive headlines these happenings, I’m still unclear about whether the chef’s bill was the biggest of his career or the modern history of the planet, and whether the sea cadets are merely a continuance of the naval tradition of rogering Sandy the Cabin Boy, or this is the cadets breaking out at long last to take rapacious revenge upon the midshipmen. Equally, I know not if the mum from more select areas was critiquing the killer as a scumbag, or merely his choice of scumbags as targets.

But the very last of these does give me the perfect segue into a movie I watched with a French friend yesterday.

The Movie (God Bless America, 2011) is a low-budget film that played largely to small, off-piste art house cinemas and grossed the princely sum of $23,000. Cutting straight to the quick, it is indeed a film about a bloke who kills scumbags; thankfully, there’s a lot more besides to the piece. The reason I’m particularly grateful to my new friend for suggesting we watch it is because it slotted perfectly into the role of evidential signpost for today’s Slogrant.

The running background-going-foreground element in the movie is the anti-hero Frank (a put-upon 50 something out of a job) and his revolted obsession with the truly infantile and worthless nature of American television, chiefly represented by a fictitious TV talent show, American Superstarz, the cruelty of its audience, and the new crop of shock-jocks calling for more cruelty as a way of dealing with the nation’s sickness.

Calling a spade a shovel if I may, the point one takes away from the film is that Frank (and his dangerously early-teen accomplice) have grasped that Americans can no longer discern between shit and sugar. Worse still, they are mean, selfish, spoilt and staggeringly dumb. There are hints in the generally excellent script that this is going to have consequences in terms of open-minded free thought and State manipulation in the future.

Covid19 – presented from late 2019 onwards as a killer pandemic – in actuality didn’t kill any more oldies or otherwise vulnerable people than any annual flu might be expected to. Big Pharma vaccines against it – hard sold from February 2021 as “safe and effective” – has however already killed far more of the grarefully “vaccinated” than any other anti-viral agent in US medical history.

But Americans have shown themselves unable to discern the yawning gap between threat, promise and delivery that has been the quintessential ingredient of this global scam. And it’s only fair to say that every other First World country (with the partial exception of Sweden) has fared no better in that regard.

From the inability to grasp the absence of talent in a wannabe superstar, in just eight years the average Western World citizen has moved further on the road to serfdom in a bi-turbo handcart – and is no longer capable of telling real from fake -and indeed, denies the empirical when shown the Truth on an almost daily basis. In 2011, they laughed at the baiting of an obese and deluded talent show jerk.

With the demonisation of Putin, we’re on the way to the next step, which is forced agreement (demanded by the State) with a thesis that is quite obviously untrue….or in short, George Orwell’s Room 101. My colleague Amy Boone – about to make a welcome return in the immediate future – is mid-task on recording the clinically insane demand that we all believe everything crazy, bad and wicked about the Russian President; my sole point in this brief post is to hammer home the prescience of God Bless America, and the blatant Truth that the 1in8 have a far better grasp of what’s coming down the road than the self-styled ‘Main Stream Media…which is where I now turn the barrel of my AK-47.

Whereas Frank’s demise ends in a hail of bullets and a doomed attempt to wipe out both the audience and programme-makers, control of the news media plays only a small part in the 2011 movie. Nevertheless, the more one thinks about God Bless America, the more the absolutely vital role played by the MSM – in the prestidigital success of Viruvax and Plucky Ukraine – is pulled into sharp focus. One cannot, after all, pull off the conjuring trick without the distraction of the Beautiful Assistant.

My contention, however, is that the MSM are really the SSM today – that is, the State-Slave Media. It is a harem of whores, turning tricks among the megalomaniacs to help them play tricks on the trusting citizenry. Think about it: without distractions ranging from Kim Kardashian’s backside to Keir Starmer’s beer, does anyone think it likely that the close formulatory relationship between Big Business Pharmaceuticals allegedly designed to neutralise viruses and bioweapons designed to kill all owners of Russian DNA would’ve gone quite so unnoticed?

I think the time has come for those who find themselves EUNATO and Chinese citizens (they never voted for it) to realise a horrific – and historic – change of roles: the dystopians foreseen by Orwell are no longer called Stalin, Gromyko and Breshnev, but rather Biden, Johnson, Macron, Fauci, Zhengli, Jintao, Jinping and Sedwill

We are now the Empire of Evil. And simply recognising that fact is nowhere near enough. We are being hoodwinked, repressed, censored, scared and bribed by people we keep in office through our tax monies, but who work for a tiny minority of unelected psychopathic narcissists. Our job in that very real context is to sniff out evil unreality and cowardly compliance – and expose the 88% to the nature of that odour. Be they called Bingham, Whitty, Gates, Horby, Schwab, Zelensky or any of the other aforementioned hollow heroes, they must be taught to fear us.

It’s a horrible thing to admit, but with every month that passes it becomes increasingly clear that we will have to get our hands dirty. For nobody in authority is going to lance the boils.