1942: Put out more Flags

(Evelyn Waugh)

2022: Put out False Flags

(Third World War)

France being lined up for phony Cyber attacks as Macron and NATO supply nuclear field weapons to Zelensky

It’s not just about what They don’t (and won’t) tell us. In this, the Third World War, its about how They hope to manage expectations in preparation for more false flag psy-ops.

Whenever and wherever the State’s craven media seem to “let us in on” some recent State security related events, suspend all belief and see the “news” as preparation for another Thing we’ll be told to worry about further down the line.

AFP a week ago ran this piece about sabotage to the French internet system. At the time, I was one of many thousands who suffered connectivity outages. Here are some key extracts from the article:

‘The Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation Wednesday into the suspected sabotage of fiber optic cables, which disrupted the internet in several regions around France, and said the country’s domestic intelligence agency would help with the probe….in what appeared to be an unusual move, France’s internal intelligence service, known as the DGSI, was helping in the investigation, along with the judicial police…..’

Two big clues that point to a foreign power being involved. So the French are now dutifully prepared for a major cyber attack. No prizes for guessing who the Usual Suspects will be.

Those who are awake have known for nearly three weeks now that – probably after a staged cyber attack, but perhaps even at the same time – there will be a False Flag “event” in Ukraine. Why? Here are some more clues:

To your left are the top three stories yesterday morning on Google search. It’s been like this for some time, with practically everyone from Nuland to Flowers calling Putin “Desperate to avoid defeat in Ukraine” and thus “on the verge of using a nuclear response to avoid ceding power at home”.

It’s all utter claptrap: Putin’s ratings have never been higher in the RF, and only the more potty CNN devotees think anyone other than Putin is in the driving seat.

Still – perhaps the Mad Beast of Moscow really is about to start chucking nukes around, so we must take every care about the security of our…..

…..well stripe me pink Guv, here’s Our Man Boris out for a leisurely stroll with Volodomore Zelensky in that very same hell-hole known as Ukraine, with not so much as a tinfoil hat to be seen.

I remember when the world was a young virgin – not the old whore-hag wearing 3mms of make-up that we see everywhere today….Jabber Johnson, Pisshead Pelosi, Hillary the Horrible, Macronapoleon Boneytart, and of course the old drunk Con Cocklimp at the SmellyNaff being dug up one last time to tell us all what danger we face from the Russian Bear.

But it’s not hard to see why the distractions and deception are shifting from a focus on global killer pandemics to a spotlight on cyber viruses and nuclear weapons: put simply, the medical horror-narrative has no place to go in its current form.

Two virusecrecy developments in recent days are proving, finally, able to convince even a few of the knee-jerk face-nappy bedwetters that we may perhaps never have been facing any kind of imminent plague Armageddon in the first place.

A good source for finding fearless answers to all those questions that hang in the air (where Anthony Fauci can ignore them, or jump up and down in order to smear them) is Just Facts. As a fomer adman, I like their strapline – ‘Seize the data’ – but the truly refreshing thing about the site is that, so far at least, it hasn’t been turned.

A week ago, JF published a damning column; some copy extracts will serve to illustrate its point about three eminently qualified scholars who had written

‘….an essay about a “highly effective” technology to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in “high-risk environments” like nursing homes and places prone to “superspreader events….. [it’s] called ultraviolet air disinfection, and has been proven to stop the spread of contagious respiratory diseases in settings like schools and hospitals for more than eighty years….Just Facts identified the same technology in September 2021 and promoted it to scholars, public officials, journalists, and commentators. However, most of them ignored it, while big tech suppressed it, thus costing countless lives….’

Ivermectin also suffered false rubbishing and smears before Africo-Indian usage studies proved it was infinitely more effective than any of the soi-disant mRNA vaccines that don’t immunise. Indeed, JF has since gone further in noting categorically that ‘The Most Objective Evidence Shows No Indication That Covid Vaccines Save More Lives Than They Take’

For everyone in possession of Human Intelligence (as opposed to the ersatz ‘artificial’ stuff lauded by Raubritter Schlaphead von Davos) this leaves Fauci and his fellow Peace Criminals with very little wriggle-room at all.

But information available from UK based website The White Rose really does finally strap the Covidiot plotters securely into the Electric Chair. Here’s why I’m prepared to stick my neck out and say that the site is another truly objective place to go for grown-up and grounded information:

‘On The White Rose UK website we publish articles, videos and other information that help people to become more aware of what is really going on. We also offer leaflets for distribution and readers can subscribe to our newsletter. We encourage people to join the peaceful movement to restore our freedom, our rights and our humanity. During World War II a German underground movement called Die Weisse Rose (The White Rose) distributed leaflets calling on people to resist the Nazi regime. One of their leaflets mentioned that every single human is entitled to a government that guarantees the freedom of every single person and the wellbeing of the community. Every human should be able to reach their natural goal, their earthly joy, autonomously and by their own accord. Die Weisse Rose spoke to people’s conscience and urged them to wake up from their dangerous lethargy. In their fourth leaflet the members of Die Weisse Rose wrote: “We won’t be silenced, we are your bad conscience, the White Rose won’t leave you in peace.”

Forty-two years later, as a young man I attended a summer school in what was then West Berlin – run by a loose offshoot of Die Weisse Rose called Christlich-Judische Zusammenarbeit – Christians and Jews working together. It was an inspiring but at times shattering experience…for example, being allowed the dubious privilege of reading in the original Wannsee files about how killer chemicals were routinely ordered from IG Farben, how there was haggling about the price and whining from Farben about how difficult it was to produce a poison with minimal “after-mess”. There was also detail about “discretion” required by the Deutsche Reichsbahn national railway system and its drivers.

A debate was recorded about how best to convince the Jewish victims that they had nothing to fear, eventually settling on the idea of “going for a shower” – which, after 82 hours in a sealed cattle truck must have sounded like a welcome relief.

Think on this: is there really any difference at all in telling people they are going for a shower…and hard-selling them in a more cynical age to believe that what they’re being asked to take is a vaccine – knowing (as they do) that at best won’t immunise them at all…and at worst will condemn them to a disguised death at the hands of a bioweapon?

For almost two years now, I and millions of others have been excoriated by these Super-Mengeles for daring “to even think such a thing”. How cruel my language is at times in that, in its original medical meaning, the noun excoriation means ‘to tear off the skin’.

Now, what follows is emerging as that great rarity these days, A Truth.

Forget any ideas about this being Crazy Stuff: check out the named sources, as I have: this is a serious, scientifically empirical investigation carried out in the best interests of humanity….NOT the business and geopolitical interests of globalist neoliberal monopolists using a hyped pandemic and a vaccine developmental lie that has so far killed nearly 44,000 innocent people in Europe alone.

These are verified figures: the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine has had the most cases of faetal deaths after being injected into pregnant and child-bearing aged women than any other vaccine in the history of the U.S. with 3,209, and that was accomplished in only 17 months. Postmarketing reports from Pfizer that the FDA was forced by a court order to release at the beginning of April show that Pfizer had plenty of data to show how dangerous their covid-19 vaccine was to pregnant and nursing mothers….and yet the FDA approved it anyway.


So tell me doubters, where is the conspiracy theory here? Surely there has to be a point at which reality intervenes to produce fact, right? Or not. And if not, where is the evidence to support the wildly unscientific?

For we are, are we not, following the science?

Here is my final, final bottom line. Acceptance (among those beyond the 1in8) of the Covid19 virus, vaccines against it, flawless EUNATO, Evil Putin and Heroic Zelenesky narratives are housed almost entirely among the comfortably narrow-minded Gonzos badly in need of a reality check.

The last thing required to open their eyes is the mythical Fact Checker community…for its ethereal role is that of obedient Winstons in the Ministry of Truth.

There are going to be more and more false flags waving about before this awful euphoria goes much further. Just as there were in 1914, 1939, 1962, 1997, 2001, 2015 and 2020.

Ask yourselves: if we are the crazies, how have we managed, with near-clinical accuracy, to predicting since 2005: banker eminence, EUNATO censorship, Data Protection as a Trojan Horse, the media undermining of Brexit, the Covid19 fear shock, the falsehoods surrounding mRNA treatments, the crucial geopolitical importance of Graphene – and the use of digitalised currencies to shift power further and further from human labour to AI, robots and financialised values dictated by amoral investors?

A lot of people have made a terrible error in believing the State-media-Pharma hogwash about the Viruvaccine scam: are they now big and brave enough to admit it? If you’re one of them, do you really have a mind of your own….or do you just bowl along being told what to believe?

You were going to die without the vaccines.

Now you’re going to die unless someone assassinates Putin.

There are more false flags to come – a major (perhaps nuclear) event in Ukraine, yet another new variant of glorified flu, more ad campaigns using celebrity airheads, a cyber attack in Western Europe, energy cost hyperinflation, supply problems, climate change, food shortages and for all we know, Aliens.

But under the cover of such distractions, the French and Americans appear to be cooperating in a madcap scheme to supply untrained Ukrainians with Uranium Depleted Weaponry. Three days ago, 21st Century Wire ran a first class piece reaching these conclusions among others:

‘France and NATO shipping depleted uranium weaponry into Ukraine – As this article will demonstrate, the preponderance of evidence strongly indicates that they are doing this. And the ramifications are huge, not just politically, but also legally, environmentally, as well as regarding health effects to combatants in this war…..’

UDWs are old field weaponry whose tank-piercing capacities are achieved by nuclear tips dowsed in Uranium. The shell-hole thus created is highly radioactive.

But not to worry: Pfizer probably has a vaccine that can defeat Uranium poisoning – they can do just about anything these days, you know.

The loveliness goes on and on.