BITCOIN: Revenge of the Jabberwockies

The future is not about corporate competition, it’s sole objective is monopoly supply. In that context, there is always the explanation trotted out by a compliant media set….and somewhere underneath that moth-eaten camouflage lies the Truth about the motives involved.

In the case of Bitcoin’s sudden collapse, it was a case of killing two birds with one stone. The official version handed down to the commentariat went like this:

‘Liquidity has dried up due to central banks hiking rates and the Dollar index rising. So trading activity in cryptos has fallen and so have their prices’

The first amazing thing about this post-rationalisation is that I asked three search engines and four specialist titles the same question about why Bitcoin had slumped, and the answer that came back was – literally – the same with a word changed here and there. In one instance, the AI copied the last part of the second sentence as ‘fallen and so prices’. That then got copied along the line and came out at Business Today as ‘cryptos has fallen so are prices’.

The second point to note (more predictable than amazing) is that it is an explanationless explanation. I mean, we’ve had the jobless recovery, the asymptomatic virus and the non-immunising vaccine, so why not? Central Bank rates are under the control of a few sovereign bankers, and the Buck’s value is up because the folks at the Fed upped rates.”Anyone getting silly ideas about getting in the way of global Dollar hegemony will be crushed”

The question as to why they chose to do something right now remains unaddressed.

The first answer is that the Dystopians wanted to send a message out to everyone and anyone saying, simply, “Anyone getting silly ideas about getting in the way of global Dollar hegemony will be crushed”. Bitcoin falls into that group, so it is being squashed. The element of pour encourager les autres in turn applies to Russia + Brics attempts to “segment” reserve currencies with things like the Rouble-Rupee. I’m sure this has been noted from Moscow to Delhi via Rio.

The second motive was to pick on a high profile mover and shaker having the audacity to try and privatise State controlled social media: that is, the case of the Man Going to Mars and buying Twitter along the way.

A month ago I wrote this at The Slog about former Tesla Man (left):

‘…the infamous electric car ship-jumper and richest man on the Planet has made a $41 billion offer to buy Twitter, taking it private and out of the hands of the Unelected State. We must all choose our Grassy Knolls as we find them’.

It wasn’t long in coming. Musk parked a lot of his Tesla payday in Cryptos. It is now no more. Last Monday he was already hunting out excuses for not going through with the deal. But that wasn’t enough for the hegemonistas. Nothing ever is. Do I feel sorry for him? No, not really: the overvaluation of his company was a modern-day case of tulip mania given each car was valued at $480,000, and he knew it. Further, the electric car solves nothing in relation to the climate, and thus represents something close to a first – something that doesn’t need help being pursued by something that won’t help. First among equals on that criterion was the Covid “vaccine” when we already had Ivermectin.

But the Germans went megagreen decades ago – “Nuklear? Nein Danke!” – and now find themselves even more dependent on Russian oil, having dumped nuclear power and followed the winds of change. French politicians have dangled carrots in the electoral wind, but every time they do, the ENARC bureaucrats who really run the country hit them with a stick and say, “Err nerr, don’ be seellee yer furlish peepurl, we ‘ave ze biggest, zairo-accident nuerclaire seestum in ze EU”. To hear Emmanual Windbagron drivelling on about climate change in Strasbourg a week ago, you wouldn’t think that is French energy policy. But it is.

So it is that we find Le Monde this morning sermonising on ‘the unseasonal dryness that is “alarming farmers about crop survival as a consequence of climate change”‘ when newspapers five weeks ago were warning about ‘late frosts and the catastrophic effect upon soft fruit yields’. And last summer, of course, the World was on fire and coffins were exploding in Italy, while in the spring of that year Aquitaine was “under water”.

Yes dear readers, we’re in the grip of a freezing wet-dry global forest fire of Climate Change.

Incidentally, it’s well worth while visiting the North American Platform Against Windpower (NAPAW) if you want to see yet another energy/climate hoax efficiently debunked.

Some closing remarks. At the end of the last post here two days ago (Notes from a tired radical) I wrote as follows:

‘Everything I’ve fought for on Our Side is now turning in on itself.

I’m no longer on Our Side. Our side is on the wrong side of history.

I’m defecting to the Other Side.

To paraphrase Thatcher, “You stay if you want to, but this man’s for leaving”’

I do not retreat an inch from that decision; but I do need people to understand precisely what I mean. I am not and never will be a traitor to British values and a lost way of life that always made me proud to be a Briton. I mean purely that the EUNATO “line” (from which escape seems impossible) is now unashamedly censorious, mendacious, cynical and totalitarian.

I will not stay on “the same side” as those with genocidal, anti-libertarian, top-down diktats as a default approach. I shall work in my own tiny way to encourage a more balanced, multi-polar and genuinely communitarian planet where the goal returns to being maximisation of the individual’s potential to do good.

In my homeland now, in the English-speaking world-power it spawned – and in the undemocratic European bloc that spawn now controls – I see only controlling nonentities licking the nether regions of the 2022 clones of Reinhard Heydrich.

I’m not against the US, the UK or the citizens of the EU. I am against those who have stolen good intentions in their search for malign advantage.

I hope this clarifies the situation: in a nutshell, I am pro-humanity and anti-systemic.