At the End of the Day

The 1960s saw the tentative rise and then licentious insistence of assertive freedom without responsibility. Enthusiasm designed to end Victorian hypocrisy once and for all was hijacked by those who saw their only chance of political advancement lying within the adoption of “trendy” values that were, in every sense, inhuman. Over time, the forces of élite financialism in turn pulled off a heist of socially “correct” values, and used them as the rationale for increasingly totalitarian control. The Slog traces how silly ideas became first, deadly perversions of the Truth….and then reasons to obey.

The Dictatorship of the Vanities

What is it with the Kardashian conversion of a bum into a sort of shopping trolley to accompany various forms of retail therapy? It seems to me there’s a misconception here, ie, that girls whose buttocks arrive 30 seconds after their nipples might be attractive to men.

“Does my bum look big in this?” ladies ask. Beyond the Kardashian Universe, males would reply, “Your bum is big – it is an ocean-going bum that would have served well as the keel of the Bismarck, because you have fashioned it in that manner”.

Why in God’s name would fashion triumph over the shared male/female desire for butts to be cute, as opposed to all-encompassing at a physical planetary level?

Or more to the point: are we now so easily persuaded that up is down and out is in, what passes for natural discernment can be dismissed as “sooo last century; dahhhling”?

If you never imagined there’s a link between enhanced Kardashian buttocks and what happened during Covid19, the development of a “vaccine” against it, and what’s going down now in Ukraine, then this is the time to take a closer look at where we’re heading.

The story so far: Unsurprisingly (given the human being’s desire to live in happiness, perfect health, wealth and freedom forever on Earth) Brits have been sold a Brexit that ties them to EUNATO, while the 21st century world generally has been asked to believe that banks must never fail, recoveries can occur while unemployment remains sky high, limiting the welfare receipt by time means that everyone who stopped claiming got a job, inflation has averaged 0.76% a year but consumer spending power has fallen by 17% over the same period, robotics have no effect on long-term unemployment, a flu variant that kills 24 people per 10,000 who get it (72% of whom are 70 or over) is a global pandemic, a zero increase in seasonal respiratory death is a global plague, masks trap covid globules, a vaccine against this sniffle-piffle is safe and effective, even if its immunising properties are patchy and it kills as many people as it cures, Putin is a beast who has yet to show us any evidence of biolabs in Ukraine, Volodomore Zelenskyy is just a nice bloke who found $1.2 billion in the street, and now this week – France will be a dust bowl by the end of the summer. The last of these was a prime lulu, in that the following day a week’s worth of rain fell in just one evening.

So – given the criteria – what comes next? Well, people don’t like to go hungry or be in chronically bad health, but they do like the idea of being rich. So let’s do food, medications and money.

Widely publicised food shortages are already on display in the larger supermarkets here in France, blaming them on the Ukraine occupation. The World market for Wheat last year was 610 billion metric tons. Ukraine weighed in with 4.7 billion…. or 1 grain of wheat exported for every 122 grains coming from other sources. I doubt very much if the World will miss it.

Ukraine’s exports of corn (maize) stand at 4.9 billion tons – in a world market at 1118 billion. So that corn on the cob you’re likely to eat at any time has a 1 in 240 chance of hailing from Kiev or Kyov or however they’re spelling it this week. And 38.1% of all maize sold is for animal feed. (The general French estimation of foreigner barbarism is based on how much corn the State’s humans eat).

As with most BS the élites try to sell us, the ‘UKRAINE WAR TO CAUSE HUGE GLOBAL FOOD INSUFFICIENCY’ proposition is complete tosh.

The World Health Organisation is, in turn, worried about disruption of meds supplies because of the war. I’m at a loss to understand why: Ukraine exports most of its meds to three countries – Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan – with a total value of $42 million in a global market worth $1.27 trillion. Indeed, the Zelenskyy régime is out there begging for medical supplies on a daily basis.

The only medical “space” where Ukraine excels is in, um, biolab development. And spookily, the eleven biggest are all owned and funded by the US Pentagon. But Google tells us (with a straight face) that so many such labs have been founded there because ‘an ageing population and increased interest in quality healthcare‘ around the world make such institutions ‘a must have’.

Yes, Big G is still spinning the drivel about Sino-American Wuhan labs looking for “gain of function” in a purely peaceful context. Which obviously explains why Covid19 studies in Wuhan were jointly funded by Washington and Beijing military establishments.

And so finally to the muuunnneeeeee thing. We are (so the FT keeps asserting) certain to get severe inflation as a result of massive sovereign spends to contain Covid19 (very few of which were at all necessary) and economic fall-off during lockdowns and so forth. We are also of course likely to get it because Jerome Powell did knob-all to contain it during an eighteen month spell.

The official line is “There’s a lot of things that pushed up demand and a lot that’s kept supply from responding accordingly“.

It’s that sort of bunkum that made me beg my Economics tutor to let me dump the subject at the end of my Fresher Year.

Consider: the highest-hyper out there is energy prices. But during Lockdown Lunacy, energy use fell enormously. Yet in the UK, some people are getting domestic gas bills 88% higher than 2021.

In reality, this plugs neatly into the Davos promise that “You shall haff nuzzink and you will be happy”. It’s simply the screwy rational for digitalisation – “to protect us from inevitable cash hyper-inflation”.

In short, dilute cash spending power so much, digitalisation plus its promise of more stable prices seems like the only way to go.

Just like vaccination was the sensible way to go and Masks were the “prudent” thing to wear. Et al ad nauseam.

They need to keep us frightened so that we feel the need to be protected against the outrageous slings and arrows of fortune….most of them designed and operated by Vladimir Rasputin. Obviously.

It all started a long time ago. Tune in, turn on and drop out. If it feels good do it. Wear a flower in your hair. There is no such thing as society. Rock against Racism. Property is Theft. There is no such thing as an obscene profit. Greed is good. The Third Way. Phone hacking is a lot of invented left-wing poppycock. Only White people are racist. The China Syndrome. Only a feminist recognizes the need for equality. The climate crisis. The extinction emergency. Brexit means Brexit. Your personal liberty is my millstone. A man who doesn’t menstruate can still be a woman. Britain has an Islamaphobia problem. An identity card is just like a passport. If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear. We are suffering a plague of the unvaccinated. A good part – and definitely the most fun part – of being a feminist is about frightening men.

The last half century has seen two closely linked and mutually supportive trends: the surreal escape from all things natural, and the post-empirical approach to analysis which insists that “awkward” facts should be ignored in favour of strictly redefined ideological loyalties.

The time has come for adults to say “The King is in the Altogether”: most men do not want women who look as if they have a bicycle panier strapped to their ass; a lot of negro social problems are caused by feckless males; 95% of all climate propaganda is based on models that have again and again been proved wildly inaccurate; what purpose is graphene nano-debris serving as a constituent of mRNA?; Jane Fonda married the founder of CNN; public health-threat fearmongering has driven State élite thinking for 2.5 years, but every hidden fact that comes to light about what they’ve done shows a minus 90% interest in public health services; and making a hero out of jobbing NATO actor Zelenskyy is a hostage to fortune.

When even 1in8 of us has to bite the tongue when discussing those fierce social issues above, we are not living in a liberal culture, our democratic values are under threat, and a hundred minorities are in danger of creating a Dictatorship of the Vanities.