EXPOSED: the cynical money-to-power of Western energy geopolitics players

They are out of sight – and mainly, out of mind. But the professional mindbenders are stars in the foggy firmament of all those who seek hegemonous government of the Planet Earth by third-rate tramline thinkers. The Slog exposes one conspicuous Britain-In-NATO power freak.

In something of a coup for Britain, it seems that the former Head of MI6 is now Vladimir Putin’s personal physician. We can be certain of this, because every news medium on Earth this morning has this chap – Sir Richard Dearlove – you’ve never heard of him, so in the Spook context he’s obviously very important – mouthing off about how senior Kremlin officials are looking for ways to oust Mr Putin, who is allegedly suffering from personal economic collapse, military defeat, mad dog, black dog, tertiary syphilis and blood cancer.

President Putin is (we are told seven days a week with matinées on Sunday) utterly incompetent, and everything he tries brings only humiliation. This probably explains why his survey ratings continue to rise in Russia. Yesterday he allegedly made an ass of himself yet again by launching a missile that destroyed one beach toilet. This turned out not to be strictly true, as the missile flattened an entire block of showers, toilets and bath-houses. I’m sure Vlad had his reasons. I just find it odd that a fortnight ago Washington was screaming for someone – anyone – to Assassinate the Beast, then pushing hard for a cease-fire….but now says (again) that the Russians are ‘losing’ and their leader is doomed. “He will be in a sanitarium by the end of the year,” says Dearlove.

So then, Vlad’s a mad lad: he’s bad, he’s crap, a sap. But he wants to take over the entire world and write himself into history as ‘Hitler II – No Jews this time”. Of course he does…and let’s face it, those experts know their stuff. Follow the science, Man – and worship that life spent perfecting the expertise.

So Sir Richard B Dearlove – and for the life of me, I cannot fail to see it as a name derived from his wife saying, “Richard, be a dear, love and get in a scuttle of coal” – is of course an expert in human medical health. He must be, right?

Well actually, he isn’t. Go through Richard’s cv, and terms like MD, doctor, white coat, cancer studies, mental health and stethoscope are hen’s teeth: there are none. In the same way that men can’t menstruate and hen’s don’t have wisdom molars, Sir Richard’s medical skills are but strangers in our dark night.

This is Sir Richard, and this is what he knows about: spying on people, and energy…..the energy generally referred to as “Black Gold, Texas Tea…Bubblin’ Crude” by Jed Clampett. As the photo suggests, Ricky is obviously a man suited to his work. And he worked very hard to become ‘C’ (no Latin gags, please) in MI6.

To be clear, Dearlove’s chosen speciality is in the geopolitics of energy. But then in 2002 – shortly after 9/11 – he abruptly retired himself. He works today for a company called Kosmos.

I am about to show you Sir Richard B. Dearlove’s thinly veiled agenda, and why that agenda represents a truly disgusting conflict of moral interests. For let’s face it, it’s twenty years since he left Secret State employment….so why all of a sudden is he part of the playground brawl in Plucky Ukraine?

This is what Kosmos does: it is a leading deepwater exploration and production company focused on meeting the world’s growing demand for energy, and it specialises in oil production and exploration in proven basins offshore Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, as well as a world-class gas development offshore Mauritania and Senegal.

The corporate site reassures potential investors that Kosmos ‘looks to partner with high quality industry players with complementary capabilities at appropriate times in our exploration and development projects to optimize our portfolio’.

Up to but not including Russians.

The goal of turning Russia into an energy pariah – and EUNATO has the sanctions strategy to prove it – can only benefit Kosmos in general and Our Man Dearlove in particular. The reasons for this are simple: the more Dearlove and his ilk make Putin a leper, the more they hope a desperate Russian Federation will turn to, er, them to guide the country back to post-Putin preferred Nation status.

And rather more to the point in the shorter term, restricted access for the RF to outlets for its energy products knocks out a major competitor to, um, Kosmos in general and the bonus package for Sir Richard in particular.

This isn’t to suggest that R B Dearlove is a greedy, money-grubbing fast-buck arsehole. On the contrary, he is a man who seeks power….and every motorway outside fast lane to power is paved with the low-friction Zil ingredient of muuunnneeeee. He is a means-to-an-end sort of bloke.

In that sense, there is really very little difference between the bottom-feeding Sir Mark Sedwill at Rothschild Bank and Sir Richard Coalskuttle Dearlove at Kosmos. If you’re a long-term spook in need of a place to hide, then trust me – it is never less than luxurious. But such envy misses the point: these dysfunctional scoundrels are homoeopathic species errors…but in 2022, they are nevertheless dangerously close to running the whole show.

I want to have the info network and web outlets to write more posts like this, because I believe that the exposure of egomaniac drive among such mentally damaged people will – in the end – be an effective means of persuading people that they are allied with the guys in the black hats…for more so than bashing statistical tennis balls back and forth.

Just to broaden the debate, I feel obliged to share with you some feedback from the last few weeks. I discern two disturbing trends out there.

  1. A mixture of fatigue and boredom with the subject of globally monopolist megalomania, and the emergence of hope that – probably – the worst is now over.
  2. Compelling evidence that lockdown, 1in8 isolation, less than efficacious “vaccines” and appalling signs of the collapse of over-financialised economic activity have all combined to focus concerned, thinking people inward. I tend to hear (or read) things like, “all this has been bad for my mental health and so my only concerns now are (a) the protection of my close family or (b) giving kindness out to those who need it more than I do”.

I dismiss those under Point 1, but not in a nasty way. They’re simply those who still can’t grasp that those in government might have the audacity to want to kill them – by using their own tax monies to do it.

As for the folks at Point 2, I remain amazed by their ability to both see the danger and be concerned to remain strong for not just their own progeny, but also those beyond their normal experience who are clearly unable to “make things happen” in any meaningful sense.

The instincts of both typologies continue to make me hugely optimistic. But both are wrong in their own ways. At the core of their mistake is the very thing that makes them special – viz, they are human beings with emotional intelligence who do not want yet more social division and pointless war. But we must continue to see that a greater degree of Solidarnosc is vital in order to defeat insane DemiGod aims. This tiny maniac “élite” is rich in weapons, implied legal force, police control…and still nowhere near frightened enough of We The People.

It boils down to this: voting with your wallet and looking inwards only plays into the hands of those who brought forth masks, lockdowns, asymptomatic Covid, useless PCR tests and atrocious lies about everything from vaccine efficacy to Russian war crimes.

Of course I want informed people to show empathy with those who are suffering. But as I have said so many times before, The Bastards hiding in the shadows desperately want an inward-looking Resistance. Because it will be far easier for them to control 60 million separate homes than it is to deal with social media flooded with One Truth; and that Truth is, “there are very few of them, but they are horribly malformed humans who can only be stopped by quantified opinion“.

When all is said, done, debated, considered and then painfully decided – isn’t that what informed electorate democracy is supposed to be about? Don’t wait to analyse the outcome: if you do, the swine will take that off you too.

This post was inspired by Olivia, and I thank her for an important input.