The Second Thought.

Why Boris fired MP Jesse Norman, & how Norman’s wife Kate Bingham tried to salve her conscience

In an age held captive by mealy-mouthed euphemism, it never does any harm to intervene with some well-informed evidence of disinformation. The Slog shines a light on grimy betrayal and bitter revenge along the road to Covid vaccine procurement.

I’m sure I won’t be the only Brit to find the latest American attempt to strangle plain language in favour of marketing euphemism risible, but the example below plumbs new depths or raises old preset bars depending on your viewpoint.

The second hand goods for sale sector in the US is now routinely referred to as the “pre-loved appreciation space”. So from here on in, Barbara Streisand will have to sing about pre-loved Rose from Appreciation Avenue.

It is the end.

Perhaps this is bargain-hunting restated as commendable poverty. Don’t get me wrong here, friends – I love Main Street America and admire the dissidents who reject lockstep Stars n Stripes. But perleeeeze, can we stop the sanitisation of the American dream-turned-nightmare? It really is not conducive to a grip on reality, be it harsh or simply the next stage of compliance. Terminating people with extreme prejudice is sort of OK as a CIA operative’s answer to a Congressional Inquiry, but does any live person appreciate a dead person’s shoes respectfully as items from the once beloved space?

We live in the Century of Mendacious Euphemism. The reactions to the current Boris emmerdement are a classic case in point. “It’s a great result for Boris, and now we must move on and trust the Prime Minister to deliver,” said Zac Goldsmith – a man not exactly without interests in the case. Liz Truss – the Foreign Secretary who turns political two-facedness into pieces of eight – gave out on Twitter with something close to, “I think the PM is on the right track….and if he is, I’ll be right behind him”.

The great thing about stats and maths and relative calculations is that they turn bullshit diarrhoea into constipated farts. But nobody wants to read tables, check out graphs or add up columns: it reminds them of terrifying moments of number-phobia at school. They’re much happier just reading the daily Izvestia and then regurgitating it in the office and down the pub, interspersed with connecting bits like “I mean look”, “stands ter reason”, “an’ as for that feckin’ Putin”, “I see that now they’ve only gone an'” etc etc.

Which is why I’ve been trialling a programme of number-free posts of late digging into the behaviourally awful track record of the spinners, procurers, researchers, experts and modellers. I just think it’s a more emotive and enlightening way to coax fundamentally good people into The Second Thought.

Take Kate Bingham for example. She’s a procurer who sourced, checked out and then OK’d various British ‘developed’ soi-disant vaccines. Why she was chosen as the person to do this, given that – as a venture capitalist – she has no virology or epidemiology training – is not immediately apparent: indeed, the more one digs, the more it looks like blatant Old Pal’s Act.

Our Kate is married to Jesse Norman – a Conservative MP who served as Financial Secretary to the Treasury from 2019 to 2021. Not only was he thus close to the purse strings, he was also a long time confidant of the PM from the earliest Mayoral years. It’s therefore not the Million Pound gameshow question when it comes to why Bingham was chosen

But in a September 2021 reshuffle, Boris summarily sacked him. The decision raised many eyebrows. Norman’s own version of why he “left” the Government (he didn’t leave, he was pushed) was hilarious in the context of this familial nepotism involving his own wife and his education at not entirely diverse Eton:

“I want to step down and help the Party to increase diversity…I believe that increasing diversity and breadth of representation have lots of long-term benefits”.

Take that with a pinch or a pillar of salt as you wish, but people of my acquaintance tell a somewhat different story. One of Bingham’s vision for the use of Oxford Recovery Moderna “vaccines” being “purely for the most Covid-vulnerable” being betrayed by the blatant safety lies of Health Minister Matt Hancock, and the acquiescence of both him and Boris Johnson in the expansion of vaccination to include everyone from Great-Granny to newly delivered babies.

Norman started earholing Johnson about the policy in general and the dangers in particular. So he became an UnMinister.

BoJo himself is now under the cosh, and in large part this is Jesse and Kate’s revenge. MP Jesse Norman is a prime mover in merchandising the “Dump Boris” coup. As the No Confidence vote loomed, he wrote this devastating deconstruction of the Johnson narrative in his letter to the Blond Bombast:

‘Neither the Conservative Party nor this country can afford to squander the next two years adrift and distracted by endless debate about you and your leadership. For you to prolong this charade by remaining in office not only insults the electorate, and the thousands of people who support, volunteer, represent and campaign for our party; it makes a decisive change of government at the next election much more likely. That is potentially catastrophic for this country. For these reasons, and with great sadness, I am withdrawing my support for you as leader.’

It’s a sorry tale of spineless hypocrisy and hidden agendas not unfamiliar in the rapid descent of globalism, State, media, central banking and corporacratic alliances into horrific ideas about genocide and resets.

Boris and Matt lied about safety. Bingham got the procurement job through her husband. Mr & Mrs Norman then discovered the deceit, but neither had the balls to tell the People about it; and even if they had, the complicit media whores would have spiked it.

They are all guilty….and evidence of the fact that there is no honour among thieves.

Do try to remember people: these are the marionettes asking you to like Zelenskyy, the Pentagon, the CIA, EUNATO imperialism, Big Pharma, Britain’s greatest ever serial political dissembler – and to hate a leader whose Russian-speaking compatriots in Ukraine have been persistently harassed by neo-Nazis funded by American neoconservative hegemonists.