VAXX HORROR: Attempted bioweapon mass murder hidden in plain sight

All the Covivaxx stats, facts, product formulations, death rates and expenditure cock-ups are out there. But the guilty are still swanning about pretending they aren’t….because they aren’t: the media is blanking the entire jamboree. That’s conspiracy fact, not theory. Repeating the damaging numbers in online substacks, blogs and tweets will simply result in them being ignored. The 1in8 must now focus on inexplicable and disgraceful behaviour at all levels of the Psy Op: only after hammering away at that reality will the rest finally start to wake up.

I spent three hours this morning surfing right across the virtual world – ranging from social media, specialist science sites, medical papers and death rates through to substacks, opinion research and the mainstream “old” media.

Yesterday, I watched and listened to all the usual suspects simply blanking the now official and growing certainty among saddos like me that the data on mRNA products in terms of poor efficacy (and rising death rates among 25-40 year olds) is irrefutable: the products are far from safe, both Pfizer and Moderna knew this, they show no evidence of providing immunity and the only normal death-rate stats are among the unvaccinated.

I was moved to do this because a close friend has recently spent some time with her quadruple-vaxxed parents who were complaining of feeling tired. They have now both tested positive for Covid19. But at the quantified level, what’s equally clear is that the New Normalists no longer care about the gigantic gap between why they say they put us all through two years of torture, and what good it all did – if any.

Examples of this include NewZealand PM Jacinda Ardern (left) the Blairite harpie who recently remarked during a press conference, “The only truth you will get about Vaccines is what we the Government tell you”. Great stuff – “Shut up and listen, pleb…. Big Sister knows best”. Ardern doesn’t see these totalitarian utterances as inappropriate because (a) she has the social antennae of a cockroach and (b) she is terminally stupid. However hard one tries, it is impossible to miss those conclusions because every look she adopts – I care, I know, I’m hurt, I’m right, look up to me as I look down on you – simply radiates ideological certainty and intelligence devoid of emotion.

Earlier in this saga, she announced triumphantly that New Zealand was “Covid free” as evidence of her isolation policy success. NZ is thousands of sea miles away from anywhere else, and has a population of just five million. The country has suffered 1,240 deaths ‘with or from’ C19 – a toll of 0.0248%….pretty much the World average.

To combat that, she vaccinated 4.1 million citizens. Let’s wait and see, should we, what happens when her country’s early death stats start to mount.

Let’s at the same time ask ourselves whether Jacinda has ever heard of an Island called Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic. Following a serious volcanic eruption there in October 1961, the otherwise utterly isolated inhabitants were taken off the island and given safety in England. Once exposed to the common cold “virus” there, they started dropping like flies….and the survivors beat a hasty retreat back to their homeland.

Natural Herd immunity is being shown – by ALL the stats we have – to be the key to Covid19’s defeat….especially given the very low global death rate. When the next variant arrives in Kiwiland, I wish the inhabitants well. But I fear for their survival from isolation, fake-vaccine policies and zero use of Ivermectin. New Normal Science is Snake Oil – and that is, slowly, coming to light.

Sadly, the real science isn’t being allowed to penetrate any of the Western World’s so-called “liberal” media. Worse still, even if it did, the 7in8 have scaredycat numbers-to-New-Normal Science syndrome. And worst of all, many of them are jabbed and unwilling to accept that yes, they were dumb enough to join the queue for the showers.

What I mainly observed – on both Twitter and Facebook, for example – was just a small number of erudite aren’t-I-Clever-for-knowing-this onanists sharing medical technology and statistical extrapolation of zero interest to the man on the Clapham laptop or the attention-deficit victims on the global Smartphone.

We still haven’t grasped the tabloid simplicity of what’s going on here. Switch focus to my adopted home of the Vth French Republic, aka Macronia. Evident from a study of yesterday’s French ‘Vichy-Press’ was that the Boy King is massaging all the signals that manage expectations. Day after day, we’re told the French economy is rebounding BUT there is too much everyday crime (is there?) so Manny wants newly formed “cop battalions” – flying squads of quasi-military goon-thugs – ‘to ruthlessly put down daily delinquency’…yet to be defined; but also of course, the public health service he set out to protect “has been thrown into crisis by the Great Victory over Coronavirus”.

Once again, the mass of the populace are being asked to embrace right-brain patriotic war aims – as opposed to applying left-brain critique to disastrous outcomes. In a widely syndicated interview two days ago, President Macron casually slipped in the observation that “in the light of these economic realities, more and more French citizens now accept the raising of the retirement age from 60 to 65”.

The anarchic contradictions therein are the stuff of self-inflicted satire: ‘You showed sympathy for the Gilets Jaunes, but deliquency must be tackled. Defending the Assurance Maladie was a worthwhile cause, but we must stop defending the unaffordable. And civil rights are expensive, so to enjoy them your pension must be postponed’.

On the bright side, One of the largest American think tanks, Democracy Institute has some amazing reality on offer: for example, 16% of respondents claimed that they would like to see Russian President Vladimir Putin as the leader of the US, only 36% of the respondents said they supported Biden’s policy in Ukraine, while 53% said they were against it, and 45% said they would be fine with the US “allowing” the Ukrainian defeat, stopping sending military aid and letting the conflict end with the inevitable Russian victory. In the same vein, 50% of respondents were against the billion-dollar aid packages for Ukraine, and only 5% claimed to see Kiev as a priority for the US.

But without simple, emotionally evidenced counterpoints to the State Narrative Leviathan, a solid percentage of ‘good motives’ Unthinking folks will remain in the majority.

So let’s try once and for all to persuade by simplification, as opposed to being a wiseass under the camouflage of sounding all-knowing about maths, medicine, viruses and RNA.

Stick with dubious, illegal and downright inhuman behaviours, motives, opinions expressed and the Grand Canyon stretch between what the stated aim was, and what the real outcome has been. Show these depraved and engorged wannabe Gods acted in bad faith.

It comes back yet again to Second Thoughts. Invite people to ask themselves:

  1. Why did Pharma want immunity from ALL prosecution? Why did the politico-bureaucratic class accede to that ridiculous demand without a murmur?
  2. Why did American intelligence staff cooperate in the Wuhan lab development?
  3. Why did both media and official sources exaggerate the severity of Covid19 when within weeks they knew it was merely another flu with a normal (very low) kill rate, chiefly among the old?
  4. Why did the medical establishment insist it was not lab-produced, without being able to explain the HIV element in the RNA structure?
  5. Why did procurer Kate Bingham state categorically that the vaccines were only for the most vulnerable, but then say nothing when hard-sell official elements demanded 100% jabbing?
  6. Why was Neal Ferguson chosen to predict the effects of C19 when his risible track record of alarmism was so obvious?
  7. Why did PHE issue advice to doctors at its site saying C19 “was no longer regarded as a serious health threat” in February 2020? Why did BoJo at first agree with that decision?
  8. Why was top MI6 spook Mark Sedwill allowed to retain such a senior role in the development of C19 strategy in his role as Head of UK Bioweapon Defence?
  9. Why did Peter Horby deliberately test hydrochlorochine as a late intervention treatment for Covid when its sponsor specifically said it was designed for early intervention? Why did he exceed all the recommended doses?
  10. Why does ivermectin remain on the State Naughty Step across the First World when, without any doubt, it has proved itself the most safe and effective early intervention yet found against Covid?
  11. Why has secrecy surrounded mRNA vaccines since Day 1? How could Pfizer and Moderna arrive at very similar formulations without collusion?
  12. Why has the MSM globally blanked the sensational findings about (a) flimsey Pfizer tests (b) their attempts to close the files on development for 50 years (c) the unexplained nano Graphene debris in the product (d) the now quantified series data about huge rises in early sub-40 year old deaths among the vaccinated?

OK – as we now must – let’s run through the equally unaddressed links from the Covid Caper to the broader picture of global hegemonist control…but first of all, dismiss forever the idea of a link between C19 and Graphene on the one hand and Ukrainian biolabs on the other being “wild conspiracy theory”.

As ever, the question goes back all the way to Mister Big in Earthly geopolitics…

Without access to energy, one cannot give citizens the illusion of motoring independence, wage wars, light cities, flex legislative influence, drive industry, generate electricity or put surveillance satellites into space orbit.

The US globalist Military Industrial Complex cannot achieve its energy dominance aims without knocking out serious competition from the Middle East, Russia, Chinese ‘telecolonies’ and (potentially) South American finds. That’s why we have had 9/11, the Arab Spring, interference in Venezuela – and now the Ukraine conflict. It’s also why we have seen furious defence of (and muscle-flexing by) the PetroDollar for so long.

‘PetroDollar’ introduces the element of bourse/banking firm and central banking phalanx that has been busy financialising and generally perverting real capitalism since the Ronnie/Maggie era. The creation of apparent wealth via a million scams has left the investor bereft of any real sense of valuation – and thus paved the way for the 2008 packaged crap/derivatives near-disaster. So banking sits firmly in the Reset Alliance alongside (for want of better descriptors) oil, armed forces, military intelligence and “modern” war.

Nuclear annihilation certainty has made Old Normal World War impossible. Just as currency power has proved an effective arm-twister, so too have New Normal biowarfare and Climate “control” become weapons that not only kill enemies with minimal collateral damage, but also scare the bejesus out of potentially gobby and contrarian citizens.

Enter Global Warming as a fiction and mRNA weapons as a fact in the shape of eleven biolabs plus graphene output (under Pentagon ownership) in Ukraine….with a great choice of ally in the shape of a pharmaceutical sector that has been up there with global Tobacco in its ability to erase danger since God was a girl. The big leap Pharma has made is to both exaggerate the threat and make the treatment danger disappear.

Watch as the dots keep on uniting malign interests….

Global Warming brings in the Greens, Extinctionists and former Socialist ideologues. In the education systems of the First World, left-of-centre ecologist teachers have spent the last forty years moving this debate from its rightful position as unfinished modelling business to a form of fervent belief…minus only the empirical real data to justify that. When you listen to your own kids damning ‘deniers’ of ecological crisis, you realise just how effective the brainwashing has been.

Not dying and staying in good health in turn unites the Pharma lobby with the Health & Safety hysterics. Crucially, it screams out loud that maintaining the Right/Left Conservative v Liberal analysis of life is of great value to the ultimate élite….for it disguises the very real commonality between Nazi demands for obedience, and Communist demands that only they know best.

Thus we arrive at the unlikely (and yet somehow, inevitable) ménage between these elements…..

…..and between them they create a sort of surreal consensus. The media and the legislative assemblies are easily recruited because, respectively, the arrival of the internet has destroyed their business model, and decades of self-interested incompetence have wiped out the grass roots support for political Parties who were forced to turn to Big Money Billionaire corporate donations in order to ensure their survival.

The political class in particular has seen its wisdom and independence diluted by the forced recruitment of robotic lobby-fodder alongside all those with tentacles connected to the major players. Simply look at the current at key posts in the UK Cabinet: Boris Johnson (media), Rishi Sunak (banking), Ben Wallace (military), Sajid Javid (Currency), Kwasi Kwarteng (financial services), Jacob Rees-Mogg (emerging market investment), Liz Truss (ecology and women’s issues).

One can’t explain why we are where we are with one soundbite. But on the other hand, I am demonstrating the realities of power in easily accessible English here; it only remains to keep on asking questions that the 7in8 will struggle to answer.

So moving out from the narrow Covid19 gambit onto the much bigger stage of Reset, try some of these on your denier acquaintances:

  1. How did the global media so blatantly achieve literal lockstep on Build Back Better, New World Order, deadly pandemic, New Normal and a host of other straplines?
  2. Why are we seeing shooter tragedies in the US in which the police step aside but maintain observation…without actually doing anything?
  3. Why was the peaceful Jan 6th pro-Trump event on Capital Hill depicted as a new Reichstag Fire? Why were police deaths enumerated but later shown to be lies? What of antagonists photographed changing into radical clothes?
  4. Why has there been an abject MSM failure to question Biden’s mental state as the POTUS?
  5. Can anything really explain the obscene demonisation of Russia in general and Vladimir Putin in particular in the context of objective evidence to the contrary?
  6. How did penniless actor Volodomore Zelenskyy afford to buy a large billion-dollar estate in Florida within eighteen months of being elected?
  7. Why did both the US and France panic when they realised that Putin’s objectives in occupying Ukraine were biolabs and DNA collection centres controlled by the West?
  8. Why are the constituents of Ukrainian bioweapons so disturbingly similar to the “vaccines” jabbed into the arms of First World citizens?
  9. Why is President Macron managing contradictory expectations to the downside?
  10. Why has almost every element of the Covid19 control legislation been retained on the statute?
  11. Why did the EU today decide to recommend giving Ukraine EU membership candidate status – in direct contradiction of its previously expressed desire not to exacerbate Russian fears about EUNATO intentions? (Le Monde today notes this will split Franco-German policy on the conflict)
  12. Why does the MSM persist in ignoring the corrupt involvement of Hunter Biden in Ukrainian politics?

In this post, I have set out to challenge an élite narrative not with jargonised, strangulated science, but rather on the basis of twenty-four questions that the architects of dystopia will find impossible to answer. What you see here is an undeniably suspicious set of behaviours exploiting the gullibility of well-meaning human beings as the means to an end of installing a transhuman nightmare to replace sapiens wisdom pragmatics.

That’s the nub of it all: the players in this psychodrama do not behave like innocent officials doing the best they can: they behave like guilty plotters with stuff to hide using cod science to explain away the anomalies.


Because every port of refuge has its price.

And every pile of refuse has its mice.

Sell out to rats, and you wind up with obedient vermin….