THE GREAT RESET CAPER: We saw you coming…

One hundred and twenty-seven years ago, H G Wells – perhaps the most imaginative future-dystopia novelist of modern times – wrote the book for which he is best known, The Time Machine. In an overarching sense, the work has been a marvel for several generations of serious scifi enthusiasts; but in many ways, that reputation lies in it having been the first piece of major literary fiction to take the idea of travelling forward in Time….and reach both compelling and alarming conclusions about The Shape of Things to Come – the title of Wells’ final novel in 1933.

While Aldous Huxley and George Orwell had the advantage of having seen the rise of and rise of giga-manufacturing capitalism and totalitarian media manipulation respectively, Wells had been brought up in a period of overwhelming confidence in the British imperial model of ‘an Empire upon which the sun never sets’. Yet astonishingly, he is the only author in the broad set of futurology who has achieved the dubious honour of providing a near-perfect descriptor of where we are in 2022.

Wells may have put his traveller into a machine that looks to us more like a Stenna Stair-Lift, but then so too did Terry Nation invent a Tardis for Doctor Who based on Police Telephone boxes that were once a common feature of 20th century British life. The real genius of Wells was to see the species Homo sapiens branching off into two separate but equally dangerous branches.

The first and immediately visible of these was a childlike, dumbed-down and unaware sort of ‘tamed’ version of humanity, called the Eloi people. Clearly, they had originally developed a life of everything being done for them automatically: they were about as far from ‘natural’ as one could imagine – they could not hunt, had little concept of danger and were even unable to discern the difference between one of their number larking about or actually drowning. They waved and smiled in that empty way Hippies had in the late 1960s, and their talk wasn’t so much small as sub-atomic.

But they were fed by a mysterious species they trusted implicitly – and upon whom they depended totally: whereas the Eloi lived on the surface of the planet, these apparently philanthropic protectors lived underground – presumably because at some point in future history the Earth had been damaged by an unspecified catastrophe that forced them to seek out the dark. These were the Morlocks. In reality, they were the diametric opposite of what the gullible Eloi imagined: cunning, brutish and dedicated to cannibalism.

The Morlocks fed the Eloi as a farmer might fatten a Turkey for Christmas – or an illegal pig for consumption at A Private Function under an austere rationing régime. The reality was, the Morlocks were farming and then eating the infantile Surface People. They came to the surface during dark when the dangerous sun had set – and dragged off what might soon become the Sunday Roast. Because of this, the Eloi were scared of the dark (sensible) but had been convinced by the Morlock insistence that they protected them from the dark (very dumb).

The parallel with today is impossible to ignore. That is to say, a psychopathic, hidden (and ethically cleansed) gang of inhuman humans posing as protageurs feeding upon naive trust…and exploiting this in order to survive.

At least the Morlock apologist could argue that survival through eating is natural. Today’s largely hidden élite simply want more and power and wealth despite being extremely well fed already.

But apart from that, the Time Machine parallel with the 21st Century Great Reset is complete: blind trust in the protective motives of the Reset Alliance – given the IQ of millions who accept such a ludicrous idea – is based on a chequered past of State government that has, for a century or more – dished out welfare to protect from fear.

However, along the way the 2022 mindset has either forgotten (or is ignorant of) how all that came about.

What follows is the anorak historian’s definition of simplistic analysis – which is fine, except this is a blogpost, and what the subject requires is a 750-page tome plus 40 pages of footnotes. Such a process proves riguour, but sometimes hides the Bigger Picture.

Having cleared my throat on that one, herewith a Reader’s Digest version of the relationship between State and citizen.

In the beginning there were tribes where the deal was ‘We the Alphas get to call the shots, but every tribe needs muscly boneheads when it it comes to defence….so you get to be well fed come what may. And if we fail in that, you have the right to hold us accountable and start shagging our womenfolk’.

Our ability to compete and cooperate led in time to larger groups, regions and eventually nation States. Rousseau floated The Social Contract as the route to evolved rather than sacked States. The underlying theme of his highly influential philosophy was to keep the élite Alphas and their Beta camp followers constantly aware of a truism: “You can’t rule without the consent of the masses”…an update of the original tribal deal.

The first major deniers of ‘natural order’ (the Bourbons) led to the major revolution of the 18th century, followed by the Romanovs in Russia 150 years later. The British monarchy survived by listening to the Liberal Party which advised welfare to reduce barricade fervour. Their German cousins didn’t.

The net outcome was Russian communism and its totalitarian alter ego, Italo-German fascism. Both laid a bloody blemish upon the 1917- 80 2Oth century years; meanwhile, social justice and ‘fairness’ continued to be measured largely in terms of controlled wealth sharing and job protection. Reagan and Thatcher (both with very close ties to the Surveillance State) depicted the welfare solution as too costly, economically inefficient and the source of high taxes which were A Very Bad Thing.

‘Liberalisation’ of democratic economies was heavily targeted towards banking distribution and worker employment deregulation. It turned into two decades of free-for-all exacerbated by State bureaucrats being allowed to both farm out to the private sector, and employ swinging-door behaviour and employment between the two.

Until 2008, attitudes across the demographic spectrum alongside a series of wealth data ‘trickle down’ lies kept most people confident about the future and – even at the lowest social level – aspiring to join the “loadsamoney” entrepreneur sector. (The hugely successful UK sitcom Only fools and horses was a brilliant satire upon that undeniable trend).

But it was all a myth. The rich got richer, real valuation got lost, the poor stayed where they were, and the middle lost 35% of its real spending power in twenty-three years. By 2011, the gap between gigarich Americans and the poorest US citizens was bigger than that between sans culottes and aristocracy under Bourbon France.

Two things are readily apparent here. First, the deadly merger between senior unelected officials and highly paid senior corporates went beyond unhealthy into downright corrupt; and secondly – as politicians became increasingly unpopular – Parties turned to big business for the vast majority of their donations. The same thing happened as the older EEC morphed into the corporacratic monster that is now the EU.

The arrival of the internet pushed the old mass media into the same cesspit of ‘advertorial’ and ‘sponsored content’ – a clear signal that munneeee now owned both politics and “news” – while enjoying rampant five-in-a-bed sex with first the senior Civil Service, then security agencies, then the civil police…and eventually, the Judiciary.

A perfectly ghastly storm of privatised central banks, sidelined legislatures, politicised education, vast billionaire wealth and alarmist planetary climate, energy resource and overpopulation agitprop has now come to pass….while digital technology has enabled greater control and monitoring of an increasingly Eloi-like mass population.

In turn, the adoption of media persuasion learnings by the neo-fascist State quickly made apparent just how quickly and easily 7/8ths or so of the citizenry could be cajoled, promised or frightened into believing complete tosh about bank bailouts, Brexit dangers, philanthropic Brussels motives….and now, a deadly pandemic virus that is neither deadly, epidemic or indeed natural in its origin.

This has been a “prep” if you will for the final triumph of supra-national blocks like USCIA, EUNATO, Russia and the Chinese People’s Republic – and the repositioning of a dystopian grip upon the social individual as The Great (Bountiful) Reset. First of all, Covid19 has destroyed the public finances of almost every national unit; secondly, it has made the funding of social health welfare impossible; and third, it has presented the ability to pauperise entire populations as a vital need to keep a Build-Back better via higher taxes and digital devaluation.

Here we have the ultimate global con: a virus that culls like any other virus producing “vaccines” that don’t immunise – but does kill more people than any other Pharma product in history.

A central part of what happens next is the vexed issue of tax.

I was treated as the outer limit of pie-in-the-skies lunacy a dozen years ago when I first suggested the inequity of most taxation in general – and the certainty in particular that we The People would become milch-cows as the overture to destroying forever Rousseau’s wicked myth that government works for we The People.

Two Slogposts from the Time – – July 4th 2010 – and – April 20th 2010 – pointed out some devastating realities on the subject of tax iniquity:

‘Last year, out of the top 1000 companies, not one organisation paid over £10 million in tax. Thirty per cent use tax avoidance schemes to pay nothing at all. Of the FTSE 100 companies asked by the Guardian to give details of their tax returns, 97 declined. As large employers, they are exempt from that requirement.Big Business generates 48.7% of Britain’s GDP, and foots just 10.3% of the tax bill. We the ordinary voters cough up 73% in income tax, NIC and VAT.’

‘…whichever way you cut it, business doesn’t pay its fair share of infrastructural cost in the UK. Some may find Mayor Johnson’s 2p in the £ level for this purpose crude, but I disagree entirely: this is an unavoidable tax that the accountants can’t wriggle out of. I also think their employees’ health comes overwhelmingly free: we should abolish the corporate NI contribution – plus all the civil servants that go with it – and instead make companies above a certain size responsible for employee health – both remedial and lifestyle.small business is only 9% of gdp turnover but 23% of business taxes….Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee estimates that a quarter of all large businesses pay no corporation tax at all.’

As so often, this wasn’t either Left or Right Wing, but simply “Globalist corporatism wets its pants laughing at the idea of paying their tax dues”. Even then – twelve long years ago – the Rule of Law was being openly flouted in favour of Giga-money: the position of corporations as miles above the law became a usage that is now a convention – effectively, a fact of life.

And bear in mind, a Labour Government was in Office at the time: in Office but not, it’s obvious, in power. The PLP is now nothing more than a eunuch in the harem.

Recent history is often depicted by many (including myself when more naive) as ‘a colossal transfer of power from labour to capital’ over the past sixty years – accelerating over the last forty. But it is now revealed as something far more. In a global sense, one can observe how tax collection has gone from supporting the potential of the average citizen to being one designed to pauperise 97% of them…the more easily to persuade them that digital money must be to their advantage.

It’s a form of obscenely crooked barter: we take everything you’ve earned through sweat…and replace the perspiration with total dependence on a survival-only ‘national wage’ for doing precisely zip.

Do you really think a loose alliance between bankers, corporates, bureaucrats and eco-fanatics is going to let that “useless eaters” outcome endure?

Let’s look at some tax-disguised-as-do-gooding in my current Hall of Residence, France….and other States under the jackboot of EUNATO.

Speeding fines are designed to cut road deaths, right? Wrong: flash photography has been replaced with infra-red, and the loss of licence points massively diluted while the fines have trebled. The aim in this Macronist policy is to keep speeders on the road with fewer warnings about monitoring, and zero warning that they’ve been ‘caught’. During one trip last February, I was clocked going and coming on the same stretch of road – a broad dual carriageway – at 70 kph in a 50 kph area. That’s €180 a pop – reduced to €144 if you pay it all in one lump online. If not, ye of the lower classes cough up €360 and not a single road has been made any safer.

Last March, I received a local commune tax demand (no appeal) for €88 utterly devoid of any rationale beyond the obvious conclusion that the communards had overspent.

On coming to power, Macron abolished the house-owning tax. But the land-owning tax (in my area, 90% agricultural labourers and retired folk have veg-raiser plots) has gone up 220%.

In short, taxation in France is about as accountable and philanthropic as a protection racket designed by Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

Move along now to Greece. Ordinary Greek property owners try to reduce the electric load on our planet by putting solar roof panels on their homes. The EU controlled Troika has inflicted a tax on such panels trying to ‘do the “right” ecological thing’….while condemning other Union members for not doing enough to ‘combat climate change’.

Across the First World, the picture is one of philanthropic BS disguising ruthless attempts to steal from the rest of us.

We tackled Covid to protect social health by destroying it

We are going to Build Back Better by diluting your savings

We’re trying to protect your purchasing power by ignoring inflation

We want security for you in your old age by welching on State pension payment promises we made seventy years ago.

Maybe tax is, as they say, as inevitable as Death. But I don’t remember giving some kind of Rousseauesque permission for taxes to condemn me to a fate worse than Death.

The State has broken the contract – choosing instead to work for anti-nationalist blocism. What happens now is entirely up to we The People, because no socio-political institution is going to give any assistance at all: in fact, quite the opposite: their goal is to censor, watch, control, cheat and neuter before they finally eat our souls and destroy our physical forms imperceptibly via the lie of vaccination.

Thank you for persevering with this unusually long Slogpost. Do please bear with me over the next few weeks as I wrestle the forces of self-interested bureaucrats, while wishing to do no more than change my location. All I can say with any certainty for now (despite the pessimistic tone of the piece above) is that the tech the Morlocks use is, by and large, rubbish: and from Davos to Langley Virginia, their innate structural functionalism betrays a complete lack of any human sensitivity as to when they’ve gone too far. They are fanatical systemists poisoned by egomanic overconfidence. Damn their diabolical eyes.