Life in a Present ever so tense

I’m putting up the smiling Slog visage this time as a means of signalling that – for those condemned, smeared, framed and vilified as Wild Conspiracy Theorists – yes, we may be angry and appalled….but in no way “wild” in the sense of “wild guess”. On the contrary, our road signs to the future make those of the whores pandering to the wet dreams of the New World Ordures inner circle look like the average Aquitaine weather forecast.

The return of Emperor Macronian’s draconian totalitarian Controlium

What can an ageing hack say beyond “You read it here first”?*

*And on 1.6 million other sites run by the Awake not the Woke

Included in the La Dépêche alarmism above were gems like, “Should we in France follow the Portuguese example?” which is akin to saying, “Hey! It’s winter….let’s invade Russia!” (If you hadn’t noticed, 170% jabbed Portugal is now swamped with the latest variant: and the government solution is…..more jabs).

But how many people is the fragrance Macron N°7 killing? That’s the info missing from all this drivel.

The mass media today are little more than carriers. That is to say, carriers shedding their Fear22 infection onto every reader. There are good signs of resistance pecking at the Four Horsemen…notably the New World Alliance of Anna De Buisseret. Anna has this dragon by the tail and in her sights as a power-heist not a public health issue. She needs your support.

The tell-tale DNA of ModeRNA

In the beginning, there was the the Chinese Institute of Virology, based in Wuhan – the alleged location of Covid19 VictimZero. It now transpires French eggheads reporting to French billionaire Alain Mérieux helped the PRC design and build it, although informed fonctionnaires at a high level in the gallic énarc elite were furious about the decision. But their fury didn’t stop Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve approving it. Then the Chinese military stepped in, and abruptly told the French contingent to butt out. This was around the 2016-18 period.

Six years earlier, the core developer Moderna got mysteriously founded, funded and then shunted upwards into a “market” valuation in the US of over a billion Dollars. Although later the US Government gave the company $2.5 billion to research and develop mRNA products, quite how the original South Sea Bubble conflated to a billion Bucks valuation by 2013 is a dry-ice filled room.

Moderna had not, by that time, developed or tested a single product. The infamously ever-present fact checkers brush aside doubts by describing “half a dozen private mezzanine investors” who got enthusiastic, but without naming them.

I commend this blog very strongly to you as an exemplary drama queen-free trip through What New World Orderers did next.

Send it to everyone you know in the 7/8ths Sleepy Nursery space. It takes us into the Astrazeneca joint venture – which leads in turn to Oxford Recovery, EUNATO and Boris Johnson. Be a Buddhist – You Know it Makes Sense: everything and everyone is connected. The whole thing stinks of being an Unelected State scam that exploited an interesting RNA discovery at some point around 2007-08 – as in, hijacked a serious piece of medical research and twisted it into a development of bioweaponry that would have left Edgar Alan Poe writing fluffy Noddy & Big Ears books in protest.

The complication of the inflation with disastrous economic deflation and megadebt implication heralds certain conflation of wage starvation and printing of currency expectation.

Evidence abounds that Japan is so far the deepest down this pit, with the largest pendulum guillotine being lowered at the fastest rate.

In the second quarter of 2022, the French economy shrank by 0.3%. For the Davos loons, this is good news; I do not doubt that Macron will use the ‘7th Covid wave’ to muddy things further and disguise deliberate economic destruction.

The US is now beyond help in the debt bubble, short of welching….or inflating it away prior to digital theft – which is I’m sure the preferred route. Police stand by to let gun nuts wreak havoc and thus support Biden’s heinous plans to disarm the citizenry. Destruction of cattle herds and food manfacturing arson continues to go unremarked because it is unreported. All is muddied – to hide a horrible reality: The U.S. national debt has just reached 120.5% of the nation’s annual economic output, breaking a record set in 1946 for the highest debt level in the history of the United States.

The First World reporting of health, economics, war, vaccination, bioweapons and banking is a process designed to maximise complication, distraction and the sense of both unease and helplessness.

And it isn’t getting any better. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the Commission, has given the green light to Ukraine’s application to become a candidate for EU membership. We were told from the start that Ukrainians ‘would never become members’. But in Brussels never-never land, never is six months down the road. EUNATO is more joined at the hip than ever; somewhere on another plane, Charles de Gaulle is projectile vomiting.

A very odd world lies ahead of us. A world in which a war on a pimple is blamed for a global wheat shortage; where new product sales collapse and secondhand prices climb in a vain attempt to beat runaway inflation; where nations bankrupt themselves to keep lame disabled viruses at bay; in which elected representatives sell election bribes to ignorant voters…and are actively egged-on to do so by the very psychos who chase any excuse to begin a programme of unparalleled totalitarian hitech repression. A financial sector showing gold toddling happily along at a ridiculous undervaluation as uncertainty, high inflation and poor Sovereign finances hold sway, and yet that same sector’s leading bourse trading at 29.9k with many PE ratios beyond the worst of the dotcom bust…plus many commodities (led by energy) exploding in cost although (a) no energy is really in short supply and (b) every other sign says we’re heading for a stagflation slump with steadily rising interest rates so who needs the energy blast anyway?

And while getting your overloaded brain around that lot, despite rising rates ahead (and home energy prices for heat, cooking and washing likely to doom most First World proprietorial families) there is a boom in EU domestic property prices. The EU Commission insisted last May 10th that this is due to a synchronised economic recovery. If you can see anything suggesting synchronicity or recovery in the Union, write to me here and I shall invest in it with gusto.

For myself, I see this boom – which is very real – as a dash by gullible people to (a) escape from the urbanite bobo obsession with Covid and/or (b) have money invested in bricks and mortar as the best hedge against hyperinflationary depression. [It never was and it never will be]

The planned craziness of all this is the output of diseased wannabe DemiGod thinkers of relatively ordinary IQ and 0% emotionally intelligent wisdom. These tramline thinkers have almost nothing in the way of sensibility about the fate that really will liberate genuine examples of Homo sapiens later this century. They lust after the physical while remaining blind to the metaphysical.

My sole remaining fear is not that they will succeed. Rather, it is that a huge number of perfectly pleasant, inoffensive and above all innocent human beings of enormous personal potential are going to die during yet another attempt by the seriously mentally ill to impose their twisted, infantile narrow reality on We the 99.97%.

Thirty years ago (when involved in the advertising profession) I led a presentation to the CEO of an enormous personal care multinational. He was without doubt the most tragic example of obsessive compulsive disorder I have ever encountered – an OCD victim who nevertheless was able to control thousands of mainly normal marketing people, distribution sources and hapless consumers by claiming magical properties for his brand….because he had untold power derived from business richesse.

A lot of people worked very hard on that pitch. The Howard Hughes weirdo client chose another agency. I’ve rarely been more relieved in my life.

In 2022, Hughes clones are running the world. The only aspiration my ego has left is to help (even in the tiniest way) to reduce the casualties involved.

Obviously, it’d be nice to snare Katie Meluha, the Nobel Peace Prize, a Pulitzer in three sectors and some personal tranquility along the way. Hope springs eternal.