Hors de Combat

No, that heading isn’t a reference to hookers fighting in the Bois de Boulogne: you’ll have to bear with me for a week or two, as two days ago I tore a bicep muscle in my right arm, so with the left shoulder dislocated longterm, short of knocking out these blogs with my nose the only way to avoid pain is to keep typing to a minimum.

The Slogpost of June 30th predicted that energy inflation would lead to:

‘…rationing controls curtailing any and all events deemed to be “wasting” energy – and clampdowns on private journeys by car or aeroplane, with further increased fines on road travel speeding; and indirectly to the punishment of anyone questioning these virtue signals or writing sceptical tracts about Things Green – ranging from conservation and CO² in particular to global climate change in general.…’

Here in France, we didn’t have to wait long for things to happen – this from a French MSM title yesterday:

France is now allegedly on the verge of a “War Economy” – a piece of branding that has Macron the drama Queen’s fingerprints all over it. Stand by for Putin to invade, and Paris to fall within weeks.

You will note in the copy that centralised nationalisation of gas and the reopening of the Saint-Avold coal mines are foreseen; so neoliberalism and the management of climate change seem to be heading in the same direction as ‘free movement for all EU citizens’. Plus ça change, and all that.

The beauty of the mainstream media these days is that, while they present a ‘Now’ that simply doesn’t exist, they’re used by the State to prepare us for the next leap forward on the road to serfdom. It’s a unique genre of journalism one has come to expect from the Presstitutes…but I welcome it as at the very least a reliable crystal ball. Ignore the MSM salting process at your peril.

If you haven’t yet seen Neil Oliver’s latest offering on GBN about the global scam, then follow the preceding link. His command of beautifully expressed yet accessible English is without equal on this topic. I’d imagine he gets political approaches to join this or that Party every day; he’s right to reject the opportunists, but he ought to be used in a more high-profile way by the Resistance as a whole.

Most of you will have spotted that today is US Independence Day. It marks the moment in 1776 when the American settlers finally threw out the troops of George III….an independence, in fact, from remote British military influence. Today, a large part of the rest of the World would dearly like to have independence from remote CIA/Pentagon/Washington economic imperialism. How times change.

Am I the only person on Earth to have profound suspicions about this sudden resurgence in Pro-Life pull-back from the Bodily Autonomy Leftlib advances in recent years? For me, this debate has always been a circular moral maze that can’t be squared. I’m blessed in that I’m not a woman, but at the same time my first wife and I came within a whisker of losing our elder daughter when she was a 3-months old foetus. Her life has enriched everyone who knows and works with her: so every life terminated is an opportunity lost.

But right now, bodily autonomy is centre stage regarding the foul actions of the Jabberwockeys. And my inclination remains with abortion being a Woman’s right to choose. All of which makes me ask, “Why Now?”. The short answer is an African American Supreme Court judge called Clarence Thomas (left) whose vote tipped a divided Court towards an abolitionist approach.

My suspicion is that Judge Thomas is less than happy with the unelected takeover of the US by the mad folks. Would it, I wonder, be impossible for him to work behind the scenes with the Resistance? As a black American, he took a principled stand that can only bring him a Tsunami of trouble. He sounds like something we need more of.

The English newspaper in France for UK expats Connexion has quoted the Health Minister here as saying, “One in five Emergency/Casualty hospital departments faces budgets cuts or closure”, and La Dépeche reports “a desperate shortage of GPs in rural areas”. So clearly, the Save Public Medicine by Vaxxing has been just as effective in saving the Assurance Maladie in France as it was in rescuing the NHS in Britain. I spoke to a senior English Health bureaucrat two days ago, who told me, “The NHS is doomed”.

A source in Paris (usually reliable) warns me that July 31st is the moment when Clampdown II (against Omicron) will swing into action. On verra.