I mean, look at the state of them (l to r): Goldman Sachs vampire, Unelected EU President, POTUS dementia crook, God knows, Serial élite liar, Fascist Davos graduate, Faceless Japanese Jim Hacker, Napoleon Solo, God knows (2). The 7 are in fact 9: how many fingers am I holding up, Winston?

Dear old pals, jolly old pals/ all come together like Neanderthals…SingalongaSlog. Observe, fellow citizens: the uncaring body language of those who tax your money in order to serve their masters who would steal your money. Hold them up to the light, no antennae in sight. This next shot of them trying to be serious is in some ways even more comical:

All of them looking to the one illuminati sitting awkwardly to the right, as yet not entirely accustomed to life outside his coffin.

And oddly, then there were five: Boris Thumbsup-Clapfor, Joseph Bidensurrection, Unknown Slaphead, Emmanuel Maclone and Mario Dracula. It is a fine thing to see four of these eminent gentlemen in awe of a not entirely successful cryogenic experiment.

Yes, we are still in Room 101: are they seven, five or nine? Only when you look up to all of them are you cured.

China (for some reason not included in Big G) is richer than all of them: the PRC has foreign exchange reserves totalling $US3.13 trillion and still growing. But that doesn’t count, because much of its wealth is reliant on the 7-9-5 coughing up to buy its spares and pay their debts. Which, of course, they won’t.

So when the Great Reset Digital Chinese takeaway is set in motion, Beijing will of course do nothing except suck it up quietly.

In your dreams.

Meanwhile, the control techniques (that’s a French in-joke) of the Garçon Dictateur move in less than mysterious ways:

There is an old saying that suggests, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. In this, the 21st century after the Nazarene died to save our souls, that cynicism has ventured a long way upstream: today, our rulers manufacture the crisis, and then just keep on recycling it to ensure the Planet remains safe. No doubt the extreme Greens find all this entirely satisfactory.

Le Figaro has always been an Establishment negre qui pisse for the Establishment EUNATO view on things, and yesterday it surpassed itself by leading with ‘Nato in discussions to go for direct war against Russia’.

Leading to: Immediate call-up of French reservists, jingoism going to Defcom 4, Patriotic War Government of all Talents, strict controls over air-space etc etc

Le Monde, which used to be relatively independent in France, talks of overconfidence in the Macron tribe about a deal in the Assembly for Coalition government….but thus far, signs are there few that he is making any headway

Leading to: Media calls for immediate action to deal with Covid “crisis” via Emergency Powers Act. Yesterday Tuesday 28 June 2022, there were 37 Covid deaths and 147,238 new cases….all of the latter described as “severe”….but interestingly, no data at all on hospitalisation required. I find it very hard to believe that one hundred per cent of cases could be severe – whatever that deliberately gloomy prognosis means.

La Dépeche – a tabloid fiercely loyal to the Covid19/Mad Putin narrative – in classic style turns the responsibility for hyper-expensive energy onto the private citizen (“We must all save energy!”) while pointing the finger at Putin (how very dare he retaliate) and providing as ever no remotely believable rationale as to why energy in particular is inflating at a double-digit rate.

Leading to: rationing controls curtailing any and all events deemed to be “wasting” energy – and clampdowns on private journeys by car or aeroplane, with further increased fines on road travel speeding; and indirectly to the punishment of anyone questioning these virtue signals or writing sceptical tracts about Things Green – ranging from conservation and CO² in particular to global climate change in general.

Then yesterday morning….a banner headline in Dépeche predicting that ‘We are very close to the renaissance of masks”.

They will never stop, they will never give up. They will pull every lever to mandate vaccination, control movement, bend the data, censor the bad vax news and conflate the virus bad news. They will make inflation, climate change and “broken food supply chains” into inventions requiring States of Emergency. They will insist that totalitarian lockstepping is the responsible and patriotic response in order to save the Nations they wish to obliterate….just as they used ‘saving public health services’ as the risible rationale for turning the Covid19 molehill into the Contrick19 mountain.

The only way forward for those who have seen the Light is to remain beyond their reach, regroup, use good money to create an independent medium, find defectors among the lackeys…..and turn the dots into a clear picture of genocidal greed.