Return of the Jabberwocky

May the forced jab be with you

We’re already into the second week of August. Many Europeans have now had six weeks to lapse back into the Silly Season apathy of holidays, non-news, Liz Truss the Lady Bountiful, is Britain drifting towards the equator and Let’s Nuke Russia. The Slog spots the beginning of Jabs: the next Generation. Despite the growing evidence being amassed by genuinely expert practitioners around the world, the puerile anti-science surrounding Contrick19 is back with a vengeance….this time from the private sector.

This is a page capture of the email that dropped – uninvited – into my inbox this morning: The red highlights are mine….

Note first of all the “extend to all adults” is back. No restrictions on this aim of a forced jab were apparent, which the ‘leading expert’ involved describes as a “considerable threat to our health”. The wonderfully named Dr Quinton Fivelman allows hysteria to overcome his balance in that description: Omicrons 4 and 5 are the most contagious and the least deadly if those teenage mutant 19’s so far discovered by the Pharmafia.

If Fivelman is a leading expert, how come – after two and half years of this tosh – I’ve never heard of him? And as for the London Medical Laboratory – well sports fans, it’s a private sector chain of blood test shops peddling Covid tests. They also sell face masks and Quinton is on the record many times since the scam began demanding compulsory use of face masks everywhere at all times.

Sketchy as the info on Quinton (left) is, a familiar picture emerges: he ‘has worked in several key scientific management roles in healthcare. He has a range of experience in start-up life science, biotech and MedTech ventures, and has a PhD in biochemistry and pharmacology from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and University of Cape Town’. He is not a medical practitioner doctor and never has been.

First rule Down in the BoomDocs: man in business to make filthy lucre out of hypochondriacs very likely to create panic about health threats.

For example, year on year Thalassa Holdings Ltd had a net income fall 19.97% from 570.72k to 456.74k despite a 233.08% increase in revenues from 41.63k to 138.66k. Oh dear.