Not a New Normalista

If you think that Trump is being treated like any other citizen, that he’s obviously working with Putin to overthrow the US, that the hologramic President never gave his son any blood money, that the MSM is objective, free speech is unfettered and all large corporations are fluffy, then you’re not a wild conspiranoid like the rest of us and this post will not interest you.

The low-point for me in recent days (apart from a French Notaire clearly training as a New World Order economic saboteur) has been the FBI’s blatantly unconstitutional raid on former President Trump’s retreat. Equally disturbing was the standard Reuters and Washpo fiery pants stuff about ‘fact checkers say’ the raiders left with strong evidence of Russian involvement in Trumpian affairs and a whole bunch of nuclear weapon launch codes.

However, what happened in the Trump compound last week was nothing new. One of Trump’s campaign bigwigs during his successful Presidential bid was Carter Page. After years of desperate redaction attempts, the Inspector General [regulator] of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) documented that the FBI and Obama administration DOJ made “at least 17 significant errors or omissions in the Carter Page FISA applications, and many additional errors in the Woods Procedures”.

The Woods Procedures “require that every factual assertion in a FISA application be ‘verified’.” Likewise, the FISA Court itself found “violations of the government’s duty of candor in all four applications” to spy on Page. The IG also reported, “While we did not find documentary or testimonial evidence of intentional misconduct on the part of the [FBI] case agents who assisted” Obama’s DOJ in preparing the warrant applications, “we also did not receive satisfactory explanations for the errors or problems we identified”

It now transpires the FBI has had to admit that NONE of the documents they removed were classified. And quite possibly, none of them mentioned Hunter Biden getting fat cheques from Daddy with which to bribe Ukrainian Nazis. Allegedly.

When Uncle Tom Bama became the first black US President, I emailed an old Kennedy Democrat friend to ask, “Where’s the beef?” She was as doubtful as I was: but neither of us realised that his campaign slogan ‘Yes we can’ was not so much empty as an abbreviated ‘Yes we can do what TF we like and nobody will care’.

Raids set precedents and precedents then become accepted conventions – just as spin becomes economical truth, and then lies free of any resemblance to the veritas. So it is with the Biden administration’s new Inflation Reduction Act. To be absolutely clear, it doesn’t have any kind of grip on how inflation started and then got neglected, and there appears to be zero correlation between the Act’s proposals and the reduction thang.

As so often, there is a brilliant demolition of this political window-dressing at Just Facts – a site rapidly establishing itself as a source of balance, and thus doomed to be the subject of a bomb attack by rabid Trump insurrectionists some time very soon.

I found myself on the Twitter naughty step for most of yesterday; my crime was to point out that there is and never has been a case for child anti-Covid jabs given the imbalance between virus threat and vaccine danger. The evidence for this is irrefutable, but it sums up the main game in media gulch over the last eighteen months – the systematic vapourising of any data that contradicts the NWO-WEF-WHO twisted science League. Everyone – not just Salman Rushdie – must now be seen and not heard. All ends justify all means Because We Know Better and You are a Worm.

The latest Rushdie atrocity was enough to wake Telegraph “journalist” Simon Heffer (asleep inside his cryogenic pod) up to the reality that all freedom of speech has now been suspended upside down by its goolies until further notice. Mr Heffer was thus moved to hold forth from the same columns which, each and every day, invent stories and regurgitate EUNATOWEF propaganda about Putin, Ukraine, the Tory leadership campaign, vaccine performance and economic prospects.

With one bold stroke of his Mont Blanc fountain pen, simple Simon declared, ‘The practice of seeking retribution for causing offence is widespread’ and asked, ‘What will the western democracies actually do about cutting out this cancer before it becomes universal?’

Well Heffers, given they spread most of it, probably not a lot. Poor chap: a mere ten years behind the rest of us, he still thinks elected politicians call the shots. Bless.

On a personal level, every day at the moment I dread opening my Gmail inbox for fear of which perfidy, betrayal, untrue allegation, chiselling at my bank account or incompetent French bureaucracy I’m going to face. This micro mess is, however, joined at the hip to every snotball of nefarious corporate, State, bureaucratic, underclass, medical, economic, media, banking and eugenic drivel being served up to “explain” hyperinflation, food shortages, travel restrictions, mask wearing, lockdown, myocarditis, blood clot, infantile stroke and spell of rather hot weather at the macro level.

It’s all about sociopathic globalist business practice working in concert with State econo-fiscal policy to render every useless eater’s savings and assets worthless.

The 1in8 have listened to the promises and then observed the behaviour. They have found both wanting. The 7in8 have found all of it entirely plausible. That’s it.

So to sign off today, here’s a page capture that illustrates a deliberate attempt to frustrate the complainant and evade the necessity for refund:

The bold additions, needless to say, are mine.