The steady creep towards weaponised vaccination

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to make the link between “vaccines” and bioweapons. All you have to do is notice the coming together of military and medical geopolitics

This coming October there’s going to be a World Vaccine Congress in Barcelona. The standard-issue understated name with ‘World’ in its title offers a clue to the ego-sizes on display, but the content is so casual in its revelations of intention, the reader is once more made aware of just how serious these folks are:

No shit? Thanks for confirming that, guys – the hangouts involved include top-pol intros, tennis tickets, champagne receptions and celeb dining, to be taken daily until the contract is signed.

World domination gets a seminar all to itself…

….although I’m going to be intrigued by what One Health might be – or indeed what it could entail. Vaccines, probably – that being the reason they’re all in Barca.

But here’s the loaded gun looking perilously like it’s about to take up smoking:

So there it is. It’s odd is it not that nobody ever calls seventeen (and counting) bioweapon labs in Ukraine bioattack labs – because of course, that’s not allowed under the Geneva Convention, tut-tut, none of that beastly stuff thank you. But the adjacent nature of Kiev to Moscow compared to, say, Washington does conjure up thoughts of surprise attack rather than plucky defence.

Still, biodefence is the subject and here we are – just two years after a naturally occurring leak from a Wuhan biolab partly funded by Fauci & Ptrs was used to smash liberty across the globe and cripple public health services – with this sort of humanitarian militarism appearing at a medical conference in its own right.

For the 1in8s none of this is news…but I wonder if, pre-Covid, weapons of gained function were on such agendas: did anyone have the brass-necked gall to put agents of death on the list of must-haves for life-saving noble pursuits in 2015?

Well spookily enough, no. This quote from the intro to that year’s jolly:

‘World Vaccine Congress Europe is a 3 day event being held from 9th November to the 11th November 2015 at the Hotel Silken Puerta Madrid in Madrid, Spain. The Aim of the event is to Delve Into New Technologies For Vaccine Development, Including Nanotech, Synthetic Biology And New-generation Adjuvants And To Gain Updates On The Latest Discovery-stage Prophylactic And Therapeutic Vaccines etc. in the Medical & Pharmaceutical industry.’

Slowly-slowly-makey-normal: seven years on, and the Red Cross is become the ally of genocidal weaponry.

Meanwhile, the AI at Skype informs me at 9.03 am that an American buddy left a message for me tomorrow. At 9.18 its sister ship at WordPress told me I had four comments (I had nine) and after I read all of them I had three left, so I press ‘pending’ and it tells me I have none. Another threader then appears to tell me the system won’t let him comment.

I have seen the future and it irks.

OK, so that’s Both Sides Now on the multivariate struggle every thinking human faces – one serially serious, and one briefly silly.

There are lots of ways to describe what I’m about, and quite rightly not all of them are nice. A lot of people see me as a glass half-empty bloke, and that’s true up to a point: after 9.30 pm, my glass is nearly always entirely empty. Others say that when it comes to people, I expect too much, and that’s definitely true: but I don’t ask anything more of them than I ask of myself. A few call me Utopian, and that’s totally wrong: given the nature of Homo sapiens, all Utopian ideas are doomed to dystopian outcomes. And finally, everyone thinks I’m impatient – which is a hundred per cent accurate: I think most people are far too laid back, smug, compliant, sofa-welded and disorganised.

The running, uninterrupted disability from which Western First World humanity has suffered since the Pirate Galleon Reset Heist appeared on the horizon is the last of my intolerances above – most people are far too laid back, smug, compliant and disorganised.

What I described above as a struggle is, more accurately, a do-or-die war. My view as of this moment is that not only are we losing it, one day soon we will have lost it and still swear blind on Twitter that we’re about to execute the last of the hated Davos-sur-BankerNazi Bourbons.

I say this neither to insult nor to depress, but rather to wake people up. We keep talking about a New Normal as if it was still the child of a septic Blairite or Schwabian brain; whereas in reality, the New World Order Reset has already bought the land, laid the foundations and had its planning permission approved by three out of four major world blocs.

Not only is there not a second to lose in stopping the Jabbernaut, we need to get real about the nature of sabots to be thrown into its engine-room. That careful choice of words should not obfuscate a growing view of mine: this is not a tickling contest.
An utterly crap form of artificial intelligence is being touted as the superior replacement for billions of unemployed people around the world. It is so obviously and pathetically inferior to human intervention as to be a sick joke.
In turn, the invasion of medicine by military and mammon influences is now a done deal accepted by almost everyone.

But in yesterday’s Lackey London Times comes the latest cast-iron evidence of triumphantly insane anti-science:

Britain, it seems, has become the first country to approve an updated coronavirus jab that directly targets the Omicron strain of the virus. The vaccine, made by Moderna, is likely to form part of the autumn booster programme delivered by the NHS. It’s a “bivalent” vaccine, targeting two different variants — the original virus that emerged in Wuhan, China, in late 2019 as well as Omicron.

Dame June Raine, MHRA chief executive, told The Times, “The first generation of Covid-19 vaccines being used in the UK continue to provide important protection against the disease and save lives. What this bivalent vaccine gives us is a sharpened tool in our armoury to help protect us against this disease as the virus continues to evolve”.

They have learned nothing, and we have stopped nothing.

How Covid developed continues to be ignored by the MSM. The Times article blasts out quadrophonic déjà-vu with its zero-evidenced assertion that ‘The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said the bivalent vaccine could be used since it has met standards of quality, safety and effectiveness’.
So let’s have a lively postbag on this one, Sloggers…and no punches pulled

Raise our game or lose everything.
What say you?